sissy sexuality

“I swear ive never had this urge before ‘Mam.  For doing anything like that. What is happening to me?”



Understanding role of masturbation

This sissy looks forward to her journey and will await her special day to once again rededicate he.rself to new life as a sissy ...

Loss of virginity

This sissy viewed this sexual experience as her loss of virginity, so she wanted it to be special ...
butt stuff

Anal Slut

This sissy has begun truly training as an anal slut to be used by Mistress or Men should they ask ...

A new look at masturbation

This is a very new look into sissy masturbation for me ...

The Ultimate Service to Mistress

Cunnilingus, the Ultimate Service to Mistress It keeps reverberating in this sissy’s mind. “Pleasuring Mistress is he.r sole purpose in life”. It has become a mantra to this sissy. Cunnilingus, if performed properly, will help to form a special bond ...
Sissify System of Safer Cocksucking

the joy of serving

This sissy will explain why sucking cock is the best things for me to do, how it helps to feminize and makes this sissy more submissive ...
Butt Plug

a sissy plugged – shopping run

Mistress and this sissy were both feeling pretty bummed when Mistress looked at me with a semi-evil grin and lead me to Her bedroom ...

Fellatio or Funlatio for The Superior

In closing, performing fellatio well will bring sexual satisfaction to The Superior, underscore the sissy’s submissiveness and confirm the role of service in he.r sissy life ...
The office slut

The office slut

sissy emma stayed in her blue thong gently tucked between her ass cheek as a constant reminder of the little slut she is ...
Sissify System of Safer Cocksucking

sissyslut really wants to be a Cocksucker!

Fellatio, or Cocksucking, makes her clitty twitch hearing the word ...

Sissy’s Anal Adjustment

This sissy now recognizes that to become a true sissy, she must accept that her anus is her sissy vagina, and that it must be properly trained ...
In search of plugs

In search of plugs

This sissy has also been training with the special gift s.he received and has now started researching buying he.r first dildo ...

The Ins and Outs of Fellatio

Alpha men really like this brand of servitude. sissy will be everyone's backroom favorite before s.he knows it ...
masturbation preperation

eva’s first special day

This sissy knows that masturbation is all about preparation ...
Midweek Pleasures

Midweek Pleasures

Sissy sends this report to the Masturbation Control Board so they can grade her. she imagines them in their white coats and clipboards checking all the details and ticking boxes, making notes and drawing a graph for how this sissy ...
anal submission

knocking at the back door?

A very important step for the true sissy ...

Definitely a cock whore

suzie knows it is always good to remember the reasons why she must do what she enjoys ...
Masturbation Schedule

chaste for two months!

This would be the longest sissy has gone in chastity and sissy would be happy to do this to honor the Superiors ...

Mastering Sissy’s Masterbation

Through exploring the House, this sissy has been made aware that mastering masturbation is an important part of her transformation ...
yuki sucks her own

yuki sucks her own

Since yuki was a child, yuki has sucked (h)er own cock ...

Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!

Thank You all so much for providing such a lovely home and training ground for sissies. Please allow me to help in any way You deem appropriate. This sissy looks forward to many hours of training under Your guidance. The… Read more “trish”

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My first day in the house and sissy is going to be a perfect obedient pet for the superior ladies Sissy is ready for this amazing opportunity to make a good female


sissy annie has a few toys she likes to use in her pussy, today she is using a four inch cock like plug and when after a few more hours she will remove it and replace it with a 9 ” rubber life like cock.


annie is willing to submit to her new training and she does enjoy sucking a real man’s cock. she looks for to being the best she can be for her new Mistress.


Special Days are made much more special i expect with proper supervision and training. Look forward to when i am ready for new and proven ways to becum more like the sissy i wish to be. Thank You all. submissivesissy stephaniecurl

sissy joni

Thank you Madame…you are so patient and understanding with sissy joni. s/he has amended her report and posted it correctly (s/he hopes!). s/he looks forward to pleasing the Madame and all the Superiors with her frequent, complete and engaging assignment reports.

sissy joni

Good afternoon Superior Ladies…sissy joni will be training he/r sissy pussy this afternoon, per Mistress’ instructions. s/he has already shaved and cleaned it thoroughly and waited some time (Mistress let he/r take a nap–such a generous Mistress!) before exploring he/r delicate opening with he/r fingers, plenty of lovely lube and then slipping in he/r favourite large buttplug. s/he will wear the plug for about 20 minutes. After removing the plug s/he will begin opening up to receive the larger dildo attached to the little white stool. sissy joni loves to ride any cock and looks forward to the day when… Read more »

Madame Stewart

Very nice honey! But – I want you to submit a Report so you get credit for this Assignment!
Submit your Report!


I would. just. love to submit. to someone.