What makes a good girl go bad? Is it the Training, or the lust for sex? Read accounts of bad girls that just can’t get enough!

tgirl slut

Confessions of a sissy slut

oneby sissy pansy When the day started, I had no dates, no arrangements of any kind. But I was feeling horny. I needed cock. I'd gone over a week without sex and I am one cock hungry sissy slut. I'm ...
Bi Girls

Bi Girls

by vickie tern   I sell insurance, industrial, liability, all kinds. I know. But it's a living, if you work at it, and it's a product people need, so they buy it. If they luck out and it turns out ...
Weekend Sex Slave

My Pretty Girl

by Michelle Johnson Friday Night It was a particularly hectic week with both my wife and I running errands and attending meetings after work each night. I was greatly relieved when Friday rolled around and we could relax for a ...
The Bar Babe

The Bar Babe

When I walked into the bar, I didn't notice her at first. I sat in a booth in a dark corner and ordered a drink from the waitress. The waitress returned with my drink, and when I went to pay ...
Blue Irises

Blue Irises

By Jenni Fillan Giving a last look at the address in the letter, I went up to the door of the rather large house and knocked on it. A blonde woman, wearing a red business suit and white blouse eventually ...
Amanda and Matt

Amanda and Matt

It was a warm summers day. Amanda was on her way home from her job down town as an office clerk, when she first caught sight of Matt. Matt was everything she had been looking for in a man. Young, ...
Truck Stop Sissy

Truck Stop Sissy

Chapter One by sissy ginalee "What is a Conditional Job Offer ?" She mocked, rudely parroting back the question offered. "I see the Instructors have got Their hands in place firmly so that movement is not possible. Stop struggling, and ...
Cum Junkie

Tips from a cum junkie

by stephanie The following occurred when I was 19 in high school. It was the turning point in my sexual development leading to my current submissive nature and unquenchable desire to be a cum junkie... I was a relatively meek ...


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This sissy is infinitely grateful that you have welcomed her into the House and given her a safe haven among like-minded people. Although she has only been here for a short time, she has made tremendous progress in her deep… Read more “sissy fraenzi”

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This sissy wants to ask for some forgivness.She has been a naughty girl,having sex with several men.She has curbed her masterbation but insted goes online to find men to have sex with.


Hi! I am Paula and I am in sissy training. I would beg You forgivness for my sex habitts; too much masturbating and pervert sex fantasies. I fantasie that I am a slut , suck eagerly my masters hardened cock get on my kneees on the floor revealing my asshole for him to be fe fucked.