Shaving is an integral part of being a woman… and a sissy!

Part One. Lower Extremities

  1. shave legsShaving must be done in a bathtub. Showers waste water and may inconvenience your Mistress. Remember, there is much cleaning to do afterwards.
  2. Use only high quality women’s razors, as men’s razors just won’t do. DO NOT use anything that resembles an electric device. (We will speak of epilation further in this course of study) This can create a disservice to your Mistress, as She requires a smooth skinned sissy. Not a stubbly one.
  3. A soaking is required for a minimum of 10 minutes to soften the hair and skin, thereby allowing a smooth shave, and allowing your skin to remain intact. Since you have 10 minutes available, this is an appropriate time for your Mistress’s pedicure.
  4. Work soap into a foamy lather, and apply liberally over the area of attention. Do be sure to not apply in areas not planned for immediate shaving. DO NOT allow your razor to touch your skin that may not be properly prepared.
  5. Hold the razor gently between index finger and opposing thumb.
  6. Start at your toes, moving up to the tops of the feet taking extreme care over the anterior tibia and ankle. Be sure to clear ALL hair from legs, feet and thighs.
  7. If this is your “first” time, shave in the direction of hair growth first, and then in the opposing direction after relather.
  8. The backs of your thighs require the technique stated above (see #7). We recommend multiple directions after relathering.
  9. Do take care behind your knees, as the Mistress has no time for caring for your wounds.
    Do not forget your behind. This is always call for much correspondence with Our Staff. It is imperative that this rule be followed. There is nothing worse than a sissy with a hairy ass.
  10. Proceed to Part Two or Three as defined by your Mistress.

Part Two. Upper Extremities

  1. Assuming you have completed Part One, proceed to lather the upper half of your body. Lather and remove hair from armpits.
  2. Proceed as with lower extremities, (see Part One) starting with your fingers, working over the back of the hands, forearms, as high as may be necessary.
  3. Stomach. Start by shaving low into the pubic hair to create a sharp, neat triangle similar to your Mistress’s. Work against the grain of hair growth, giving proper attention to navel. Do not allow hair to remain inside the navel cavity.
  4. Proceed to chest, taking care to not remove nipples. You will need these soon.
  5. Wash thoroughly using a loofah or other similar device. Remove all residual lather and hair.

Part Three. Exiting Procedure

  1. Before attempting to exit bathtub, call for Mistress to review the quality of your hair removal.
    Make corrections as necessitated by Mistress’s review.
  2. Upon exiting the bathtub, apply lotion to the shaved areas to guard against razor rash. Razor rash is a very discomforting affliction, and even more of an eyesore for your Mistress.
  3. Clean tub thoroughly.


Following these guidelines will start your pantywaist in the right direction.

Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!


The House provides endless pleasure to everyone.


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I just finished the shaving assignment and feel so fresh and sexy and full in touch with my feminine self. It was a lot of work and concentration to do my legs without a nick but I did so. I’ve taken a picture of the results. Now I need to see how and where to share my picture Slipping on a pair of nylons is unbelievably yummy.


Oh, this sissy has just forgotten to say about her favorites. The favorite razor is Venus Swirl of 5 blades and for legs it is Nivea Depilating Cream. From the birth this sissy has no problems with breast zone hair because she is absolutely hairless in this zone of her body.


This sissy is absolutely sure that sissy must be shaved and waxed completely exept for body zones where women must have hair. After shaving she touches her face to have a control that her face skin is a smooth like an ice on the skating rink. Three years ago she finished elos epilation on her face and it was beautiful.

sissy penny

I feel so much happier being completely smooth, my nasty male bits look & feel so pathetic & vulnerable now they are smooth and moisturised !
My Panties are even more of a delight to slip on !


This sissy used hair on her entire body before coming to this site. This sissy is feeling smooth and sexy.



This sissy does not have a bathtub for the shaving assignment, but does a complete body shave weekly each Saturday. This sissy uses PERT shampoo as a lather and it works great….except for my shins and toes…very tricky. This past week this sissy’s wife and daughter took sissy to see Kelly Clarkson and two other female artists perform in Oakland. This sissy made sure her clitty was especially shaven for the event, and bright pink panties in tow…..mmmmm.


this sissy wishes she could do this now but she cant. when she gets paid in a few days she will be able to afford what she needs for this

sissy goldi

Your sissy goldi shaved her legs last night using a Fem Razor and shaving cream. i soaked in a tub as told for almost 1 hr. i was so excited to feel my soft hairless legs and hairless butt and sissy pussy!!! i put on some new stockings and got chills thru my sissy clit as i lay down and rubbed my legs together.
Thank You for instructing this sissy to shave her legs with o guilt! i feel so liberated and fem

Madame Stewart


sissy goldi

Dear Madam Stewart, Please accept this sissy’s apology for the wasteful use of Your time. my excited commentary on shaving was simply my shared excitement and nothing more. In reading it again, i can see how several sissy sisters could think this was a submission for credit. It was not, nor did i followup immediately, with a full body shaving and pictures as directed. Please forgive my apparent failure to communicate well !!! my excitement and err go laps of sound judgement, clearly does not abrogate the wasteful use of Your time Ma’am. Going forward i will be more careful… Read more »

bianca marie

Madame Stewart, sissy loves to shave legs in the bathtub. the smooth of the razor over the skin little by little and at the end to gentle touch the long legs. point is that hair grows very fast and Mistress complains when there is no soft touch. but sissy loves to hear the demand from Mistress that s.he has to take care of herself to satisfy her. little by little Mistress is understanding the living with a sissy is something else. But the pubis area shall be shaved when on the shower. seeing the razor shaping the pubic hair… Read more »

sissy pammie

Contact pammie and we will get this reported properly so goldi gets he.r badge. goldi and pammie also need to discuss proper etiquette sweetie. That aside pammie is so thrilled for you, shaving is so totally awesome! pammie needs to tell goldi how it felt he.r first night at work at the prison after he.r first shave. And how the panties feel when shaved? Oh, heaven!

openminded sasha

This sissy is trying to gather her courage for this enticing assignment. her biggest fear is discovery from my wife. Any advice?

openminded sasha

Forgive this forgetful sissy. sissies Wife was not given the proper capitalization nor was use of the word “my” at all appropriate


It never took me long to be clean shaven Mistress has always had Me clean shaven from top to Bottom it feels so good to not see any hairs on Me what a relife i wouldnt give this up any day of the week 😉