Have you been a good girl for Santa?

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Perfect Holiday

Christmas is fast approaching and if you’ve not yet thought of suitable girlie gift ideas you may just go without!  Of course, as a submissive sissy you know Christmas is all about giving rather than receiving, but in case you have a generous Mistress or Superior We wrote a few girlie suggestions as possible presents for a panty slut such as yourself.

Over the next few days we will load them here on the ‘Deep Dish’ for you to print out and keep. Try leaving them around the home, pinned on the fridge door or stuck on your forehead and see the reaction.

1. A set of acrylic false nails:
Whatever style of nail you like, nothing crowns an outfit more than a gorgeous set of stunning long nails. They can be such a mark of femininity, never seen on a mans rough hand. We recommend nails in a neutral colour as ready painted nails are for lazy sluts. Painstakingly paint them to match your outfit, polish and file. It’s the perfect routine for any girl. Just be careful you don’t brake them before the holidays over or you’ll be sorry.
2. A pair of strap on breasts:
Simple to slip on just like a bra, realistic, weighty, upright and firm. Ideal if you’re going bra-less or can be worn under a bra. Plenty for your Superior to grab under the mistletoe and will make you feel a complete woman. The alternative is a pair of silicone boobs that you can either stick to your chest or slip discretely inside your bra. All you have to do is decide your cup size, demure waif or brazen tart. If you’re good you might even get both.
3. A glamourous wig:
Where would you be without a beautiful mane of heavenly locks? But if you cannot grow your own here’s the perfect answer. Become a dumb blonde or a fiery redhead in an instance. Simply stretch a luxurious wig over your (ideally shaven) head and change your style with your mood or your dress in an instance and see how pretty your face looks once framed by gorgeous feminine hair.
4. Make-up:
Ask any sissy girl and you’ll soon learn you can never have too much make-up. Ask any artist and they love their paints in much the same way. So girls ask for a lovely set of powders, foundations, polishes and lipsticks so you’ll be the Belle of the Ball with pouty luscious lips and fluttering eyelids.
5. A New work outfit
Most fashion conscious girls would applaud the idea of getting an outfit only suitable for work – but you’re not like most girls and since work for you is your lowly domestic duties every sissy should have a maids outfit, preferably French short, black with lashings of lace.
Just imagine how in the new year you will be able to glide about your daily duties with black hose, white frilly petticoats and a starched satin dress showing all to see that you mean business.
10. Shoes
If you’re very lucky your Superior might buy you a pair of shoes and all sissies love high heels. But, we certainly don’t recommend anything less than a 5” stiletto that’s crippling for your toes and nigh on impossible to walk in. You’ll have to learn to swing your hips, swagger and mince before you can have the honour of wearing a skirt so make sure you’ve competed the relevant assignment or you may disappoint .

Know of anymore ideas please do tell – in the meantime we will keep blogging suggestions.

And remember Christmas is the ideal time to explore your femininity – you know you’re worth it!

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Thank you very much for everything. The house allowed me to feel like a real woman and to accept my nature as a submissive girl and happy to be so

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