Ready to be Spanked 3

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This is the third in our butt stinging series ‘Ready to be spanked’ in which we look at the favoured positions for the submissive sissy.

You sissies desire to be reprimanded, scolded, and spanked so make sure you get it right complete the Behaviour Modification Assignment – ‘Punishment for the errant sissy‘ found under Place & Worship.

3. Over-a-desk

Perfect for the spontaneous punishment when you can be pushed against a desk or table for some indiscriminate misdemeanour. This submissive pose also allows your Superior to hold you down by the nape of the neck for extra control while she administers your smacks. Nothing can be more demeaning than a firm grip to stop your escape – not that you dare.

What we love about this pose is that it need not be kept for the diner or study but can also be easily applied in the work place or office. Try bending over the directors oak desk or board room table while wearing something short and skimpy. Promotion may not necessarily follow but a sever reprimand is almost guaranteed!

With your panties down and your ass exposed after a heavy spanking you will be in the perfect postion for some humbling anal submission. Read all about it and do the Behaviour Modification Assignment / sissy sexuality /anal submission.

Whatever position your Superior or Mistress favours always remember your sissy manners and say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to help gain their respect.

If you know of any other favoured spank position which you would like us to consider for inclusion please share.

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  1. Brings back a lot of memories from my grade school years at St. Pius. Being held down over a desk while sister laid it on with her paddle or cane. The humiliation of the entire class looking on and then having to apologize to the entire class.

    The smallest of infractions could bring about this terrifying moment in less then an instant. though I didn’t appreciate them at the time I must say they were effective though you didn’t easily forget the lesson you were being taught.

    While I certainly never enjoyed being spanked thinking back if I had to choose I think I would opt for the over the knee spankings mom used to give with her hairbrush.

    And today while I am still not into pain, I have accepted the fact that I am not perfect not even close as a woman and sometimes like as a child a good spanking can be very beneficial in helping me grow into the woman I strive to be, so thank you for publishing your comments.

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