The Hosiery Club

Hosiery Club

by John Douglas – Illustration by Stanton

Tim had spent most of the day at home, cleaning up and arranging matters for Sheila’s return from her daily grind as a powerful corporate executive. And it being Thursday, it was Sheila’s night at the hosiery club. And, as usual, it was Tim’s responsibility to make sure that she was properly attired for the occasion.

He had picked out her clothes for the evening, an extra tight pink spandex mini-dress, matching four-inch pumps, and a pair of split-crotch, sheer black pantyhose with thin seams up the legs. Tim finished laying out the clothes when he heard Sheila enter the bedroom, her heels clicking on the floor as she disrobed on her way to the bath he had prepared for her.

After her bath Sheila returned to the bedroom and took a seat on the bed where her attire waited. “These will be satisfactory,” she said rather coldly as she quickly examined the ensemble. “I take it you’ve been a good boy today, Tim,” she continued, her eyes drawn to the bulge in his pants.

“Yes, Sheila,” he meekly replied. “I haven’t touched myself at all today.”
“That’s very good. How long has it been now?” she teased him.

‘A week.”

“A week? Has it been that long? Well,” Sheila sighed, “time just seems to fly, doesn’t it? Remind me,” she went on, “just what was it you did to deserve such a cruel punishment?”

Tim said nothing. He knew Sheila was just playing with him and saying the wrong thing could mean another week – or more – without the relief he so desperately needed.

“Oh, now I remember,” she taunted him with a wicked smile. “It was the pantyhose I was going to wear to the club last Thursday, wasn’t it? You got so excited while you were getting me dressed you shot off all over them, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” he shamefully acknowledged, bowing his head.

“Well, I certainly hope you’ve learned your lesson. I mean what would the other girls think of me if I showed up at the club with cure stains on my brand-new pantyhose? No. That just wouldn’t do at all.”

Sheila watched Tim, his eyes turned downward, unable to look her in the face. She knew more than anything he wanted to luck her, or at least jack himself off and get some relief. And she knew he thought his punishment was the result of his “accident” the prior week. And that’s just what Sheila wanted him to think.

Of course, she knew that Tim would soon discover the real reason for his punishment. That’s because Tim, though he didn’t know it yet, was finally getting his biggest wish – to join Sheila at the weekly meeting of the hosiery club.

“Now help me get dressed,” Sheila commanded, stretching her shapely legs out and pointing her dainty toes in Tim’s direction. Tim grabbed the sheer hose offthe bed and slowly slid them up Sheila’s legs, his hands sliding longingly up her well-turned calves and silkened thighs. As Tim secured the reinforced waistband over Sheila’s flaring hips and washboard belly, her nylon clad foot “accidentally” brushed the growing bulge pushing out at the crotch of his pants. Sheila smiled to herself, well aware of Tim’s anguish and frustration as he grabbed the pink pumps and slid them on her feet.

Sheila casually examined her hose wrapped legs, running her hands over silky thighs and spreading her legs, giving Tim a bird’s eye view of her neatly manicured hush which was framed by the gap in the crotch of her hose. “Now the dress,” she said, rising to her feet.

With Tim’s aid, Sheila pulled the tight dress on, smoothing the shiny pink material over her voluptuous breasts and taut buns. Sheila moved to a nearby mirror, admiring the way her hardening nipples speared through the sexy fabric and the way it pulled tight across her ass, barely covering her globular cheeks.

While Sheila admired herself, Tim pulled a pair of waist-high nylon panties from a nearby bureau and handed them to her.

“I think I’ll pass,” she told him, leaning over slightly to watch the hem of her dress rise up over her derrière,

exposing a delectable shot of her pantyhose-encased ass.
“Why don’t you put them on,” she teased as Tim watched longingly while she continued to admire herself in the mirror.

For a moment Tim just stared at Sheila, ogling his sexy wife and her shapely form. “Go ahead!” she commanded. “Put them on. You’ll need them for tonight. That’s right. Your fondest wish is going to come true. I’ve decided to take you with me to the club tonight.”

Tim immediately perked up. “Really?” he asked, fearing that this might be just another one of Sheila’s taunts.

“Really,” she replied. “But there’s a catch. You’re not to speak unless spoken to. And you’ll do whatever’s asked of you. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” he said. “I understand.”

“Good. Now put on the panties and then we’ll be off.”

Tim was quick to comply, and in short order he was wearing Sheila’s satiny panties beneath his slacks, and he and Sheila were on their way to a night neither would soon forget.

The two arrived at the club which, much to Tim’s surprise, turned out to be in a warehouse-like building in an industrial area of town. Once inside Sheila and Tim found themselves in a large lobby milling with a crowd of ladies both old and young.

Tim took in the eclectic crowd, his attentions drawn to a group of young “rockers” in micro-minis and heels.

Elsewhere was a scattering of housewives in knee-length skirts, business women in conservative attire, and even a few older ladies with skirts down to their heels.

But for all the variety, Tim noticed two things. One, all the ladies were wearing dresses; two, he was the only man around. After a few minutes a tall brunette dressed in a tight black leather skirt, stockings, and super high heels with thin spaghetti straps approached him and Sheila.

“Good evening Sheila,” the brunette said, ignoring Tim. “I see you’ve brought company.”

“Yes,” Sheila intoned to the brunette. “I’ve informed him of the rules. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with him.” Then Sheila turned her attentions to Tim with a stern voice. “Now you’re going to go with Gabrielle and do whatever she asks. Do you understand?”

Tim nodded affirmatively as Gabrielle led him from the lobby to a corridor that stretched to the rear of the building. As Gabrielle escorted Tim from the lobby, the ladies began to filter into a small auditorium. Before he knew it, Tim found himself in a small dressing room behind the auditorium. And once behind closed doors, Gabrielle ordered Tim to strip down to the panties she knew he’d be wearing.

“So,” Gabrielle continued, eyeing Tim with disdain as she strolled around him, inspecting him like some prized

stallion. “It would appear that you’ve got a thing for ladies’ panties, wouldn’t it?” she teased him.

“Y…yes…” he stammered as Gabrielle prolonged her inspection.
“I’ll just bet you do. You like that silky nylon rubbing up against your cock and balls. It makes you all hard and stiff,” she growled, her eyes shifting down to Tim’s crotch and the tent pole that was pushing out from Sheila’s silky panties.

“Yes,” Tim blushed, a wet spot forming where pre-cum began to bubble. “Well,” Gabrielle went on, reaching a hand to teasingly stroke Tim’s now throbbing hard-on beneath the stretched-out fabric of the panties. “That’s good because the girls in the club just love men in panties.., and hose, too. Especially pantyhose,” she glared, a wicked smile across her face. “You like pantyhose don’t you, Tim?”

“Oh, yes! Yes, ma’am,” Tim excitedly replied, his stiff cock now stretching the fabric of Sheila’s panties to the limit.

“Yes. So Sheila told me. In fact she told me you love pantyhose so much you shot your wad all over her pantyhose last week. And she also told me it’s been a whole week since she last let you come. Is that right?”

Shamefaced, Tim bowed his head, acknowledging his guilt.

“Honestly,” Gabrielle continued, her hand stealthily brushing Tim’s now twitching boner. “I don’t know how you’ve done it. A whole week without pussy. A whole week without even being able to jerk off!”

Gabrielle then reached a hand down to Tim’s balls, cupping them through the nylon crotch of the panties as Tim’s pre-cum continued to soak the cool fabric stretched tight over his throbbing cockhead. “My, my,” Gabrielle hissed, “your balls are so big and full. I’ll bet they’re just ready to burst, aren’t they? Wouldn’t you just love to stroke your cock and shoot a big wad of cum for Gabrielle?”

“Y…yes…” Tim stammered as Gabrielle unrelentingly toyed and fondled his straining cock and balls. She could tell more than anything that Tim was dying to come and squirt a load of his hot jizz right into Sheila’s panties. After a few moments of Gabrielle’s teasing Tim grunted, thrusting his crotch hard against Gabrielle’s hand, feeling her sharp nails scratch gently along the length of his swollen member.

“Now, now,” she teased, pulling her hand away from the throbbing erection, “we mustn’t get too excited and shoot off…. All the ladies would just be terribly disappointed and we can’t have that, can we?”

Of course Tim had no idea what Gabrielle was talking about. The only thing on his mind was getting relief for the throbbing member between his legs. He desperately wanted to reach down and stroke his organ, feeling his fist squeeze his shaft and stroke his bloated glans. But he knew that if he did he would end up shooting his load – and he’d hear no end of it from Sheila.

“Now off with the panties,” Gabrielle ordered. Tim didn’t hesitate, and in a flash his hard cock and swollen balls were dangling between his legs and Sheila’s panties were down around his ankles. “There’s a pair of hose and heels in the bureau. Put them on and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Before he could get a word in edgewise Gabrielle was out the door, leaving Tim to himself. He moved to the nearby bureau and inside found a pair of silver-gray pantyhose and matching pumps. As he unfurled the pantyhose, Tim could hear an occasionally muted gasp and brief applause emanating from the auditorium, and he wondered what it was the ladies were doing in there. Little did he realize that in a few moments he would find out for himself.

Though he’d never done it before, Tim found the idea of wearing pantyhose and heels appealing – much more appealing than just wearing a pair of Sheila’s panties. He eagerly slipped into the hose, pulling the shimmering nylon tight over his calves and up his thighs. He pulled the darker panty section high over his waist and was surprised to find a strategically placed hole in the front from which his pulsing cock protruded.

Then Tim slipped into the heels which were a perfect fit. As he wobbled around the room attempting to get his footing, Gabrielle returned, giving him a stern look. “Turn around!” she snarled; Tim immediately turned his back to her.

“Your seams are crooked,” she shouted with a controlled anger, approaching Tim and kneeling behind him. He felt her hand sliding up his legs, pulling and twisting the hose. “That’s better,” she continued after a few moments, rising to her feet and grabbing Tim’s shoulders.

She forcefully turned him around so they were face-to-face and gave him a thorough once over. “Well,” she went on, “it appears you like pantyhose even more than panties, don’t you?”

Tim nodded his head as Gabrielle’s gaze dropped to his crotch. Tim’s hard cock was pointing skyward, his swollen head flaring and dribbling with pre-cum. She reached a hand out, grabbing Tim’s swollen cock in her hand and squeezing it tight enough to make him wince. “Now be a good boy and slip your panties back on and follow me. And just a word of warning,” Gabrielle droned, “if you come without permission you’ll be sorry. Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Tim meekly replied, pulling Sheila’s panties back over his new wardrobe of pantyhose and heels. The cool nylon of the panties pulled tight over his turgid organ, flattening it against his stomach and the thick reinforcing material of his pantyhose’s waistband.

Then Gabrielle turned on her heels and Tim’s eyes dropped to her round, tight bottom hidden beneath the shiny fabric of her skirt. His eyes trailed down her shapely hose covered thighs and calves down to her high heel pumps. “Follow me,” she commanded without even bothering to look back.

Before he knew it Tim found himself standing behind a large curtain and realized he was on a stage. A stage, no doubt, in the small auditorium he’d gotten a peek at earlier. Gabrielle disappeared through the curtain and he heard her addressing the audience, informing them of the club’s latest pantyhose design and newest model. It was only when the curtain parted and Tim found himself standing on stage with Gabrielle at his side that he realized she was talking about him!

Tim found himself under the spotlight, a short runway ahead of him. He knew everyone in the audience could see him though he could not see them. Flustered and embarrassed he felt his hard penis begin to grow soft.

Then Gabrielle stepped to his side and ushered him down the runway.
Not quite used to the new heels he was sporting, his first steps were a bit hesitant and wobbly. But Gabrielle encouraged him, describing the pantyhose and heels Tim was wearing to the audience out in the darkness. As the two approached the end of the runway, Tim could make out a number of the ladies in the audience sitting near the runway.

He noted, much to his surprise and delight, two older, conservatively dressed ladies he had seen earlier. Only now their conservative dresses were hiked to their waists and the ladies were fingering each other through the split crotches of their matching girdles!

Tim’s cock immediately began to stiffen again as Gabrielle turned him around and the two headed back up stage. All the while Gabrielle continued her narration, informing the ladies in the audience about the quality and style of the pantyhose. Back upstage Gabrielle turned Tim to face the audience once more. Then she reached to his waist and pulled his panties down to his thighs, his stiff cock popping free and bouncing up and down between his legs.

A few gasps and groans escaped from the audience. Then Tim stepped out of his panties, dropping them to the stage floor. Gabrielle motioned him to take another walk down the runway, this time on his own. With a surer step, Tim’s heels clicked down the runway, his thick manhood pointing the way, much to the amusement of the audience.

As he approached the end of the runway he caught sight of the two older ladies still diddling each other and paused long enough to give them a bird’s eye view of his stiff organ. In the dim light surrounding the runway, he could also make out a few other ladies, all with their skirts hiked high, fingers, vibrators, and even a dildo or two between their legs.

By now Tim was revelling in his new-found role. The pantyhose pulled tight against his skin and the cool leather of his high heels were an incredible turn-on. A turn-on that was only accentuated by the fact that he was showing them off to an auditorium full of anonymous ladies who were just as excited as he was!

His balls were heavy and his cock was stiff with desire. He wasn’t sure he could even make it back up stage without shooting off all over the runway. But manage he did, returning up stage to find a small divan waiting there for him. Gabrielle quickly sat Tim on the divan, his legs splayed to either side, his stiff cock sprouting between his legs for all to see.

“Jerk him off! Make him shoot it!” the audience cried out. Gabrielle pretended not to hear, and then hiked her short skirt upward, revealing a lacy garter belt attached to a pair of full fashioned stockings – stockings that reached all the way up her thighs to her rounded, naked butt cheeks and the tantalizing, neatly trimmed bush between her legs.

Tim stared wide-eyed at Gabrielle’s naked muff as she slid one hand between her legs and began to toy with her moist lips and swollen clitoris. Her other hand reached out to Tim and fisted his throbbing rod, pumping urgently on his swollen cock. As she played with herself, Gabrielle gently stroked Tim’s aching penis, the head purple and swollen, leaking a continuous stream of pre-cum. While she pumped his cock he thrust his hips up and down in time with her strokes, his hose stretching tight over muscular thighs.

Tim began to grunt and groan, and Gabrielle knew that if she kept up her pace he would squirt his jizz all over. So just before he could shoot off, Gabrielle gripped his cock tight. She squeezed the bloated head until Tim let out a guttural moan and his hard-on wavered. Then Gabrielle motioned to the wings and Sheila, her short skirt riding up her thighs, allowing the delicious curve of her ass to peek out, joined the two on stage.

“I think he’s ready to come,” Gabrielle said.

“Is that right?” Sheila asked, her eyes focusing on Tim’s resurgent erection. “Are you ready to come for all the ladies out there?”

“Oh, yes, Sheila!” Tim barked excitedly. “Please let me come!”

“Very well,” she replied, dropping to her knees and slipping her hand around Tim’s turgid organ. Sheila began to fondle Tim’s now stiff meat while Gabrielle returned her own attentions back to her engorged love button. Tim groaned, arching his hips up and down, thrashing his head about as Sheila’s hand became a blur on his cock.

Tim’s moans and groans weren’t alone as gasps of pleasure and delight began to escape from the ladies in the audience as well. It wasn’t much longer before Tim let out a beastly moan and his body stiffened as Sheila gave his cock a good squeeze. Then Tim’s swollen prick erupted, spewing his milky man seed high into the air.

Tim’s hot creamy spunk flew everywhere, splashing Sheila’s blouse, squirting onto Gabrielle’s stocking-clad thighs, and splashing all over the silvery hose Tim was swathed in. As Tim’s cock gushed its copious load of jizz, the groans and sighs of climax after climax wafted up from the auditorium, the ladies in the audience finding their relief as Tim found his.

Finally, after Tim had spilled a week’s worth of pent-up cum, his cock began to soften in Sheila’s cream covered hand. The stage curtain fell around them and Gabrielle, having reached her own climax at the same time as Tim, smoothed her skirt down, covering her pussy and ass and the tops of her now cum-stained stockings.

“Well,” she said to Sheila, a wide grin on her face. “I think you put on some show tonight. I’m looking forward to next Thursday. And maybe if Tim’s a good boy, we’ll try a garter belt and stockings next time!”

And Sheila did see to it that Tim was a good boy. He’d never been better but that’s a whole other story!


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