Shaving is an integral part of being a woman… and a sissy!

Part One. Lower Extremities

  1. shave legsShaving must be done in a bathtub. Showers waste water and may inconvenience your Mistress. Remember, there is much cleaning to do afterwards.
  2. Use only high quality women’s razors, as men’s razors just won’t do. DO NOT use anything that resembles an electric device. (We will speak of epilation further in this course of study) This can create a disservice to your Mistress, as She requires a smooth skinned sissy. Not a stubbly one.
  3. A soaking is required for a minimum of 10 minutes to soften the hair and skin, thereby allowing a smooth shave, and allowing your skin to remain intact. Since you have 10 minutes available, this is an appropriate time for your Mistress’s pedicure.
  4. Work soap into a foamy lather, and apply liberally over the area of attention. Do be sure to not apply in areas not planned for immediate shaving. DO NOT allow your razor to touch your skin that may not be properly prepared.
  5. Hold the razor gently between index finger and opposing thumb.
  6. Start at your toes, moving up to the tops of the feet taking extreme care over the anterior tibia and ankle. Be sure to clear ALL hair from legs, feet and thighs.
  7. If this is your “first” time, shave in the direction of hair growth first, and then in the opposing direction after relather.
  8. The backs of your thighs require the technique stated above (see #7). We recommend multiple directions after relathering.
  9. Do take care behind your knees, as the Mistress has no time for caring for your wounds.
    Do not forget your behind. This is always call for much correspondence with Our Staff. It is imperative that this rule be followed. There is nothing worse than a sissy with a hairy ass.
  10. Proceed to Part Two or Three as defined by your Mistress.

Part Two. Upper Extremities

  1. Assuming you have completed Part One, proceed to lather the upper half of your body. Lather and remove hair from armpits.
  2. Proceed as with lower extremities, (see Part One) starting with your fingers, working over the back of the hands, forearms, as high as may be necessary.
  3. Stomach. Start by shaving low into the pubic hair to create a sharp, neat triangle similar to your Mistress’s. Work against the grain of hair growth, giving proper attention to navel. Do not allow hair to remain inside the navel cavity.
  4. Proceed to chest, taking care to not remove nipples. You will need these soon.
  5. Wash thoroughly using a loofah or other similar device. Remove all residual lather and hair.

Part Three. Exiting Procedure

  1. Before attempting to exit bathtub, call for Mistress to review the quality of your hair removal.
    Make corrections as necessitated by Mistress’s review.
  2. Upon exiting the bathtub, apply lotion to the shaved areas to guard against razor rash. Razor rash is a very discomforting affliction, and even more of an eyesore for your Mistress.
  3. Clean tub thoroughly.


Following these guidelines will start your pantywaist in the right direction.

Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!


It so comforting to be a member of this community, (you are all my sweet sisters) to know this sissy is not alone, in my exploration into what it is to be a sweet pathetic sissy, who’s only desire is… Read more “sally”

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2 days ago

This sissy has recently made he.rself hairless from the neck down though have done this sissies butt and pubic hair for several years. Madame has never shaved. She is virtually hairless especially since her cancer treatments so hairless this sissy be as well. The chest area is quite difficult and grows back, it seems within hours, even faster than facial hair. Perhaps a sis or the Staff might have some tips about that. Unfortunately our tub is quite small and does not cover the chest area nor stomach. We will be adding a master bath with a vintage claw foot… Read more »

8 days ago

Sissykaje is loving the feeling of being freshly shaven and smooth

8 days ago

I absolutely love the feeling of being smooth all over

1 month ago

This sissy enjoys a full body wax every month. Then tidy up with shaving in between waxings

amy love
1 month ago

This sissy’s suggestion to other new sissies who may be shaving for the first time is to invest in something called “The Bro Shaver.” Now…I know that name will rub some sissies the wrong way – but the shaver won’t. The magic of “The Bro” is that it is a non-contact shaver (the blades do not actually contact your skin if you hold it properly) and thus, The Bro will not clog nor nick the skin. Also, it is the width of 3 shavers and has a long handle, making removing that ugly back and body hair a breeze with… Read more »

2 months ago

This sissy has a question. What is circumstances in a sissy’s life, i.e. career, family etc. prevent her from shaving as per the instructions? This sissy wants to be as smooth as glass, but it would undoubtedly draw unwanted attention. Anybody have the same issue?

amy love
Reply to  melissa
1 month ago

This is a great question. My personal answer is to just do it. Manly men shave all the time these days. Hardly anyone notices. Your friends and family may give you funny looks at first but once they get used to the idea, it will be no big deal. Just tell them you wanted a change and you like how it feels. Anything beyond that is irrelevant.

Stand proud – and even if people notice, they will be forced to accept it. We are not in an 80s high school setting anymore. Men shave and sissies can as well!

lisa suck
2 months ago

This sissy did shave before joining the house. But after reading this sissy believes she has a lot to learn from this article and will follow all the steps .Thank you Mistress and Staff

3 months ago

Shaved my legs and under arms bit difficult under my arms clogged up the razor a few times. also shaved all my pubic hairs of its now bald and sooth rubbed in after shave balm took the soreness away

3 months ago

being shaved and everytime its feel so greet… feeling everything better on the naked skin, like

4 months ago

This sissy loves to apply lotion to he.r legs after shaving. The smooth sensation of running he.r lotion filled hands from her arched feet and ankles up along he.r calves, then between he.r thighs and over he.r buttocks, is heavenly. Thank you Mistresses, for the tip of soaking at least 10 minutes in a bath
before shaving. What a relaxing idea. Best to You all, donnie