What a Flirt!

What a filrt!
Flirting is fundamental to girlish behavior, yet effective flirting is foreign territory to many sissies who may be accustomed to behaving like men.
Oh, but now you are scared? You have simply no idea how to flirt as a sissy? You cannot imagine a line or approach that wouldn't seem contrived or insulting? Don't worry, that is all about to change. You've been practicing many other Assignmentsso it is time to add some polish to that behavior with the What a Flirt!

If you are single or in a relationship, it is paramount that you know how to flirt. It not only improves your relationships with others, it also improves your physical and emotional health. Our prerequisite to the following lessons is having an understanding of what flirting is not before elaborating on what it is. It is not a game you need to master. Your intent should never be to manipulate others.

What a Flirt!
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