Back to the basics for you!

Sissy Training Assignments

In this section of Our Assignments, your Staff present guidelines for many of the basic skills that all  sissies should practice to create a girlish essence. Remove fuzz and phalluses. Step confidently and speak pleasantly. Use your feminine charm to bewitch and beguile. Let’s show those genetic girls how to be girly!

The Sissy Kiss

sissy kiss
There are as many ways to kiss as there are people who kiss. And more importantly, many ways to lose ...

sissy Walk

There are few sights more ridiculous than seeing a sissy dressed in her best dress, her hair and makeup done ...


A penis is in serious need of tucking. Tucking is a very important part of the transformation of a man ...

sissy shaving

An integral part of being feminine... sissy shaving is a cornerstone of being girlish ...
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i think this is the best site on the internet and it is an invaluable resource for all sissys. it is an honor to support this site.

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7 months ago

Since i have joined the gurls here at Sissify being feminine feels so natural. Like getting up in the morning and choosing which panties i will wear for the day , it’s so much fun. Hopefully soon this blossoming sissy will have the pleasure of picking out complete outfits to wear every day.

1 year ago

I so love wearing a bra and panties when ever I can
The bra straps in my shoulders and he clip at the back is amazing
I also love sitting doe to go to the loo and changing he biggest tampons three times per day

1 year ago

I’m so lucky my mistress took me out of town took us to our hotel room totally did my make up so beautiful and took me out shopping with it like that it was so much fun that she had me get dressed up took me out shopping again with my make up on and dressed up in a see thru blouse so everyone could see my lacy pink bra,, a really short pleated black two layer skirt that flips up as I work my girlie bottom like a sissy should, and show the crotch of my lacy pink thongs,… Read more »

1 year ago

I am now keeping my mangyna shaved I wear panties every day and keep tucked all the time. I am learning to prance so well in high heels now that I feel like I’m such a sissy and I’ve been practicing my sissy kissing very passively with my mistress. I hope that’s proper training and I’ll tell you more later thank you.

1 year ago

Today this sissy ella plans to do her first full body shave. Can’t wait:).

3 years ago

Dearest E/eveyone

this slut WISHES that it had someone to kiss, the last time she kissed a girl (in male mode) she was told that it kisses like a girl (secret girly cheer here)
A sluts body should always be kept hair free and clean and this little plaything continually makes sure that it is presented as just such a body.
Swaying hips are just to DIE for and this little thing practices it daily 🙂


girly legz
3 years ago

Mistress and dear Ladies My journey to being feminine every day is a joy for me. It has become second nature to be shaved, my skin so smooth. Using only feminine products in my daily care and of course my make up. Every day wearing panties and leggings and drifting more and more to girly clothes. I have always been nurturing and maternal and now with my hormones my breasts are growing I think I am 34b right now. I think more like a girl more intuitive and empathetic. My body is getting curves thank goodness. For me being servile… Read more »

christina hanes
4 years ago

I try to keep my legs always shaved. and always try to war make-up dress when ever I can. I love putting on make-up and dress up for a walk around the block at night, I am to afraid during the day.

girly legz
4 years ago

Today i have had a break through wearing my girly tank top and leggings i am getting cleavage and my sissy ass is rounded and feminine thank you mirror for pointing that out to me. My hormones are working thank Goddess. This sissy is also getting more emotional in womanly way. i think i am a A cup now going for B now . Mascara and Bronzer applied time to slip into my silk nightie T

Reply to  girly legz
2 years ago

congrats hun

caren holtrop
4 years ago

Sometimes I realise how lucky I am that my MIstress had all my body hair removed by laser, long time ago. I remember it as a long and cumbersome process that took months, with twice a week two hour treatment. The only regret my Mistress had was the fact that, unfortunately, She decided to also remove all pubic hair. This hairless situation at least allowed to oil and cream my skin frequently, without the interruption bij shaving. Now that as a result of my hormone changes, my skin has become so much more dry, this is even a more important… Read more »