Shaving is an integral part of being a woman… and a sissy!

Part One. Lower Extremities

  1. shave legsShaving must be done in a bathtub. Showers waste water and may inconvenience your Mistress. Remember, there is much cleaning to do afterwards.
  2. Use only high quality women’s razors, as men’s razors just won’t do. DO NOT use anything that resembles an electric device. (We will speak of epilation further in this course of study) This can create a disservice to your Mistress, as She requires a smooth skinned sissy. Not a stubbly one.
  3. A soaking is required for a minimum of 10 minutes to soften the hair and skin, thereby allowing a smooth shave, and allowing your skin to remain intact. Since you have 10 minutes available, this is an appropriate time for your Mistress’s pedicure.
  4. Work soap into a foamy lather, and apply liberally over the area of attention. Do be sure to not apply in areas not planned for immediate shaving. DO NOT allow your razor to touch your skin that may not be properly prepared.
  5. Hold the razor gently between index finger and opposing thumb.
  6. Start at your toes, moving up to the tops of the feet taking extreme care over the anterior tibia and ankle. Be sure to clear ALL hair from legs, feet and thighs.
  7. If this is your “first” time, shave in the direction of hair growth first, and then in the opposing direction after relather.
  8. The backs of your thighs require the technique stated above (see #7). We recommend multiple directions after relathering.
  9. Do take care behind your knees, as the Mistress has no time for caring for your wounds.
    Do not forget your behind. This is always call for much correspondence with Our Staff. It is imperative that this rule be followed. There is nothing worse than a sissy with a hairy ass.
  10. Proceed to Part Two or Three as defined by your Mistress.

Part Two. Upper Extremities

  1. Assuming you have completed Part One, proceed to lather the upper half of your body. Lather and remove hair from armpits.
  2. Proceed as with lower extremities, (see Part One) starting with your fingers, working over the back of the hands, forearms, as high as may be necessary.
  3. Stomach. Start by shaving low into the pubic hair to create a sharp, neat triangle similar to your Mistress’s. Work against the grain of hair growth, giving proper attention to navel. Do not allow hair to remain inside the navel cavity.
  4. Proceed to chest, taking care to not remove nipples. You will need these soon.
  5. Wash thoroughly using a loofah or other similar device. Remove all residual lather and hair.

Part Three. Exiting Procedure

  1. Before attempting to exit bathtub, call for Mistress to review the quality of your hair removal.
    Make corrections as necessitated by Mistress’s review.
  2. Upon exiting the bathtub, apply lotion to the shaved areas to guard against razor rash. Razor rash is a very discomforting affliction, and even more of an eyesore for your Mistress.
  3. Clean tub thoroughly.


Following these guidelines will start your pantywaist in the right direction.

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  1. Avatar of maria

    This sissy has been fully shaved for a little over twenty years until just recently. About three months ago this sissy let the hair on her chest and stomach grow so that the electrolysist could remove it. At this point this sissy’s chest is now permanently hairless and her stomach is a work in progress. Eventually this sissy plans on nothing more than eye lashes, eyebrows and the hair on the top of her head. For the time being the genital area is shaved daily but the rest has a depilatory creme used every three days.

  2. Avatar of michel

    Dear Head Mistress

    My Mistress requires that i shave my privates with razor but also requires that I use hair removal cream on my legs and buttocks. She enjoys my small tuff above my clit that she requires that I keep.

  3. Avatar of rexxi

    I have read over this and completely agree. Years ago I dressed and didn’t shave and i am now ashamed of that. Three years ago, I started laser hair removal, and while i was nervous, i did everything including my arm pits. I still am self-conscious about it with my personal trainer and hide it from family by not wearing shorts or taking off my shirt. However, when Mistresses or me touch me, I am silky smooth to a level that is just unreachable from shaving.

    The BEST PART OF PERMANENT LASER REMOVAL – IS THAT YOU CAN NOT TAKE IT BACK. I was hesitant, and sometimes both cry and relish in the humiliation, but the hair is gone, no matter what. NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT.

  4. Avatar of Joan

    I have been removing my hair for years. I feel so much more feminine without all the body hair. I used an epilator for eighteen months, but gave it up, although that has slowed the growth of remaining hair somewhat. I have shaved in the bathtub three days a week, when I had one. Shower shaving is really a waste of water in drought stricken California where I live. I tend to shave on a weekly basis, using a moisturizing shave cream and a five bladed razor, like Venus Embrace. If I’ve been working away from home without facilities, I might go two weeks without a shave. I always try to shave before I go out ‘dressed up’.

  5. Avatar of ursula

    Today this sissy has just completed he.r first shave removing hair from he.r legs, arms and body. What joy a true taste of freedom. he.r whole body feels lighter, sensitive and tingling. s.he can actually feel clothing on he.r body and cannot wait to feel material like silk against he.r skin. This has been a revelation to he.r this has been a truly liberating experience. What a fabulous start to such a transforming journey. Has this been experienced by others on their first time?

  6. stefanifaye

    Wearing my long hair in a girly pony-tail is my usual hair style – anywhere and everywhere I go. Why wear wigs when I have a head full of real hair? Everyone witnesses my inherent femininity even when I play my guitar in local ‘concerts’, shop in the local stores, or wherever I go. Hearing the comments about “that swishy fag” makes me proud i always wear Panties, and motivates me to work even harder to feminize. If a Woman would just take me as her property, I’d be so happy!

  7. maggied

    I was 16 years old the first time I attempted to shave my legs and the experience was painful. My older sister endowed me with a pair of her stockings with the condition that if I wanted them I would have to shave my legs first. I was hardly old enough to need to shave my face but I did have a bit of leg hair so into the shower I went with one of her razors. Turns out it wasn’t as easy as one might think and I ended up with multiple cuts and bandaids on my legs. Over the years I have gotten a lot better and seldom cut myself but it takes patience and concentration and to this day I prefer getting my body waxed.

  8. Wendy Ann

    I have recently been found by my mistress. The first thing she made me do was to shave. The easiest way I found to remove my unsightly hair was to use clippers first, then electric shave, then wet shave. I’m pleased to say my mistress was pleased with my efforts. I now epilate and moisturise every other day to ensure my mistress is happy!

  9. Olive oil

    I loved reading about all of your body shaving stories. It made me feel so soft and creamy inside. I haved shaved before and afterwords I would use. . a good body oil oh what a great feeling

  10. Avatar of

    Bicycling is a favorite for many sissies… as road bikers shave their bodies for more aerodynamics and speed. So, hang your 10speed on your wall, and point to it when someone asks about your soft legs, spandex shorts, etc!

  11. Optia

    I’m a secret sissy, having trouble with disguising or explaining away my body shaving. Does anyone have any tips? Or should I wait until I’ve become an inside sissy?

  12. Nancy

    I now have a very smooth body. My feminine side is exploding as I am tightly tucked and using a nice pad. My smooth body is just waiting and beconing someone to train me to do as they wish.

  13. Jonnie

    It started innocent enough , just my bum, that felt nice,then It was just a little more, my inner thighs. Sure that looks natural…. not. Now it’s gone. Sorry Dear ,I did it for me. Give it a chance ,You may come to love it.

  14. michellefrances

    I want to shave my legs but my Mistress might not let me me.
    She is very dominant, but she doesn’t know about my desire to be her bitch.
    Although She does treat me like her bitch, or maybe more properly, her servant.
    She does not ever let me have sex with Her, but she does let me give her body massages and rub her beautiful feet.
    The massages are wonderful as I get to see her naked.
    I studied massage so I could give her the best massages possible.
    I can’t do anything sexual while massaging her or she’ll send me to my room.
    Thank you Sooo much for this very helpful article.

  15. suzi

    im due to shave my legs today i cant wait i love to feel my smooth legs after and i always put on my stockings and suspenders and little thong a roll neck jumper a line skirt and heels wig and a bit of lipy and parrade around my house LUSH!!

  16. pippa delaney

    Hello girls,

    I have a question…i follow the all the correct methods for hair removal but still end up with a horrid shaving rash…suggestions for a poor girl please x x

  17. Sissysuzyq

    I often use an electric shaver to do the rough shaving. It makes shaving with a razor much easier. As for razors I recommend Bic Silky Touch, a very affordable razor that gives me 4-5 very close body shaves per razor.

    I shave most often in the bath tub, using the hottest water I can stand. And I’ve found that using regular conditioner for your hair works better than shaving cream. I f you are shaving outside of the tub try Skintastic shaving cream for women, it’s wonderful.

  18. Sissysuzyq

    I’ve been shaving my entire body for yrars and would never go back to having body hair. Just the idea of it sickens me. I love going out in shorts (woman’s) and tank tops (woman’s) to the stores to see the reaction I get. I have nothing to hide and show my femininity to all freely.

    1. susie

      i willing to learn i am just starting to embrass my sissy side in me so with help from someone like you can help me with all what i need to know about being a sissy.

  19. knickers

    i’m just starting as a novice sissy. my late Wife/Mistress called me knickers and occassionally humiliated me at home by cuckolding me with me dressed always in black lingerie and stockings while i watched. she died in 2002 and i need a new mistress, one who will lead me to being outed.
    ps. if anyone can suggest a new name i’d bve happy

  20. amelia

    For years I have painted my Girlfriends nails, always with excitement and jealousy. Why does she get to have all the fun? I always asked myself this after the first few times of her asking me, making me, do this pleasurable chore. I always envied the shine, and variety of colours she used. On a dare, she once made me do one hand and keep it for days. From that moment on, I was hooked. I needed it and longed until the next opportunity would come. She would tease me occasionally saying she was going to do it, on both hands and feet. When she broached this subject I couldn’t help but find such extreme arousel. Sadly, the moment never came. This past weekend while on vacation with her, she asked me to paint her nails for her. I did so without hesitation. That night unable to sleep, I got up to read something, seeing her polish sitting there I picked it up and looked at it’s chemical composition. Before I knew it, all nails were painted. I tried to bring myself to take it off but couldn’t. I lay in bed after that thinking of how to explain it, but just opted for the truth, and told her exactly how it occured, minus how I had longed for it for a long time. She only said well, come here and let me see. Then stating that she could not have done a beter job herself. All day I was losing my mind with sexual excitement and later in the day when we engaged in intercourse it was the most excitement I had had in a long time. Seeing my male hands and feet painted next to hers, and touching her swollen breasts and eating her soaking vagina left me breathless. After it was done and we were lying there, she said that she never would have imagined fucking someone with a better polish job on her hands than her own. Soon though she made me take it off of my hands so we could go in public again. It’s still on my toes, and I hope to leave it there. I am addicted to it, and hope that she will paint them for me next time.

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