The Pill

by karen albright

Medical science has come a long way. Gene splicing and gene manipulation are now commonplace in the medical community, and everyone has reconciled the ethical implications of such actions.

As techniques became more effective, and faster acting, research accelerated into simpler methods of producing these substances, and faster delivery of the various agents of change within the body. In this arena, a number of organizations operated at the edge of the ethical envelope. They created products that traded much like narcotics, through a black market. The result of this distribution was that the products were not well tested, or monitored, and little was known about the potential side-effects of their use.

Money and greed became the driving force, as long as a market existed for the substances. The most popular items were anabolic steroids that accelerated muscle growth, and improved athletic performance and appearance. Even the existing sophisticated testing methods could not detect some of these items. In women, drugs that increased breast size, while reducing overall weight, traded freely on the streets, with huge profits for the dealers. The potential market for these substances in all walks of life made the old cocaine trade seem small.

In this market, one could find treatments that could impact everything from their intelligence to their sexual allure. One can only imagine what was actually going on in the private homes of most normally sedate people.

The Sale

As I walked onto the darkened street, a cold shiver ran up my spine. The neighborhood was run down, with abandoned buildings in every block. Vagrants, addicted to almost anything you could imagine, huddled in doorways. I was afraid!

I had been at a bar with friends the previous night, but it was not a normal bar. I am, you see, inclined to crossdressing during my own time, and this bar was frequented by many of the "sisters". Because of my relatively large build (160 pounds on a 5'6" frame), I could never successfully "pass" in public, but I did enjoy talking with those who could. Back in my apartment, I had a complete wardrobe that I always wore when home, but I had never left the building as anything but a man.

One of the "girls" had been talking about a rumored new substance that was a short term, gene altering drug. It was expensive, but it caused short-term bodily changes that gave men female characteristics. Effectively, one could become a woman for a day. As someone who could never pass in public, I was attracted to the idea, and listened carefully as she talked about meeting a large, heavyset man in a poor part of town. His price was too great, but he bragged that his new "treatment" was worth everything that he was asking.

As a long-term bachelor, I had some extra cash, and decided that I would try to contact this man. I listened carefully for further discussion about him in the bar, but no one else seemed to have contacted him. With little to loose, I thought, I set out to find this mysterious man. This search led me to the dark street I was now walking apprehensively.

Every sound startled me, and every movement seemed ominous. I could not understand how a man as large as the one I was looking for could possibly hide, so I kept on walking. I even asked a couple of prostitutes if they knew of such a person, but they denied knowing any such man, so my first night was unsuccessful.

The next night, I resumed the search. As I passed a particularly crowded and dark alley, I heard a gruff voice call out "Were you looking for me?" I looked, and saw a vague shape behind a stack of boxes. Fearfully, I turned into the alley, and walked toward the boxes. "Who are you?" I asked. "That is of no concern to you", he replied. "If you want the new gene converter, I am the only source in town".

As I neared him, I could see his huge size, and his unkept appearance.

"What does this substance do?" I asked.

"This is my greatest success", he replied. "I have created a substance that will change a man into a woman for a day."

"How fast does that happen?", I asked.

"Overnight" was the answer.

"How can you prove that it works?" I asked.

"You will have to trust me!" he replied. "Would you like to try some of it?"

"How much?" I asked.

"$500 for one dose", was his response.

$500 was a lot of money, and I only had $300 with me that night, so I replied, "I can't afford that much. All that I have is $300. "He paused for a moment, and then replied, "That will have to do, I need money now!"

Quickly the transaction took place. "I have included a sleeping pill so that the discomfort of the change will not bother you." he commented as he handed me a small envelope, and then walked off.

Once home, I sat down to figure out what I had just done. I now was $300 poorer, but I held in my hand the possibility of something I had always dreamed of, being a woman, and the risk of some unknown side-effect that no one could imagine. What should I do? What would I look like after the change? Would my existing wardrobe fit since it was purchased to fit my male figure? What would it feel like? What could go wrong!!

The pill was supposed to last for only one day, but I was unsure about that fact, I concluded that I needed two days to try it. I also did not want to do it over a weekend, because too many people would be around the apartment, so I planned to take two days of vacation, the upcoming Thursday and Friday, for the actual change. Now I had to wait two days to see what would happen.

The First Pill

Wednesday, I could hardly concentrate on my regular job as an accountant. I made numerous silly errors as my mind continually strayed from the task at hand, and I made up an excuse to leave a bit early.

At home, I took out the pills, and placed them on my dresser, as I contemplated what might happen. I decided that I wanted to awaken in the dark so that I could feel the differences before I saw them, so I cleaned up my dinner quickly, showered, and got ready for bed at about 8:30 PM. My only concession to what was going to happen was that I put on a long, silk nightgown from my wardrobe after the shower. I then took the two pills, set the alarm for 5:30, and got into bed. My mind was racing, and initially, I could not sleep with excitement. The sleeping pill soon took over, and I fell into a deep sleep.

In The Morning

The alarm went off, and I turned it off. I remembered my decision to try to feel the differences first, so I rested back on the pillow for a second. I felt very different, but I could not decide what felt different. I waited for a moment, and then decided to get up.

It was completely dark as I moved my legs out from under the covers, I could feel the familiar smooth feeling of the silk nightgown against my legs. So far, nothing different. My legs reached the edge of the bed, and I turned and sat up. Immediately, I could feel a strange new motion on my chest and back. I could feel the extra weight of breasts, and a brushing against my back from long hair. I almost reached up to touch my breasts, but remembered the decision to feel all differences first.

The more I sat up, the greater the weight felt against my chest. It was a strange pulling against me as I stood up, and I paused. without going further, I could feel hair resting against my back, and motion in my chest.

I turned slowly, savoring the sensation of something giggling on my chest, and began to walk toward the light switch.

With each step, my new breasts moved so slightly, with a delightful new sensation. They began to rub against the smooth silk of the nightgown. I became aroused, and a warm sensation spread from them. My legs felt the silk moving around them as I walked, and I began to get more aroused.

In the dark, I could only feel new sensations, and the sensations were wonderful, but very different. Instead of the urgency of an erection, I felt a warmth spreading into my abdomen as I walked. As I reached the switch and turned it on, the light flooded the room. I could see a slight, small hand on the switch, and I immediately looked down. There were two very large breasts jutting out from my chest.

From all of my past dressing up, I was used to seeing breasts, but the sight of real flesh, instead of an artificially filled bra, aroused me even more. I could not wait any longer to feel them.

As I reached to touch them, they seemed to be bigger that the false ones I had been using. The feeling against my hands was soft, but the return feeling from the breasts themselves was wonderfully soothing. My new nipples felt erect against my palms, as I felt huge breasts in each hand. I was becoming more aroused.

I quickly turned toward the bathroom, and felt them giggle and rub against the nightgown. I walked into the bathroom, watching them move as I went. As I looked into the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised. The woman looking back was very attractive, with long red hair. She was the same height as I had been, and was "pleasingly plump" to use a worn phrase.

I almost tore the nightgown off in my haste to explore further. I was a woman! I had a definite figure, although I could loose some weight, an attractive figure in fact, and now I could see the red thatch between my legs.

My hand moved reflexly to my crotch. My fingers explored further, and located the expected slit. They probed inside, and I felt an electric feeling as they touched soft, moist skin inside the outer folds. Everything was there.

I was elated. My greatest dreams had come true!

I looked again into the mirror. This time more critically, and I was still pleased with what I saw. A rounded face with fine features, large pendulous breasts, wide hips, slightly heavy thighs. Still, not a bad looking woman. I was becoming more aroused each minute.

I walked back into the bedroom, and sat on the edge of the bed. Now I could sense the different feelings due to my large hips. My hand ran down to my now moist slit. Again I felt the excitement as I touched the moist skin inside the outside folds. I lay back on the bed and continued exploring.

The sensations raced through me. My arousal increased as I massaged myself more and more. I could feel the tension increase throughout my whole body. The waves of pleasure began to wash over me, and I moaned. My arousal was unbelievable. I could remember the feelings I had had as a man, and these were so totally different that I was amazed. The pressure of an erection was replaced with an increasingly pleasurable feeling, and increasing warmth and moisture between my legs.

I kept my fingers moving, and quickly experienced an orgasm unlike anything I had ever had before. I almost screamed as the tension released, and the pleasure raced throughout my body. What a feeling!!!

I lay still for a moment, and then slowly stood up. I still had a whole day to look forward to.

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