Sissy Shaving

Shaving is both a delightful reminder to oneself of just how fundamentally girlish the sissy is, as well as an important ritual of transformation.

We cannot over emphasize the importance of shaving and the effect it has upon the heart and mind of a sissy. Being smooth, silky and soft is the hallmark of girly. With each passing of the thigh against each other it is a constant reminder of your place within the world. Be it in a skirt or as a secret sissy in your business slacks - each swish of a smooth bottom in your silky panties will remind you of your girlish nature.

Cuddling in fine and silky lingerie is the nightly duty of a sissy, and an important requirement from any Superior. This cannot be done with hair or stubble!

Each pass of a razor scrapes and denudes the overbearing male mentality out of ones girlish mind - all the while promoting the slow, steady and consistent reeducation and development into the feminized spirit that is the essence of ones own sissy nature.

To shave is to remove the old and reveal the tender essence that is being guarded by this hairy male persona. To shave is to become vulnerable and tender, to shave is to start and to renew the fundamental sissification of ones body and mind! Being smooth and silky opens up the true heart of your girlish nature - to be revealed in ever more confident ways with each passing glide of the razor - and each subsequent Assignment!


An Apt Metaphor

Have you ever heard of the story of Samson and Delilah?

Well, Delilah herself was in fact one of the early matriarchal Dominants that learned if She wanted focused, undying love and attention from Her sissy samson - he must shave that hair off his ass and tessies to be Her special little bitch.

Of course, the ruling patriarchy who wrote this down didn’t want anyone to know samson was sissy - so those mean old guys changed it to his head of hair and vilified Delilah! (See Women’s Studies for more patriarchal re-education)

To be cleansed of the over bearing protective hair from the body (especially the legs) is to strip away the fear of being true to ones self. No longer in need of the armor against aggression, or warmth against the cold - a sissy finds her protection in the nurturing of another, her warmth in the embrace of her duty, her armor is her dedication to her Superior. Shaving is the act of submission. Shaving is the process of becoming and the beginning of sensuous delight.

Creating the Ritual

When we are talking about rituals, the term ceremony often comes up as well. Many of us think ritual and ceremony describe the same thing, but that just isn't true. There is an important difference between them.

Ritual and ceremony are powerful and vital tools in the reprogramming of the mind. Ritual is the mental state that we hold in our minds as we go about an action. Ceremony is the action itself made potent by the symbols we select to create with.

Broadly spoken, a ceremony is a ritual which is held with intention. Unlike habits we all have integrated in our daily lives, ceremonies are meant to have a focused, positive impact for you - such as your goals of feminization.

A ceremony is an act to create in the world. It is performed with a certain intention to request a specific result. It is built on one or more rituals.

Of these two, it is the ritual that has the transformative force upon the sissies mind, and how to use this is what We will be focusing on.

The Ceremony

This girlish ritual must be completed in a bathtub. It is your altar for this ceremony. A shower just won’t do.

Sure, a shower is efficient in its use of time and perhaps water resources - but a bath opens the possibility of contemplation, self inquiry and a suspended moment of being. Floating in the warm water - as if in utero. Floating in the warmth of possibility.

Making this one simple shift to taking an occasional bath can lead to taking the time to shave ones legs, or to simply contemplate the feeling of our skin, our belly, our legs.

This will surely inspire drying off with a fluffy towel, using some powder or other nurturing action. This moment of self care will likely result in increased patience and empathy for others in your life, extending your calmness to help them still any disquiet in their own lives. See how from this one single action, a space is created for feminine transformation to occur? The key is to persist in making these small changes and then filling the open voids created with actions that nurture us in the direction of of chosen future.

While a shower may be used in a pinch, for purely functional purpose in future times, a shower is anything but relaxing. The sound, the speed, the pelting water, the effort of standing - the bending, the contortion all while attempting to shave is not the method of choice! The deep girlish state that happens naturally with a soak in a bathtub is difficult to achieve in a shower. While a shower is good for speed cleansing - getting in and getting out, it is totally inappropriate for the art of the ritual of transformation.

If a bathtub is not available, rent yourself a hotel for the night for this Special Assignment so you can do it right, and set these ideas within your pretty little head to remember on the nights you must use a shower.

The Equipment

With just a little contemplation you will quickly recognize how the choice of razor, bath bubbles, music, candles or lighting, creams, the towels, the delicious feminine choice of scents all reinforce the mental state of nurturing the transformation this ritual evokes.
You will use these again, and again - to where when you smell that bubble bath, or spread that cream on your thigh - it will contain all the power of each and every time you did this same act! It’s like magic!

You Must use a women's razor.This is not an act of accomplishment, it is a ceremony of rebirthing! A mans razor is simply the wrong instrument to bring into this feminine realm you are cultivating, and quit frankly, it is designed for the face and not the long sensuous and gentle curves and soft skin of the legs, arms and torso. We do not want you to nick yourself!

Please do not attempt to bring an electric device into this tub. Not only would it be a violation of the the creation of this feminine space, it could electrocute you, you silly girl!

Epilation, such as is done with fancy devices, waxes or electrical doo-dads not only hurt - they cause damage to your skin that destroys the soft intention of this ritual. This isn’t an arms race. It does NOT make you cooler if you can withstand a Brazilian bikini wax so you can brag to your sisters!

And while We’re at Our don’ts - depilatories - those nasty chemicals are dangerous and can cause chemical burns and makes the most awful smell that will violate the intentional and sacred space you are creating. Do you really want a chemical burn on your private parts? Don’t do it! Don’t believe in the idea of a shortcut… that’s just your boyish mind trying to “win”. Chemicals are great for car lubricants, but have no place on a sissies skin!

The Soak

Shaving requires a calm mind and joy-filled dedication and care to not damage your Superiors tender body.

An adequate pre-soak along with a gentle washing should take a minimum of 10 minutes - though truly a better goal would be much closer to an hour.

Fill your tub, make it on the hot side so that your cares and tension can loosen and become exposed. The blood will fill the skin removing goose bumps and will make you less prone to nicks as the razor rides over your skin. Yes honey, there is a simple practicality to this time in the tub, too!

For this relaxing and contemplative soak - treat your mind with some soothing music, a candle or other soft lighting. Be sure to pour some cool water or hydrating drink of your choice to sip upon as you soak - lest you become dehydrated and anxious. While it seems sexy to bathe with a glass of your favorite champagne or wine, the heat can increase the effect of the alcohol, and make you all swimmy instead of maintaining your focus. Leave this for your Superiors, when relaxation is the intent, not Training!

Roll a towel to rest your head upon as you lie back and prepare your mind for this ceremony of girlish transformation. With each sip of your refreshment repeat, “As this sissy nurtures her body, this sissy nurtures her soul; I am transforming into the girl of my dreams”.

Let's get to it!

After a proper soak...

Perhaps after you are completed with your drink or you have finished your Mistresses pedicure if you happen to be bathing together - begin with a gentle lathering of the section to be shaved. Do not lather any area you are not able to shave at this time. Each section will have its own moment of attention as it deserves!

Don’t rush the removal of this male facade from your body. Please, a word of warning; do not try to shave an unprepared area. The outcome will be painful and damaged and simply not a pretty gift for your Superior nor yourself.

Remember; we will always find a way to do that which we enjoy, and a means of avoiding doing that which we have not. Create a ceremony of enjoyment here so you will return to it again and again, strengthening your affirmation of your sissification with each stroke of the blade. Razor burned skin in sensitive places will only affirm the opposite, and look terrible in your nightie.

Holding the razor loosely between your thumb and index finger - begin with your toes. Pinky up! The tops of the toes are the start of the uncovering, gently move against the grain of the growth of the hair and de nude your precious little toesies.

Moving up onto the foot and around the ankle and tibia take special precaution as this place is the easiest to nick. Work around your ankles and behind you calf and up the shin. Carefully.

Continue up the legs, around your knees and unto your thighs. Pay special attention to getting onto the back of the thighs and up on the buttocks and the inner edge behind the knees. If this is your first time - if you are a true virgin to shaving - make sure that you first draw your razor with a sharp blade with the grain of the hair growth, and only then re-shave against the grain. Certainly you will quickly learn that you will not get the smooth experience of a simple move with the hair growth direction - but if you try moving against the grain first, you will very likely end up with razor rash!Remember what We told you! You might not have the fortitude to do this Assignment as consistently as needed if nasty stubble from rushing makes it unbearable. Oh the horror. Instead, take it slow, be gentle and create joy! The feeling is well worth the effort and it will save your stockings from ruin.

It’s imperative you shave your behind. Truly - it is a silly if not revolting look to have a beautifully shaved body with a hairy ass. Especially when wearing sexy thongs.It is not easy! Proper technique will require your standing up on your knees - but is it so worth the effort. Yes, girl… shave that ass!

Upper Extremities

Upon completion of the lower body, continue onto lathering the arms and arm pits.
Essentially this is similar to the legs with the exception of the pits which have a nasty tendency to get shaved too close and be afflicted with razor burns. Not Good. While this tendency wanes with continual exposure (this is one area that can be easily done in the shower after its initial removal) in the early times, you must take special care.

In shaving the stomach - start low into the pubic area and carve a lovely triangle similar to your Mistress’s. Giving proper attention to the navel region, move against the grain with care and gentle attention, remove ALL hair, even from with the navel cavity itself.

Proceeding to the chest - working against the grain as it swirls around your nipples, being extra careful to not harm this vital erogenous zone.

Exiting Procedure

After you have finished shaving all of your body, request your Superiors assessment.

It is easy to miss areas as it is difficult to see and having a second set of eyes is a great help. Honor Her respectfully for Her time and assistance.

Once complete, wash your new sensitive, sensuous, clean, vulnerable, girlish, silky, soft and smooth body gently with a cloth or a loofa. Dry with a clean sumptuous towel (We recommend Egyptian cotton with a high thread count!) and apply your favorite body cream or powder to your whole body.

If you find some areas of razor rash - give them special nurturance and care, it is a nasty affliction not just for you but for your Superior as well. Use some lotion to sooth the scraped area - being cautious to not further irritate the area with anything harsh or chemical laden.

Gather up any hair left in the tub to not clog the drain or you will end up having to fix it when the tub doesn’t drain for your Superior!

Leave the room tidy and clean. Turn on the fan to remove any residual moisture. Deep cleaning will be completed as part of your Domestic Duties on another day.

Rejoice in your soft, smooth and silky new you! This is now the perfect time to slip on the sheerest of lingerie, and lounge honey.

Build positive memories of this experience to propel to your next opportunity!

Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!



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