sissy Sexuality

sissy sexuality

"I swear ive never had this urge before 'Mam.  For doing anything like that. What is happening to me?"

Sounds like you've been training at the House of Sissify!


Every exit is an entrance to a new experience

The Gift Of Anal Submission

The assignment material is very comprehensive and will help you be more certain of your sexuality and as a proper sissy bottom ...
lamb lingerie

The ultimate in feminine experience

This sissy is instructed to watch certain videos sent by he.r Superior while riding he.r large 9 inch dildo ...

Scintillating sissy-gasms!

Who needs the appendage between my legs, except as Ma'am desires of course, when she can have incredible sissy-gasms! ...
butt stuff

The Greatest Realization of this sissy’s life

As this sissy continues to mature, the retrospective that is this sissy’s past life continues to amaze this sissy as to how primary sissy’s pussy has been in her history ...
anal submission

No butts about it!

Women and sissy’s take great pride in their behinds, going to great lengths to shape it, and make it ever so desirable. chrissy has always found that she loves a Woman’s beautiful ass ...

Intention and Affirmation

Because it did not feel like it belonged to her. she fought off the aftermath by staying pretty, reminding herself she was still a sissy ...

Learning Dedication and Control through Approved Masturbation

A test of control and obedience, an opportunity to practice dedication, servitude and discipline without the helping hand of arousal! ...
It feels good

There is a First Time for Everything

The story begins right after having an intense session of anal play ...
diamond takes it all

Mistress is training diamond to ride in heels and lingerie

Whenever diamond and her Mistress are not playing -  diamond is waiting in her lingerie, ready for Mistress to tell her how to train that day ...
sissy slut begins her formal anal submission

sissy slut begins her formal anal submission

Anal submission is still, literally, in Mistress’s hands ...
Cleanliness is next to ooh la la!

Cleanliness is next to ooh la la!

Not only does jenna feel like she lost 10 pounds, she also feels clean as a whistle! Now jenna can provide her man with a nice clean entrance ...
Beginners Fellatio

Beginners Fellatio

In particular Mistress Natalie is very keen on sissy developing cock sucking skills. sissy has been reluctant to move in that direction as she has thought of herself as heterosexual ...
anal submission

My first sissygasm since admitted to the house

Before the House erika was restraining herself from masturbating for weeks, she didn't wanted to fall back in those disgustingly old male habbits of jerking that clitty ...
princess audrey maid

First special day!

She excitedly (very) read the Masturbation 101 assignment, eager to learn more about what The House expected of her and how she needed to behave going forward ...

Pleasuring the Superior

One of the most pleasurable and important things a sissy can do for a Superior is to pleasure the Superior sexually through oral sex or cunnilingus, of course with the Superior's permission or being instructed to do so ...

devoted focus on Her wants, needs, and desires

While the most prideful aspect was providing Her the pleasure She deserves, a lesser prideful moment was simply being happy that She was pleasures and not a single thought or focus was on this sissy’s pleasure ...
Mistress Likes Cunnilingus

The Joy Of Cunnilingus

As always, sissy begs permission to taste her Mistress on her knees with a kiss. If sissy has been a good girl, She will allow a little nuzzling through Her panties ...
anal sex

diamond’s epiphany while toying her pussy with her dildo

diamond suddonly realised that from that day forward her ass pussy would be used every single day. And she absolutely loved that fact ...
Wanking 101

Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

Now with the teachings of the House and Superiors of the Control Board this sissy has lost her feelings of guilt ...
princess audrey maid

Undoing years of Miseducation and Programming

First off, thank you for providing this glorious and needed training to transform this sissy into a totally transformed feminized sissy. The assignment was extremely enlightening and served also as a review of this sissy’s new status when it comes ...

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Mr. M

I have come to greatly appreciate the training that You and your Staff have provided to these girls and believe that the House will provide her the best possible training to be the kind of sissy I would like to… Read more “Mr. M”

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