sissy Sexuality

sissy sexuality

"I swear ive never had this urge before 'Mam.  For doing anything like that. What is happening to me?"

Sounds like you've been training at the House of Sissify!




There is nothing like a sissygasm. Especially when Mistress orders it ...
rebecca masturbation 101

she submits herself

she now realises that true submission and servitude can only come when she renders herself helpless to The House Rules, and that noone knows what is best for her other than her Superiors ...
katie sissygasm

This Journey from Diddling to Sissygasm

This humble sissy will admit it: s.he’s not perfect; s.he diddles he.rself from time to time. Diddling can be a fun, feminine experience. This sissy prefers to set the mood when diddling by turning down the lights, lighting some candles, ...

A journey into cocksucking acceptance!

No matter if its intended, a sissy sooner or later comes across the concept of Fellatio otherwise known as the art of sucking cock ...

Cock Sucking sissy

Once again, thank you for this Assignment. As a sissy who has always enjoyed sucking a nice cock, this assignment has given me the proper perspective and what is truly important. When Mistress tells me to suck a cock, it ...
wanking 101

Newly discovered clitty

Omg!! Once again so on this sissies knees in awestruck gratitude to the Highly Superior and Intelligent Staff of The House that know inferior men better than men themselves, but this isn't a man writing this report but a lowly ...

Sissygasms-available now for everyone!

Sissygasm, this sissy knows that a lot of sissies are lost on how to achieve the ultimate sissy sexual peak. This sissy once thought it was Mount Everest herself! ...

Fellatio no worry you got this licked

This sissy kneels before her Mistress' lover waiting for permission to unzip His pants and take out His beautiful cock. My little clit is getting hard with anticipation of having that member in my mouth.When permission is given this sissy ...
Exploring the Depths

Exploring the Depths

So there this sissy was, almost fully nude save for he.r cute lingerie. S.he was straddling he.r man’s big, throbbing dick, riding it cowgirl-style. S.he bounced up and down, up and down, as his big dick pounded deep inside he.r ...
Sissify System of Safer Cocksucking

Worshiping Him

This sissy is grateful for the opportunity to submit this report on the Cocksucking 101 Assignment. crissy has been a cocksucker for many years, but the lessons of the House helped this sissy reach a much deeper level of devotion ...
Cocksucking 101

cocksucking 101 – Licking Cum

This sissy has sucked countless penises, big and small, fat and thin, while wearing panties, lingerie, or nothing at all, and on her knees. This sissy relishes the look of enjoyment and ecstasy on her man's face as her lips ...
butt stuff

chastity through anal submission

Constant anal submission is imperative for a sissy, as Mistress used to say. Being allowed a 'special day' by the House, invasion of the sissy pussy seemed more appropriate and did induce a pathetic, unsatisfying drizzle. Instead, a trip to ...
Sissify System of Safer Cocksucking

Real Cock sucking!!

Curtsy. carri is pleased to report that today at approximately 10am est carri got to suck her first real Cock!!! So happy now and she just wants more. carri meet this Man online. Condoms were agreed to and discretion. carri ...


chrissy has not had the opportunity to enjoy fellatio with either a Superior or Madame as of yet. her skills will need much practice to be sure but she is so looking forward to becoming a good sissy slut who’s ...
Every exit is an entrance to a new experience

The Gift Of Anal Submission

The assignment material is very comprehensive and will help you be more certain of your sexuality and as a proper sissy bottom ...
lamb lingerie

The ultimate in feminine experience

This sissy is instructed to watch certain videos sent by he.r Superior while riding he.r large 9 inch dildo ...

Scintillating sissy-gasms!

Who needs the appendage between my legs, except as Ma'am desires of course, when she can have incredible sissy-gasms! ...
butt stuff

The Greatest Realization of this sissy’s life

As this sissy continues to mature, the retrospective that is this sissy’s past life continues to amaze this sissy as to how primary sissy’s pussy has been in her history ...
anal submission

No butts about it!

Women and sissy’s take great pride in their behinds, going to great lengths to shape it, and make it ever so desirable. chrissy has always found that she loves a Woman’s beautiful ass ...

Intention and Affirmation

Because it did not feel like it belonged to her. she fought off the aftermath by staying pretty, reminding herself she was still a sissy ...

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sissy maid sally

What a beautiful web site, with so many contacts and active chat going on. My frilly lacy panties always get very moist under my maids uniform!

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