The Pill

the pill

by karen albright


Medical science has come a long way. Gene splicing and gene manipulation are now commonplace in the medical community, and everyone has reconciled the ethical implications of such actions. As techniques became more effective, and faster acting, research accelerated into simpler methods of producing these substances, and faster delivery of the various agents of change within the body. In this arena, a number of organizations operated at the edge of the ethical envelope. They created products that traded much like narcotics, through a black market. The result of this distribution was that the products were not well tested, or monitored, and little was known about the potential side-effects of their use. Money and greed became the driving force, as long as a market existed for the substances. The most popular items were anabolic steroids that accelerated muscle growth, and improved athletic performance and appearance. Even the existing sophisticated testing methods could not detect some of these items. In women, drugs that increased breast size, while reducing overall weight, traded freely on the streets, with huge profits for the dealers. The potential market for these substances in all walks of life made the old cocaine trade seem small.

In this market, one could find treatments that could impact everything from their intelligence to their sexual allure. One can only imagine what was actually going on in the private homes of most normally sedate people.

The Sale

As I walked onto the darkened street, a cold shiver ran up my spine. The neighborhood was run down, with abandoned buildings in every block. Vagrants, addicted to almost anything you could imagine, huddled in doorways. I was afraid!

I had been at a bar with friends the previous night, but it was not a normal bar. I am, you see, inclined to crossdressing during my own time, and this bar was frequented by many of the "sisters". Because of my relatively large build (160 pounds on a 5'6" frame), I could never successfully "pass" in public, but I did enjoy talking with those who could. Back in my apartment, I had a complete wardrobe that I always wore when home, but I had never left the building as anything but a man.

One of the "girls" had been talking about a rumored new substance that was a short term, gene altering drug. It was expensive, but it caused short-term bodily changes that gave men female characteristics. Effectively, one could become a woman for a day. As someone who could never pass in public, I was attracted to the idea, and listened carefully as she talked about meeting a large, heavyset man in a poor part of town. His price was too great, but he bragged that his new "treatment" was worth everything that he was asking.

As a long-term bachelor, I had some extra cash, and decided that I would try to contact this man. I listened carefully for further discussion about him in the bar, but no one else seemed to have contacted him. With little to loose, I thought, I set out to find this mysterious man. This search led me to the dark street I was now walking apprehensively.

Every sound startled me, and every movement seemed ominous. I could not understand how a man as large as the one I was looking for could possibly hide, so I kept on walking. I even asked a couple of prostitutes if they knew of such a person, but they denied knowing any such man, so my first night was unsuccessful.

The next night, I resumed the search. As I passed a particularly crowded and dark alley, I heard a gruff voice call out "Were you looking for me?" I looked, and saw a vague shape behind a stack of boxes. Fearfully, I turned into the alley, and walked toward the boxes. "Who are you?" I asked. "That is of no concern to you", he replied. "If you want the new gene converter, I am the only source in town".

As I neared him, I could see his huge size, and his unkept appearance.

"What does this substance do?" I asked.

"This is my greatest success", he replied. "I have created a substance that will change a man into a woman for a day."

"How fast does that happen?", I asked.

"Overnight" was the answer.

"How can you prove that it works?" I asked.

"You will have to trust me!" he replied. "Would you like to try some of it?"

"How much?" I asked.

"$500 for one dose", was his response.

$500 was a lot of money, and I only had $300 with me that night, so I replied, "I can't afford that much. All that I have is $300. "He paused for a moment, and then replied, "That will have to do, I need money now!"

Quickly the transaction took place. "I have included a sleeping pill so that the discomfort of the change will not bother you." he commented as he handed me a small envelope, and then walked off.

Once home, I sat down to figure out what I had just done. I now was $300 poorer, but I held in my hand the possibility of something I had always dreamed of, being a woman, and the risk of some unknown side-effect that no one could imagine. What should I do? What would I look like after the change? Would my existing wardrobe fit since it was purchased to fit my male figure? What would it feel like? What could go wrong!!

The pill was supposed to last for only one day, but I was unsure about that fact, I concluded that I needed two days to try it. I also did not want to do it over a weekend, because too many people would be around the apartment, so I planned to take two days of vacation, the upcoming Thursday and Friday, for the actual change. Now I had to wait two days to see what would happen.

The First Pill

Wednesday, I could hardly concentrate on my regular job as an accountant. I made numerous silly errors as my mind continually strayed from the task at hand, and I made up an excuse to leave a bit early.

At home, I took out the pills, and placed them on my dresser, as I contemplated what might happen. I decided that I wanted to awaken in the dark so that I could feel the differences before I saw them, so I cleaned up my dinner quickly, showered, and got ready for bed at about 8:30 PM. My only concession to what was going to happen was that I put on a long, silk nightgown from my wardrobe after the shower. I then took the two pills, set the alarm for 5:30, and got into bed. My mind was racing, and initially, I could not sleep with excitement. The sleeping pill soon took over, and I fell into a deep sleep.

In The Morning

The alarm went off, and I turned it off. I remembered my decision to try to feel the differences first, so I rested back on the pillow for a second. I felt very different, but I could not decide what felt different. I waited for a moment, and then decided to get up.

It was completely dark as I moved my legs out from under the covers, I could feel the familiar smooth feeling of the silk nightgown against my legs. So far, nothing different. My legs reached the edge of the bed, and I turned and sat up. Immediately, I could feel a strange new motion on my chest and back. I could feel the extra weight of breasts, and a brushing against my back from long hair. I almost reached up to touch my breasts, but remembered the decision to feel all differences first.

The more I sat up, the greater the weight felt against my chest. It was a strange pulling against me as I stood up, and I paused. without going further, I could feel hair resting against my back, and motion in my chest.

I turned slowly, savoring the sensation of something giggling on my chest, and began to walk toward the light switch.

With each step, my new breasts moved so slightly, with a delightful new sensation. They began to rub against the smooth silk of the nightgown. I became aroused, and a warm sensation spread from them. My legs felt the silk moving around them as I walked, and I began to get more aroused.

In the dark, I could only feel new sensations, and the sensations were wonderful, but very different. Instead of the urgency of an erection, I felt a warmth spreading into my abdomen as I walked. As I reached the switch and turned it on, the light flooded the room. I could see a slight, small hand on the switch, and I immediately looked down. There were two very large breasts jutting out from my chest.

From all of my past dressing up, I was used to seeing breasts, but the sight of real flesh, instead of an artificially filled bra, aroused me even more. I could not wait any longer to feel them.

As I reached to touch them, they seemed to be bigger that the false ones I had been using. The feeling against my hands was soft, but the return feeling from the breasts themselves was wonderfully soothing. My new nipples felt erect against my palms, as I felt huge breasts in each hand. I was becoming more aroused.

I quickly turned toward the bathroom, and felt them giggle and rub against the nightgown. I walked into the bathroom, watching them move as I went. As I looked into the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised. The woman looking back was very attractive, with long red hair. She was the same height as I had been, and was "pleasingly plump" to use a worn phrase.

I almost tore the nightgown off in my haste to explore further. I was a woman! I had a definite figure, although I could loose some weight, an attractive figure in fact, and now I could see the red thatch between my legs.

My hand moved reflexly to my crotch. My fingers explored further, and located the expected slit. They probed inside, and I felt an electric feeling as they touched soft, moist skin inside the outer folds. Everything was there.

I was elated. My greatest dreams had come true!

I looked again into the mirror. This time more critically, and I was still pleased with what I saw. A rounded face with fine features, large pendulous breasts, wide hips, slightly heavy thighs. Still, not a bad looking woman. I was becoming more aroused each minute.

I walked back into the bedroom, and sat on the edge of the bed. Now I could sense the different feelings due to my large hips. My hand ran down to my now moist slit. Again I felt the excitement as I touched the moist skin inside the outside folds. I lay back on the bed and continued exploring.

The sensations raced through me. My arousal increased as I massaged myself more and more. I could feel the tension increase throughout my whole body. The waves of pleasure began to wash over me, and I moaned. My arousal was unbelievable. I could remember the feelings I had had as a man, and these were so totally different that I was amazed. The pressure of an erection was replaced with an increasingly pleasurable feeling, and increasing warmth and moisture between my legs.

I kept my fingers moving, and quickly experienced an orgasm unlike anything I had ever had before. I almost screamed as the tension released, and the pleasure raced throughout my body. What a feeling!!!

I lay still for a moment, and then slowly stood up. I still had a whole day to look forward to.

I walked slowly to the bathroom, enjoying the feeling of movement in my breasts, and started a hot shower. As I climbed in, the new sensations of the water hitting my breasts aroused me again. It seemed that I was almost continually excited by the new sensations I felt. I let the water play over my long hair, and then washed it thoroughly. As I washed myself, I could not keep from rubbing between my legs, to the point that I experienced another overwhelming orgasm.

I dried myself, and then realized the difficulty of drying the long hair. I did not have a hair dryer!

A quick search located a small room fan, which I set on the dresser, and used a comb to get my hair in front of the air stream. That did not work, so I put it on the floor, and bent over, with my hair hanging down. Now the air moved freely through the hairs, and I could easily see my huge breasts hanging straight down.

Once dried, I began looking through my feminine clothes. The first thing that I got was a bra. It was a 34B, which seemed very tight over my new breasts. I adjusted it as best I could, so that my shoulders took the weight. Next came bikini panties, which were too small for my large hips. The panty hose was also very tight around the hips and thighs.

All of the dresses fit, but not well. They were too tight in the hips and breast, and loose around the waist. I finally found a skirt and blouse that seemed acceptable. None of the shoes fit. They were all too big. A pair of sandals finally seemed acceptable.

It was apparent that I would need more clothing if I was to do this regularly, so I finally got enough courage to leave the apartment to buy some. I could not drive with my male license, so I walked to a nearby bus stop, and took the first bus to the shopping mall. The mall was big enough that I thought I would not be noticed.

Much to my surprise, no one seemed to notice me. One man offered me a seat. "Thank You" I said, and I was shocked at my high voice as I spoke for the first time.

At the mall, I spent some time in the lingerie area, but with none of the funny feelings I had experienced doing it as a man. I found that I needed a 36 C bra, and size 14 clothes. A woman helped me get cosmetics, and a man in the shoe store caused me to chuckle as I crossed my legs, and he tried to look up my skirt unobtrusively.

In the dress shop, I enjoyed trying on dresses, and finally picked one that was inexpensive.

It was now afternoon, and I quickly realized that my day was more than half over. I needed to plan for the rest.

A light lunch at a fast food chain, and I continued to walk in the mall. The feeling of being a woman was arousing in itself.

Here I was, doing my fondest wish, and feeling perfectly normal in doing so. I even enjoyed the occasional glance from men as I walked past them. I needed to loose some weight I decided.

The afternoon passed as I walked into various woman's shops to try on items that I could nave never tried before. Needless to say, a bikini swimsuit looked bad on my "plump" body, but other suits looked better. I tried a tight sweater and mini skirt, and was excited by the result. This was really fun!

As dinner drew near, I walked into a nearby restaurant, and sat at the counter. Soon, a man sat next to me, and commented about by bright red hair. I could not ignore him, so I hesitantly talked to him. The longer we talked, the more confident I felt.

I excused myself, and took the bus home. There I changed into my new clothes, and put on makeup. The result reflected to me in the mirror was very good. The red hair set off my face, and the makeup. The darkened eyes standing out. I excited myself. I did not think of myself as a man dressed as a woman because I was a real woman.

I had decided to try a singles bar that night, so I took another bus to a bar in the business district near my regular office, and hesitantly walked in.

Inside, I saw a number of my fellow workers, relaxing after the business day. One of them, a particularly attractive man with whom I worked closely, was sitting alone at the bar. He always talked at length about his exploits with women, and this was a perfect opportunity to prove them true, or false.

I walked up to him, and sat beside him.

"Hello, John", I said.

"How did you know my name?" he replied.

I smiled and mentioned the name of another bar that I knew he frequented.

He seemed to smile, and began to talk.

He was, indeed, a smooth operator. He spoke well, and knew how to draw attention to his positive traits. I played along to see what would happen.

After two drinks, he said, "Lets go for a walk".

"OK", I replied.

He stood up, and offered me his arm, which I quickly took. It was a strange sensation, walking arm-in-arm with a close friend, but I enjoyed it. In fact, I became warm and moist between the legs as my arousal increased.

We walked a short distance, and he offered that his car was nearby. I thought that I had little to loose, so I agreed.

He drove quickly in the direction of his house.

"How about a drink at my house", he asked.

"Sure, I would like that", I replied.

He smiled, and quickly parked in front of his apartment.

It took me a second not to climb out myself. "Be ladylike" I thought to myself, even if for a short time.

We walked into the building and up the stairs. He opened the door of his apartment, and I preceded him through the door.

Inside, I turned to him, reached out to him, and kissed him. He responded immediately. I had wondered if kissing a man would bother me, but it did not. Afterall, I was a woman! I thought that I should have as much fun as I could while this was going on. I had nothing to loose.

The kiss was passionate, and long. He released me and silently led me to the bedroom.

Inside, I took the initiative, undressing him first. He kissed me, and I felt his hands unbutton my dress, and push it off my shoulders. Next he removed the straps of my slip, and pushed them both to the floor. I felt the weight on my chest as he unhooked my bra, and then removed it.

I was hot and wet!

His kiss continued as he reached up and held my breasts. This was an entirely new sensation, that aroused me even more. I felt him hold them, and lift them, then he rubbed the nipples. I began to moan. I pulled my panties and hose off, and we both fell to the bed.

His hands were all over my body. My arousal was unbelievable. Each touch increased my pleasure.

He kissed my breasts, and then lowered himself to my crotch. The pleasure was intense as I sensed the light touch of his tongue against the lips of my cunt. It wiggled, and I moaned. He was an expert. He nibbled my clitoris, and licked the inside of my cavity. The feeling of something moving inside me was intense.

I moaned repeatedly and finally shuddered as I climaxed. We rolled over, and I took him in my mouth. I licked him, and enjoyed it immensely. I felt the rough, ribbed texture of his penis as I kissed it, and moved my mouth over it.

"Save me for you" I heard him say, so I rolled onto my back again. He climbed onto me, and I felt his huge prick probing between my legs. It found the opening, and he entered me. The feeling was unbelievable. Better that I had ever imagined. The feelings of his huge member, moving inside of me, were intense as he pumped in and out.

My sensations were increasing quickly as I tried to squeeze his prick, and I began to moan. Suddenly, I felt him spurt inside me, and my climax happened instantly. I had never felt such intense pleasure before.

We finished, and I rolled into his arms. What an experience!

Suddenly, I felt a strange tingling in my body. A look at the clock indicated that it was 11:30 PM. Like Cinderella, I was facing a change. I told him about an important meeting the next day, and began to dress. He got up, and offered to drive me home. "No thank you", I answered, as I left quickly. The tingling was increasing.

In the dark, I felt less exposed as I took a bus home. There I showered, and felt some reduction already in my hips and breasts. I dried myself, put on a nightgown, and went to sleep.

The Next Morning I awoke to my alarm at 5:30 again. I had forgotten to turn it off. What a night I thought! I felt different, but normal. A quick exploration through the silken gown indicated normal male equipment, and I sighed. What a wonderful day, and it was over.

I lay still for a while and remembered the pleasures I had as a woman. My desires had been fulfilled. I got up reluctantly, and realized that it was just Friday. What should I do?

I showered, and decided to stay at home, dressed in my female clothes. I took out my wardrobe, and put it on, but something was different. It did not seem to excite me as it used to.

I continued, and spent the day in the apartment, dressed as a woman, but it just did not seem much fun. Saturday and Sunday, I spent as a man, and then faced another week at work.

Monday came, and I dragged myself off to work. I felt drained from the events of Thursday, and found it hard to concentrate on my job. I kept remembering the intense feelings I had experienced, and I wanted to do it again.

The Second Pill

I could not afford another pill for some time. My car needed substantial repairs, and My income would not allow me to spend $300 quickly. I spent some time with the "sisters" explaining what had happened, and they all seemed interested in my experience. Unfortunately, most of them could not afford the cost of the "pill", but they listened intently to my discussions. One or two of them tried to locate the heavy-set man, but they were unsuccessful. I continued with my crossdressing at home, but I did not get the enjoyment from it that I had experienced before.

As a result of the first experience, I decided to try to loose some weight. I enrolled in one of the weight loss programs, and followed it conscientiously. It was an expensive process, and it cut into my precious savings, but it did work. I was able to loose 3 to 5 pounds a week, with a goal of a loss of 30 pounds.

About two months later, I had saved another $300, and I returned to the neighborhood where I had met the heavy set man. I walked for some time, to no avail.

The next night, I returned, and again He called to me from an alley.

"I want another pill" I said.

"It did what I claimed, didn't it. This time it will cost $400." he said.

I did not have $400. "Will $300 do?" I asked.

"NO!" was his answer, so I left.

A month later, I had saved $450, so I went back, but could not find him.

Again, the next night, he called to me from an alley.

"I have $400", I said.

"OK", he replied.

"Will this work the same way?" I asked.

"Yes", he replied. "This is a stronger batch though. It may last longer."

"How much longer?" I asked.

"Probably 2 days" he answered.

That is great I thought, as I gave him the money, and he gave me an envelope. Then he left quickly. This should be interesting because I had gotten down to 130 pounds from 160.

I arranged for vacation time from work, and again I had a hard time concentration until Wednesday evening. I decided that I wanted two full nights as a woman, so I did not take the pill that evening, I set my alarm for 5:00AM, and planned to take it then.

The Change

The alarm went off, and I struggled out of bed. I showered, and sat down with my pills. I thought about the sleeping pill, but decided not to use it so that I could experience the change. I then lay down, and drifted off to sleep.

As the sun came up, I awoke again. It had been only 2 hours, so i did not expect much to have happened, but I walked into the bathroom to see. While not startling, changes seemed to be occurring. My hair seemed longer, and reddish, and most of my other body hair was gone. I could not see any real changes in my physical shape though.

Breakfast was over before I felt the first physical signs. As had happened the Thursday night of the first experience, I felt a tingling all over my body. It was not uncomfortable, just different. I could do nothing about it, so I continued reading the newspaper.

In about an hour, the tingling had increased significantly, and I felt the beginnings of a funny feeling in my stomach. I decided to take a look, and the mirror revealed longer, red hair, a subtle thinning of my waist, and a substantially shrunken penis.

As the hour progressed, the sensations increased. The sensation became uncomfortable, but bearable. Another look showed greater waist thinning, and almost no residual penis.

By about 11:00 AM, the changes became significant. I could see breast development, my waist was much smaller, and my hips were larger. My face seemed to have finer features, and my hair was almost down to my shoulders. A quick exploration revealed nothing between my legs at all.

By noon, the sensations were almost gone, and the change was almost complete. I had been able to almost see my breasts grow over the last hour, and my hair was much longer. Between my legs, I now had a full set of female organs. All-in-all, the picture was good. The loss of 30 pounds had made me much thinner, which translated into a better figure. Sitting on the bed, I could feel the new weight of my breasts, and the fullness of my hips. Every time I moved my head, the long hair brushed my back.

By 1:00PM the changes were complete, and I was ecstatic with the results. Facing me in the bathroom mirror was a very pretty woman, still with large breasts and hips, but nowhere as plump as the first time. I knew that I would have to go shopping again.

My hands began to explore. The breasts were as large as the last time, but on a smaller body. As I touched them, the nipples immediately became erect, and a warm feeling began. I walked into the bedroom, and lay on the bed. The walk caused my relatively large breasts to giggle a lot, and I loved the feeling. My hands immediately went to my crotch, and began to rub my clit.

My arousal was immediate. I continued and quickly climaxed. What a feeling! It was great! I repeated it a number of times, and then realized that I needed to buy some clothes.

I went through my old wardrobe, and again located a skirt and blouse that would work until I got new clothes. All of the old clothes were way too big except the bras that were too tight. I did notice that the blouse was still tight in the chest.

The bus trip went uneventfully. Because of my smaller size, and attractive figure, more people seemed to be looking at me as I moved through the mall. Men especially seemed to take a second look as I passed.

In the stores, I found that my dress size was now about a 12, but I needed a 36 C bra. My measurements were 37-26-36. I bought some underwear, a slip and panty hose, and three dresses. In the shoe store, the same salesman tried the same trick as I tried on shoes, and I just smiled to myself. The cosmetics counter provided enough basics for the next two days. It was nearing 5:30 PM, so I rushed through a quick dinner, carefully watching my weight, and took the first bus home. Since it was rush hour, there were many on the bus and I again noticed people looking at me.

I had decided to go back to the bar I had been to the first time, in hopes that I would find the same man I had been with the first time. I put on make-up carefully, and brushed out my hair. I pulled on the underwear, the silky feeling aroused me. Then I put on hose and slip, and selected the most revealing of the new dresses, a tight red knit dress with a fairly short hemline.

As I passed the mirror, I stopped to look at myself. I was impressed. I looked like a knockout. The low cut dress exposed the tops of my large breasts. A quick side view indicated the source of the stares I had experienced. I was STACKED!

A last look at my hair, and I left for a night out. This time, I knew that I would not have to worry about changing back in the middle of the night. At the bar, I picked a seat at an unoccupied table, and sat with a drink. Within 30 minutes, my associate from work walked in, and looked around the room. I could see his gaze stop as he saw me. He walked to the bar, sat down, and ordered a drink. I waited, and he soon stood up and walked toward me.

"Haven't we met before" was his line.

"I don't believe so", I replied. "Will you sit down" I asked.

He did so and we talked for a while.

Again he suggested a walk, and we again ended up in his apartment. I was so hot that I could not wait. I almost ripped his clothes off of him as the door closed. I think that I surprised him. My crotch was wet, my nipples were erect, and I was ready.

He brought me to two climaxes with his tongue, and then I took him in my mouth. I sucked his dick repeatedly, until he was moaning uncontrollably, and then I took him into my mouth just as he came.

The new sensation was great. His come spurted into my throat, with a salty taste, and I swallowed it all. I came a third time as I did. I was really hot.

We lay for a while, and then I brought him to another erection. This time, he rolled onto me and entered me. I loved that feeling of something moving inside me more than anything I had ever felt. I squeezed him tightly with my cunt, and we both climaxed, and fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning, I awoke, dressed quietly, and left.

I spent the day walking at a mall. I was looking for the most revealing clothes I could find.

I found another tight dress, with a hemline that barely covered my crotch. A shoe store produced spike high heels that I quickly learned to walk in. It was great. Here I was, dressed like the hottest women around, and loving it. The pills were worth every cent!

I changed in a ladies room and practiced a bit on the shoes. I left for downtown, and loved the stares as I moved around town. A couple of men whistled as I passed. I felt a new sensation, the cool air blowing against my almost uncovered crotch. This was great! My greatest wish come true! I was a gorgeous woman!

A quick dinner at home, a shower, and back on the town for another night. This time, I went to another bar, and let myself be picked-up by a business man is an expensive suit. He was obviously in town on business, and wanted a good time.

We ended up in his hotel room that night. I loved it, even with a stranger. I gave him two blow jobs, and he brought me to three other climaxes. The pleasure was unbelievable.

I excused myself about 2:00AM because I felt a slight tingling, and I went home to wait for the change back to myself.

The next week, I met with the "sisters", and again described my wonderful experiences. I think that they did not believe me. None of them had been able to contact the heavy-set man to try the pill, and I had no real proof that I had taken one. I did not care. I knew that I would do it again, as soon as I could save some more money to pay off the last charge bill, and then buy another pill.


Number Three

Once I had saved enough, I traveled to that dark street in search of the fat man. As usual, I did not find him the first night, but did locate him the second. This time he wanted $700, and I was prepared for the increase. "This was a good batch", he commented. "It should last at least 3 days this time. I keep improving the gene mix to improve the resulting figure." He gave me a sly smile and left.

Having had some time to think about this event. I had decided that I would try something different for this experience. Because I had little to loose, I decided to be a prostitute for at least one night to see what it was like. I knew that this was risky, but I wanted to try it anyway.

I was running out of vacation, so I took only two days, and counted on the weekend for the third day. I took the pill early Thursday morning, and stayed awake for the change again. This time, the discomfort was much less, and it progressed much faster. Instead of the 8 hours that the last pill had taken, this one worked in 5. Some of the changes were so quick that I could actually see my breasts swelling, and my penis shrinking.

Once the change was finished, I again explored my new body, and found it even more responsive that before. It took very little work to bring myself to an explosive climax, which I did repeatedly. The feelings of warmth and pleasure were the best ever.

I took a quick shower, and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked much like I had the last time, except that my facial features were different enough that I looked like a different woman. I still had very long, red hair, large hips, and huge breasts.

In the bedroom, I got out the wardrobe to get dressed. I quickly found that the old bras were again too small, and the clothes were too tight in the hips and chest. Another shopping trip was needed.

This time, I went to another part of town. I was not looking for elegant clothes. I wanted the most suggestive, revealing clothes that I could find. I now needed a 36 D bra. I walked through a couple of stores on the fringe of a raunchy part of town. There I found some very skimpy underwear, including garter belts and bras, and very tight, short leather skirts. Another store had halter and tank tops. In a shoe store, I found 6" spike heels, and net hose. Wolworth's provided a large, black vinyl purse, and large earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and a big, bright hair bow. I ended up with three different outfits in a bag as I left for home at close to dinner time.

In the apartment, I dressed carefully. The remaining makeup was fine, I simply applied too much. Then I teased my hair, and got dressed. First the bikini panties, then the garter belt and hose. I finished with the short skirt, in black, and a bright red tank top. It was stretched so tight that my nipples stuck out, and it barely covered them. The high heels took some practice.

I put the makeup on heavily, with very red lips, and dark eyes. Then I put on the huge earrings. What a different feeling as they continually brushed against my neck as I moved.

I went to the mirror. What a tramp! What was I getting myself into? As it became dark, I left for downtown.

As I left the bus, I could spot the hookers working the streets. They frequented a large part of one section of the downtown area, so I was not too worried about being in anothers' area as I walked provocatively toward a main street.

My heels and tight skirt caused my hips to sway, and I worked to exaggerate that motion. My hair swung over my shoulders as I turned to look into the windows of passing cars. This was near he main hotels where the business trade would be.

Within 5 minutes, The fires man approached. His suit was mussed, and his tie was loose around his neck. "Hello", I said.

He paused for a minute, and then said, "How about a drink."

"Sure", I replied.

We walked into the nearest bar, and sat at a table. He could not take his eyes off of my huge breasts in the tight clothes. He ordered drinks, and quickly got down to business.

We set a price and left immediately for his hotel room. This was great I thought. Easy, and fast.

In the room, I gave him a blow job (and climaxed myself), and then brought him to arousal again. He entered me, and we moved our hips together as he became more and more aroused. Finally he came, and so did I.

We lay for a while, then I got up to leave.

"Thanks" he said as he paid me.

That was easy I thought as I walked quietly back onto the street. I had made a lot of money in a very short time. Now I knew how I could buy more pills.

Over the next 6 hours, I made over $800 as I quickly met with, and fucked 4 more men. Each time, I had wonderful orgasms myself.

I felt great. Endless pleasure, and paid for it.

The next day, I slept until noon, and then lounged around the apartment until after dinner. I was looking forward to another night. The fact that I would change back in 2 days gave me confidence. I felt that I had nothing to worry about because I would cease to exist as a woman in 48 hours.

The night progressed much like the last. I quickly found men who wanted my services, and I made a lot of money. Each time, I felt more pleasure that the last. I loved it!

One guy wanted to be tied up, and I did so with his neckties. Then I teased him to a climax. I waited a while, aroused him again, then I climbed onto him, and brought us both to a climax together. He was bucking and heaving on the bed, and I loved every minute.

Saturday went much like Friday. Sleep until noon, rest around the apartment, and then dress after dinner. I did not know how much longer the pill would last, but I intended to go as long as I could.

Saturday night was busier than the other two. I was able to turn two tricks an hour for most of the night. Many of them wanted only a blow job, which I could do very quickly. Even then, I climaxed each time they did. I was loving every minute.

One John arrived with a complete "kit" of sex toys. I could not believe the sensations from the various vibrators that he had, and I brought him to three climaxes before he left exhausted.

About 3:00AM, I felt the tingling start. Since the change to a woman was quick, I went home as fast as I could, and was my male self by morning. This had been the best experience yet. I was becoming addicted to the climaxes and the pleasure. Knowing that I would change back to a man made me willing to try things with abandon. I also knew that I had plenty of money for more pills.

The very next Monday night, I went looking for the fat man, but found him Tuesday night. $1000 this time. "Same batch", he said, "But still only 3 days long. We are working on improvements".

"Thanks", I said as he left.

Number Four I thought about what I could do. Could only afford Friday off this week. People were beginning to wonder what I was doing. Monday morning could be interesting.

Thursday night I took the pill, and awoke Friday morning as another woman. Still very attractive, but with even bigger breasts. This time I needed a 36 DD bra at the store. The tank and halter tops stretched so all else was OK. With my figure, I could stop traffic. The high heels and tight skirts made my hips swing, and that caused my huge breasts to bounce and sway. What an advertisement!

The nights were great. I made a fortune, and I began to get a reputation on the street. One pimp tried to strong arm me, and I kneed him, so he left. That could be a problem, but I would not exist as a woman in a couple of days so I did not care.

I needed each encounter. I wanted their sperm in my mouth. I needed the climax. I loved the feel of their huge pricks entering my body and moving in and out. I loved to tease them. I looked forward to those that wanted bondage so I could ride them myself. I worked from 9:00PM until 8:00AM on Friday, and the same on Saturday.

What a life, pleasure for money.

Sunday was very slow, and I had a continual craving for more sex. I finally had to go home, and bring myself to multiple climaxes with a vibrator I bought.

Monday morning, I was back to my old male self. And Tuesday night, I had bought another pill.

Number Five I called in sick on Thursday morning, and then took the pill. By noon, I was a new woman. Still a bigger chest and hips, but a very attractive face and figure. Still a traffic stopper. I went for a quick shopping spree. New bras, and more tight dresses. I even took an hour for a quick manicure. The cosmetics department yielded very red lipstick, and dark blue eye shadow. My walk was now perfected. I could wiggle as needed, and my breasts bounced and jiggled along with my hips. The nipples of my breasts were so sensitive that they were continually erect, and sticking out where they could be seen through my clothes.

Onto the streets at 8:33PM. Worked 14 hours straight and then collapsed into bed at home. Back at 8:00PM for another 16 hours. I could not stop myself. I loved it so. I would test myself to see if I could come more times with each new John. 10 in 45 minutes became my personal best. They loved it, and paid for it. I loved it too. The taste of sperm, the feelings of being entered, the rough sensation of a prick in my mouth. How could I have ever been a man before when being a woman was so much fun?

A very busy Saturday night. Started before dark and worked until I felt the tingling. Then a quick trip home, and a return to my boring accounting job for a couple of days.

Number Six

Another pill Tuesday night, for $1300, and another wild weekend. I had found the name of a bondage club the last weekend, so I went there Thursday at noon, and asked if they needed more girls. The fat woman at the door smiled at my huge breasts and immediately said "yes".

She fitted me for a leather corset, with exposed breasts, and high boots. She showed me the bondage equipment and said, "Stay in the lounge until I call you."

I did, and soon I heard her call for me.

She presented me to a large, muscular man and said "Use room 6." He and I walked there as he told me his desires. He wanted stringent bondage, and forced crossdressing. This was great. I could try some things that I had fantasized as a male.

He stripped, and I forced him into woman's clothing. Then I bound him to a bed, and sucked him off so that I could taste his come and have a climax. He moaned, and then I did it again. Finally, I brought him to a third erection, and rode him to a climax.

16 hours later, I left the building for a rest. It had been fun, but I had a craving for more sex, and less time spent preparing for it.

I spent the weekend there, learning new tricks, but always craving more sex. I also did not make as much money because I had to give most of it to the Madame.

The next Tuesday, I had another pill.

Number Seven "Anything new in this one?" I had asked the fat man.

"A new batch.", he replied

"Why more expensive?, I asked.

"Better hormone content, better figure training, more pleasure, we think." was his reply.

"$2000 is expensive!" I said.

"You will love it!" was all I heard as he left.

I could not believe it. I was having my wildest dreams fulfilled each weekend as another woman, and then resting as a boring accountant during the week. I could not stop!

Thursday morning, I called in sick again, and took the pill. By noon, I had changed again. I could actually see my chest expanding, and it never seemed to stop. I ended up with a pretty face, but a bizarre figure. My chest was at least a 44, and my hips were almost 39. None of my clothes fit, but I needed sex so I lay on the bed, and brought myself to multiple climaxes. Each movement caused my breasts to jiggle. What a feeling. Then I left to shop.

The required shopping trip was uneventful, other than the people who actually stared as I passed. I could feel the tremendous weight on my chest, and they moved wildly as I walked. The shop gave me a 44 DD bra, and it was tight. Dresses were hard to find with my large hips and small waist, and I ended up with more stretch tops and skirts. New net hose, and 7" heels this time. The cosmetics were brighter, and the costume jewelry larger because I knew that I was going to be really outlandish.

Thursday night, I was back on the streets. With more business that I could handle. I barely left one John when another came up to me. I was in constant arousal. Everyone wanted to fondle my enormous breasts, even out on the street. Even kissing caused climaxes once I started working on a trick.

I was exhausted the next morning, but I was back at it Friday evening. Another evening and night. More money, more pleasure, and I needed even more.

Short rest Saturday around noon, and then back to the streets. I would take as much of it as I could before the pill wore off.

The Johns were all amazed at my breasts. They played with them, and rubbed them into their faces. The nipples stayed erect, and the motion kept me aroused. Some used them instead of my cunt to fuck me, and I loved the come that shot into my mouth.

As more and more Johns asked for me, I worked faster and faster, until I accidentally looked at a clock. It was 11:00AM Sunday. I had lost track of time. I went home and fell asleep.

I awoke, and looked at the clock. It said 8:00 PM Sunday. I got up slowly, and recognized that I still felt movement in my breasts. I reached up quickly, and they were still there. I had not changed back into my male self. What could it be? Maybe the new batch was longer acting. I had a quick dinner, and decided to go back onto the streets until it wore off.

It was Sunday night, so things were very slow. My craving kept building up, with no Johns in sight. By now, I was well known among the other hookers on the street. We talked for a while, and then decided to go for a drink. One of them, who seemed a little strange, made a pass at me. What could I loose? I accepted, and we went to her place.

There, she went-down on me twice, and I did the same for her. I needed the climaxes, and would do anything for them, even lesbian love.

I went home late on Sunday and fell asleep.

Monday morning I awoke, but no change. What should I do. I could not call into work, I had a high woman's voice. I knew that I had a craving for sex, so I found the vibrator, and used it for over two hours. What was happening? Then I went back onto the streets for pleasure.

That night, I went looking for the fat man, with no luck. Tuesday went much the same. I found the lesbian hooker, and we spent the afternoon together in bed. It felt good, but I needed sperm. I wanted to give a blow-job. I needed a John.

Tuesday night, I went looking for the fat man, and found him. "I am still a woman! What happened", I said quickly once I saw him.

"What do you mean", he replied.

"I have not changed back to a man in 5 days, and my breasts are enormous!"

I cried.

"You love it, why do you care?" he asked.

"But I am a whore now. I did not think that the effects would remain", I said.

"We must have made a mistake with the offsetting mixture" he mused to himself.

"What are you going to do!" I cried. "I want to be my male self. I don't want to remain a whore!"

"You love it" was his reply.

"Help me!" I pleaded.

"I can do nothing" he sighed. "I have no offsetting substance that works. Everything I have goes only from male to female."

"What can I do?" I pleaded.

"I do not know" was his only reply, as he turned and walked away.


I continued to walk the streets. I had no choice. I was addicted to sex. I would do anything for sex. I met a dominant woman who took me in as a slave. She kept me dressed in a corset without bra, and high boots. I serviced every male she invited into her house. Occasionally, she would have huge parties, and i would walk from man to man, pleading to be allowed to suck their dicks.

At night, she would put my head into a latex hood that attached to latex panties. She would put on the panties and my face would be pressed into her crotch. She would lie on the bed as i brought her to multiple climaxes, climaxing myself every time.

She would tie me in strange poses for pictures, and she even tied me on my hands and knees to the bed, and let a huge dog service me. I was so aroused that I even sucked it. Life had become one long orgy.

The End

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WOW I have to say,.. That although I do not participate in this particular lifestyle,.. (being far too dominant in set in my ways to desire such an experience) I feel you deserve enormous kudos on the design and layout… Read more “ishmael”

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