Good job girls!

Congratulations girls!

Your kind and benevolent Staff has reviewed you submission(s) to the House, and after careful and exhaustive examination of your photos, attitude and submission – we have found you worthy of Our highest honor!

Nothing to take lightly, becoming a House princess requires that extra effort, that extra bit of girlish behaviour to strike Our eye. It’s an important responsibility as well, for you now represent the House, and set an example to all the new girls that need that “sissified sister” they will find in you.

Do you have what it takes to become a Princess on Parade? Tell Us about your the princess points you have gathered, the assignments you have mastered, and show Us how sexy you are!

Please welcome Our Sissify Princesses!

princess evaline

princess evaline
Playful! Sassy! Princess evaline pops into Spring with a girlish bounce every Sissify girl should have! Such enthusiasm! We feel ...

princess philippa

Ms. Stewart's  Special Princess! Princess philippa has become a gorgeous & radiant collared sissy, and recently swore her devotion to her dominant ...

princess amanda rose

Cuteness. Is there anything more girly? Anybody can put on a dress and some lipstick, but when we grab some ...

princess amanda lorrie

princess amanda lorrie
Playful. Cute. Girlie! amanda lorrie has been with the House 12 years, and has only dreamed of becoming princess. Let's ...

princess rachelle

Princess on Parade!
How does a sissy properly serve? With all her thoughts. With all her actions. With all her intent. Every letter, ...

princess audreymaid

Ooh La La! The French Maid is every Mans fantasy. What creates the romance of the saucy little Maid? Is ...

princess auta erotica

Truly a 21st century Princess. Sexy femme, a touch androg with a dash of the modern primitive. Corsets switchblades and ...

princess ginatay

she does have the look, doesn't she? That cute little pout, the "come hither" look, the look that only a ...

princess raven

Full metal raven  - or soft silky sissy? It looks to us like she likes her silk more than her ...

princess aline

It's ok. She can take it. We've known this capricious little slut was a princess in the making, but look ...

princess jenniferslut

Yes! It can happen to you sissy! Some may think that only the "old timers" of the House get the ...

princess joslyn

A Mistress Anastasia Creation! A note from Mistress Anastasia: "I created joslyn 2 years ago now. She has been feminized, ...

princess giselle

Fast and Sleek Beautiful, colorful and inspirational we find our princess..... with the grace of a gazelle. Even better when ...

princess janie

Behold viewers, a sissy on the ragged edge of masochism. A feminized, girl juiced shell of a submissive... pierced, prodded ...

princess amber nicole

Beauty baby. Sometimes the Staff is moved to vote in Princess on the simplest of qualities. Sometimes it's been how ...

lady maxima & fiffy

This couple knows how to play! How can one pass up a princess that loves to dress up in tutu's, ...

princess amy

This girl creates her own drama! ...

princess andrea taylor

Her name is andrea taylor. i am a pathetic sissy transvestite. It has taken me many years to admit to the ...

princess anja

the sissy behind the mask Many girls have written, afraid to submit pictures to the House, in fear they may ...

princess becky

princess becky
becky has been a very good sissy. She constantly strives at becoming more and more girlish, and always sends her ...

princess breeann

princess breeann loves her dildos!
How does a sissy get to serve a Mistress? Well, that depends on the Mistress and the sissy... but breeann ...

princess carie

What can We say about carie that you shouldn't already know? Surely you must know her.... carie has been a ...

princess carol

princess carol
Pretty. Poised. Polite... and Perky! More nice than nasty.. but still ruled by her panties, carol loves to share her ...

princess daphene

princess daphene
So you think you are 'Out' do you? You know better, sissy. You may think that being out is telling ...

princess deana

princess deana
Most improved! We are so pleased to see her continued girlishness and focus on her studies, that we just have ...

princess delia

princess delia
Serious attention slut. We just love the web sluts that display themselves to every Tom, Dick and Harry through the ...

princess emmeline

princess emmeline
Fear not fair maid! The House will save you! In this episode, We find our heroine placed in serious trouble! ...

princess kikki

princess kikki
Take note girls. sissy kikki has been without a doubt one of the sweetest girls that We have had the ...

princess kellygirl

Congratulations! The Kind and Benevolent Staff of Sissify.Com has reviewed your submission for princess on parade. After careful examination of ...

Princess Leslie

Princess Leslie likes to look her best.... and from this photo set, obviously likes fine art. At the House We ...

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