So you want to tell her?

So you want to tell Her?
You want to tell your wife/girlfriend/significant other that you are a sissy. You may even want to tell her that you worship Her, would like to submit to Her, and be Her sissy. But you’ve been living a lie.
This is oh so complex! There are several components to what we are approaching here. There is the aspect of dominance and submission and then the part about the cross-dressing and taking on the character of a “girl” or version of one. These can all lead to great shock, confusion, and disappointment for a woman who met and fell for a MAN who she may have perceived as a strong leader or at least an equal. Now here you go, telling her you are not at all what you appeared to be. How is she going to respond to that? Think about it.

Think some more.

Consider the times she has been most passionate with you. What was happening? Does this give you any clues as to her deepest wishes? Reflect upon what you perceive she wants and expects from you. How would your being a sissy fit in with her needs and desires? What is she going to get out of this? If she is very sexually unaware, inhibited, straight-laced or even closed-minded, you may find that it does NOT fit into her worldview at all. Remember, although you may want it to be all about you, it is about her too! Prioritizing her needs is paramount.

Think again. Who are you and what do you want? How does being a sissy fit into your life? Do you have small children at home, possibly forcing your feminine self behind closed doors? Are you able to roam about relatively free to be yourself? Are you satisfied as long as you can wear panties? Or must you go further? Do you find that your sissification involves sexual play or is it more service oriented? How can you work your sissy self into day-to-day life? How far do you expect this to go?

Now, we’ve been asking a lot of questions. It’s obvious; we want you to consider the many facets of this conundrum before taking action. We take this very seriously indeed.

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…and i must say that Madame Stewart is right, even in a distance of 3000 km, She made it possible to make me impotent.

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