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It’s time to start preparing for Valentine’s Day. And no doubt some of you sissy girls have already put up red heart-shaped lights, but some of you may not be feeling the swoon. It shouldn’t be this hard. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of sissy love and, well, you love being a sissy, should find it a total breeze! Yet for some reason, however, the thought of celebrating this holiday has some of you feeling so-so, at best.

As usual the ever resourceful House tells you – How to get in the sissy mood?


To be a sissy, its best to understand your subject thoroughly so impress your Superior with some theoretical insight and read some of the many books on the subject of femdom, submission and Mistresses. What? Did you think we were going to suggest a romance novel?


The character from the movie ‘High Fidelity’ made a mix CD every time he got a crush on someone new –  so why not copy the idea and put together your own mix? But be selective with your song choices since the you don’t want your Superior unsure of the message you are trying to send. Avoid tunes like the Kaiser Chiefs’ “Every Day I Love You Less and Less,” and think more along the lines of “The Crying Game” by Boy George,  “Lola” by The Kinks, “Rebel Rebel” by David Bowie or perhaps “Walk On The Wild Side” by Lou Reed.


We adore the candy aptly called “Love Hearts” or “Conversation Hearts. Some say they taste chalky, but we love ’em. Plus, you can use them for romantic missives. Mail your Superior a “Love heart” that says “Call Me” or if you’re feeling a bit more ballsy “Let’s Kiss” or “Spank Me,” but baby steps, girls. Baby steps. Otherwise you may bite off more than you can chew and find yourself bound into a relationship with no escape. <tee hee>


As a weak and submissive sissy you don’t need a holiday to soften your heart, so why not just share the love? If you’ve any spare dollars after buying your fem clothes and House membership you can donate your hard cash to a multitude of financial Mistresses and Dommes online who would be more than happy to take your money.


In the age of emails and text messages, we all enjoy getting snail mail every once in awhile. So why not surprise you Superior with a cute sissy card that she will know whos it from as soon as they opens it. Of course if you can’t risk not being discovered you can always sign it “Yours obediently anonymous sissy” and they’ll still know its you.

Behaviour Modifications

As a sissy girl of the House you can never study too hard in becoming your dream princess. When you need to look your best to win the heart of a Mistress, get involved in an Assignment or two and win Her love.

Additional Valentines Day Love

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may i request permission to speak freely from the heart? upon finishing chapter one of “Girlfriends” by Vicky Tern……oh, my, God…Mistress, i just don’t know what to say. oh my God, this really is home! God in heaven i’m going… Read more “danielle”

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