the transformation of evelyn

by Ms. Leah

I moved forward in the line, clutching my package of panties, brassiere and camisole rolled into a tight bundle so no one could see.

Perspiration was running down my back, over my freshly shaven chest and down my thighs - causing a sloppy slipping between my legs as I shifted from side to side. Finally! I make it to the register. I place the items on the counter along with a sealed envelope. A note, specifically decreed from the House of Sissify given to me just for this shopping assignment. My mind fills with doubt - but thinking of all my long held desires, I pull up a little assurance and move forward.

The checkout lady is in her mid-forties who’s name tag reveals Jill - a bit taller than most with a deep and lilting voice. She is dressed impeccably, as one would only see working at such a fine ladies store. She unrolls the bundle. She takes her time opening each item fully on the table, attempting to remove any wrinkles from the fine lingerie created by my abusive grasp. Carefully looking at each of the labels, she then looks into my face and says;

“Honey - you didn’t even try these on. There is no way these pieces of lingerie will fit you. With three different sizes here - I don’t think they will fit any one person at all.”

Immediately she gets on her intercom and calls out:

“Assistance needed at counter 6, assistance for counter 6”.

Baffled, and embarrassed - the sweat still running down my shaven legs - I squeak out a small,

“Uh.. what’s wrong?”

I thrust the special sealed note to the checkout lady who picks it up with her finely manicured fingers, and neatly places it into her pocket without even looking at it.

“Can’t I just pay for my things and leave?”  My voice is trembling

”Your things!?”, Jill retorts with a gruff laugh “These fineries will in no way fit you - so I am calling for someone to take over my register here so we can fix this pathetic attempt at sizing and get you back to the dressing room and get you properly fitted and prepared.”

I’m, blushing and nearly hyperventilating uncontrollably – yet I feebly utter:

“But, I, I, i….. “

“Nonsense!” says Jill, “You’re not the only sissy who has been sent here - we have a special room set aside just for you girls. A room where we can give special attention from our dressers and team – we’ll have you properly dressed both inside and out in no time at all. Now, come along!”

Jill grabs me by the elbow, and escorts me down the hall. Her heels click on the hard marble floor with each step.

“What’s the name honey?” Jill askes her voice husky and warm.

Muttering so no one could hear, “Drew?”

Jill giggles

“I’ve never cared for that name”, Jill laughs, “But, it doesn’t matter anyway - your new name has already been chosen and after we’re completed here, no one will think of you as a man, nor care to remember you were ever other than you will be after today!”

What did she say? Did she just tell me nobody will think of me as a man?

Twirling, she leads drew toward the back of the department store, she bursts forth with another peel of laughter.

As I walk a few steps behind her now, I notice how safe and secure I feel. It’s kinda like being taken to the nurse’s room in school to get out of class, or… like Mom was going to take care of me. I think it’s going to be ok after all.

Suddenly Jill spins around, and exclaims:

“So, sissy, here we are! The start of the rest of your life!”

What? My breath escapes my lungs, as that warm and fuzzy feeling of security vanishes. I’m sweating again, my hands tremble, my knees feel weak. I find myself gasping for breath as these fleeting feelings of security give way to overwhelming fear!

What is going on? My mind races. Did that note do this? She didn’t even open it! Is she part of the House of Sissify? OMG, I am going to get caught and I’m gonna lose it all. Yep. Everything. My wife. My job. My life. Oh fuck. Why do I let my fantasies overtake me?! What the hell did that note say?

“I am not doing this….” I begin to stammer

“What will my wife think? Where is Joyce?” I look around quickly for her. For anything that can save me.

I realize instinctually, I was calling for her like my mom to fix this situation that I had lost control over.

“Joyce?”, says Jill, “You mean your Superior.“

“Um…My wife”

“Ha!”  Laughs Jill, “Poor thing, I guess you would still think that...”

“How do you… how do you know about Joyce?”  my voice is weak and trembling.

“Obviously, your Superior is involved in your Training! It’s Joyce who sent you here in the first place.”

“Now you don’t really think this cute idea of wearing panties was your very own do you? Like you just happened to find the House of Sissify while surfing for porn?”

“Oh… fuck…” I stammer, my passion colliding with my trepidation, the fantasy running straight into my fears.

“She contracted with the House of Sissify to take over your internet, and feed you subliminal hypnotic feminization keys until you joined the House and told them all your fantasies. Every sordid one of them. We have them all.”

“As for all this Wife/partner/ possessive, patriarchal misogynist nonsense, do be certain that from now on She is your Superior!”

I was scared. It was starting to really sink in.

“That look on your face tells Me you finally realize the predicament you are in. You’re being humiliated & transformed to teach you a damned good lesson and to eventually become a well-trained sissy designed for Her personal amusement.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

“But first we need you to get cleaned up and get that boy off of you! So come on in to our first phase, come on.. come on.. “

Jill grabs drew by the hand and walks him sheepishly behind the first door.

My mind is racing! I’m excited, scared, massively turned on. Massively… Ashamed. Ashamed?  Is Joyce really here too? How could this be? It must be, because I joined the House of Sissify!

Will I be transformed without responsibility? Will I be feminized, even against my will?

drew begins to hyperventilate, his heart is pounding in his chest, his tucked bits pushing uncomfortably into his gaffed and pantied bottom.

Drew follows Jill into a small dressing room with a hot pink velvet chaise lounge atop a white furry carpet.  Drew begins to tremble.

“I..   I,” he stammers  “I was just looking for some girly things,  I like the way they feel on my skin, I mean  I’m not really looking to be a girl.. I mean..”

“A Girl!?” Jill quakes.

“You think we are turning you into a girl?!!”

“Ha ha.. honey, no no, no, you are not a girl, you will not be a girl, you will never be a girl, you are in fact a sissy!”

Jill’s, force is amazing, drew muses on how much he loves it when she is so forceful, how like Joyce she is, and how, indeed it was Joyce’s idea that he come to this new store to get some frilly things so he would stop stealing hers.

“A sissy? What kind of a sissy?  I mean other than a taunt for an effeminate guy, what does that really mean?”

“Well, honey, you are a sissy, not really a man at all, and certainly not a real woman. A sissy is a play thing, a delight when well trained and behaved, a joy to its Mistress, and an object of derision when it is uncontrolled.. by the way, how do you like being referred to as it?”

“I don’t really like it”

“Don’t forget – it’s always Mam to you honey. We can’t start referring to you as she yet now can we? Soon enough, but not yet, what with hairy legs and silly man bits flailing about… “

“I am already shaven and tucked Mam”

“You are?!” Jill lifts her eyes with excitement.

“Well then, we can just skip this first section of clean up if you have really learned to do a proper job. Take off your clothes. Let’s see how you have done…”

Drew stands there, embarrassed, flummoxed, frightened.

Have I really just revealed my secret to this Woman I just met?

As his dreams, hopes, fears and memories are flooding his mind and his heart thumps in his smooth chest he begins to reassure himself

I know she’s a Mistress, she is a Madame, its going to be alright. She must have my real interest at heart, and besides, the House did suggest they would have ways to get into my mind and I did give her the note, though she didn’t even seem to read it….

“DO IT!” Jill demands.

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