princess jonna

LockedStrictly guided by her Mistress

Princess jonna started playing dress up with her girlfriends at the tender age of 7 - and hasn't stopped since. After her ex and secretary caught her in pretty lingerie and dresses, life changed to the reality she lives now.

Meeting her Mistress and dedicating her life to serving Her has made jonna the princess she is today  - in every way her Mistress finds interest or need. From housekeeping to groundskeeping, from humiliation to proper cunnilingus - jonna has proved her worth time and time again.

She has been a good friend to many girls of the community, and her Mistress finds the House of Sissify excellent for Her jonna's socialization and skills.

Are you ready to serve your Mistress with full dedication?


sorry sweetie

This is for Our Inside girls!

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autumn reign

This is the greatest find to date. Thank you, Superiors.

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