sissy Sexuality

sissy sexuality

"I swear ive never had this urge before 'Mam.  For doing anything like that. What is happening to me?"

Sounds like you've been training at the House of Sissify!



Not Just Paying Lip Service

Cunnilingus has been an assignment vesi has been looking forward to. In a sense, s’he has been years in training. s’he had long been a submissive before transitioning into becoming a sissy ...

Slurp Suck Swallow, Repeat

Now, after this assignment report is submitted, this sissy is ready to freshen up an go wear out he.r knees at another gloryhole ...
anal sex

Back in the saddle

Since getting he.r “special day” schedule it has become so important to re-introduce he.r to her plug ...
sissy erins cocksucking practice time

sissy erins cocksucking practice time

Centimeter by centimeter this sissy is enjoying the feeling of fullness in her mouth and throat, she is now up to 10 centimeters! ...
janielle with a cock

sissy sucks a cock

sissy janielle is very happy to submit her report on cock sucking. The gentleman was known to janielle as a friend of her Mistress and was invited to visit after dinner. Since her Superior does not like to do oral ...

Checking Multiple Boxes last Night

scarlet is so satisfied this morning, she is almost floating around Misses lovely home. As a treat for signing up and completing my first assignment Miss gave me a “large” reward ...
Wanking 101

Falling in Love with sissy’s Special Day

Dear Madame Stewart and the House Superiors, One of the first things crissy did when s.he joined the House was to sign up for he.r Special Day. Unlike many, this sissy was raised by a parent who was supportive of ...

Oral Bliss

sindri doesn't usually write he.r reports right away, much to he.r detriment at times. This time though, it just felt right to make a quick report right away! ...

Anal Submission: Young Years of Discovery

Reading these lessons about the steps to awakening a sissy's attitude toward he.r own vaginal possibilities brought back vivid memories to this gurl ...
anal submission

Anal Training and Submission

So far, s.he feels that the more s.he focuses on pussy the more s.he feels like a girl. s.he even sways hips now more when s.he walks around in public! it feels a little bit naughty and definitely ...

thinking about anything other than being full is difficult

sissydeedee has spent many many years working on achieving a sissygasm ...
lily is in heaven

lily is in heaven

lily is in heaven when after a long and sensual massage, Mistress orders her sissy slut to provide Her an orgasm with her tongue and lips ...

The delicious feel of a plugged pussy

This little slut has been always been obsessed with her boy pussy. s.he loves touching it, tenderly playing with it whenever s.he has time ...
Wanking 101

first dizzying time

sissy would first like to thank the House and Control Board for such swift approval of sissy's application, and for what sissy considers very generous terms ...

Fun with Fellatio

This assignment was enjoyable and also has taught sissy to be more submissive when sucking a cock ...

johnna’s after glow

As they say "practice makes perfect" and that is what this sissy did to begin to maintain her girly feelings after masturbating ...
Anal Sex? Needs more Butter!

Mistress asked this sissy to report

Mistress has determined that this sissy will submit a report on anal submission. Our training has been regular, and progress has been made ...
Wanking 101

Masturbation 101 elementary lesson

This Assignment was enlightening and this sissy learned a lot about the basics of masturbation and will only do so on Special Days ...
Anal Submission

Removing sissy’s masculinity with butt play

crissy has loosely explored he.r sissy nature for years, but the wisdom of Madame Stewart and the House, and the structure it’s giving to this sissy is so helpful ...
Masturbation Schedule

just as intense

The assignment reinforces to danni s.he is a sissy, that s.he is happy as such, and that s.he cannot wait to see what is next ...

Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!



This worthless little sissy-slut-wannabe is dropping You a note to let You know what a fine job i believe You are doing with i had already mentioned to Mistress Jennifer how much i enjoyed the Site and Your continued… Read more “christine”

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