Wonder Woman and Super Man

Chapter 1

One day, while working at the Daily Planet, Clark Kent, alias Superman, received a call.
"Clark?" asked the voice on the phone. "It's Diana Prince. Can you come over right away?"
"Diana Prince!" thought Clark. "Wonder Woman!"
"Sure!" answered Clark. "Will we be needing our mutual friend, Mr. S?"
"Yes, Clark," replied Diana, picking up on the suggestion that Superman's services would be required. "I'm afraid it's that kind of an emergency."

Clark hung up the phone, just as Superman's long-suffering girl friend, Lois Lane, approached. "What's up?" she asked, recognizing the look of concern on her colleague's face.

"Oh, nothing," replied Clark. "I have to go see a friend. And about our date tonight..."

"I know," interrupted Lois. "Some other time. Right?"

"Lois," replied Clark. "You are a very understanding woman."

"And sexy, too," remarked Lois.

"And sexy, too," agreed Clark.

Sneaking into a nearby store room, Clark Kent removed his suit and changed into Superman. As he prepared himself for flight, he noticed that the obvious bulge in his red shorts was larger than usual. Talking to Lois always seemed to have that effect on him. "Oh well," he thought, "a good, super-flight through the ozone ought to calm down the old pink torpedo."

Leaping out the window, he flew directly to the alley behind Diana Prince's apartment. Making sure he was unseen, Superman changed back into the guise of Clark Kent. He could have flown directly through an open window, but he didn't want anyone to see Superman flying into Diana Prince's apartment. They might get suspicious and discover her dual identity as Wonder Woman.

Clark walked to the door of the apartment and rang the doorbell. Diana answered the door in her bathrobe.

"Oh Clark," she said. "I didn't think you would get here so fast. I just got out of the tub. I needed to clean myself off. You see, I was masturbating and got all sweaty and..."
"Er, Diana," interrupted Clark, "that's more information than I really need."

"Oh," replied Diana. "I forgot. Clark Kent is so straitlaced and moral. We Amazons are a little less uptight about our bodies. Come in."

The hard on that Clark had experienced back at the office was returning as he entered the apartment. "What's up?" he asked. "What does Wonder Woman need Superman for?"

"It's my sister Amazons on Paradise Island," replied Diana. "I have reason to believe they're in trouble. Apparently, some rogue Amazons are threatening to take over and depose my mother."

"Queen Hippolyta?" asked Clark.

"Yes," replied Diana as she toweled herself off and brushed her hair. "It seems that some of my sisters don't approve of the way she keeps them home on the island. They want to go out into man's world, and have boyfriends and become housewives."

"But aren't the Amazons..., er..., um..., lesbians?" stammered Clark, nervous from viewing the voluptuous naked form of the super heroine. "I mean, no men are allowed on Paradise island, so it stands to reason that..."

"Oh no, silly," replied Diana. "We're heterosexual. Well, most of us, anyway. It's just that the centuries-old Amazon law requires the worship of the gods and celibacy from the women, in return for their life of immortality and paradise. We're like nuns in a convent. Incredibly sexy nuns, but nuns nonetheless," replied Diana, smiling at her play on words.

"Nuns?" repeated Clark. He had thought of Wonder Woman and her Amazon sisters in many ways before, but never as nuns.

Then Clark's thoughts turned to the matter at hand. "It sounds as though you don't approve of their intentions," he said. "What can I do to help? If men are not allowed on Paradise Island, Superman would be of little use. Besides, you've got super powers, and you're the champion of the Amazons. You could handle whatever trouble there is."

"I wish it were that simple," replied Diana. "You see, no one knows for sure who is planning the overthrow, who the traitors are, or how many of them there are. I wouldn't know who to trust. They might be too much for me alone."

Clark had never heard such a concern from Wonder Woman before. She was usually very sure if herself, he thought. At times, arrogant, yes, but she never failed to prevail. "It sounds serious," he said. "But I still don't see how Superman can help."

"If Superman were to go to Paradise Island," replied Diana, "the Amazons would be helpless to stop him. For, according to Amazon law, if a man were ever to set foot on the island, they would lose their power. The renegades could then be taken care of, and my mother would remain on the throne."

"Lose their power?" asked Clark, "How?"

"I'm afraid I can't tell you," replied Diana. "No man is allowed to know that secret. Not even Superman."

"But if Superman is to go to Paradise Island, he'll need to know...," said Clark. "That is what you're asking me, isn't it? To go to Paradise Island and subdue a possible rebellion?"

"Not exactly," replied Diana, as she dressed in her Wonder Woman costume. "Let's go."

"Go?" asked Clark, his tights getting tighter around his crotch again as he viewed Wonder Woman's satin-costumed voluptuous figure. "Where?"

"To a secret place, known not even to you, where I have something to show you," replied the Amazon. "Switch to Superman. We'll take the invisible plane."

Clark changed into Superman and followed Wonder Woman to the window. After she called her invisible plane, the pair leapt out the window and entered the cockpit. Soon, they reached a cave, and Wonder Woman landed the aircraft.

The two costumed crime fighters entered the cave, and Superman noticed that it contained an extensive amount of lab equipment. From the apparatus' advanced appearance, Superman concluded that it must have been of Amazon manufacture.

"Do you recognize any of these items?" asked Wonder Woman.

"Yes," replied Superman. "I think so. That's the Purple Healing Ray."

"That's right," responded Wonder Woman. "But this is a very special model of the Purple Healing Ray, with some modifications. It will help you help me and my sister Amazons on Paradise Island."

Superman asked Wonder Woman: "How? I still don't understand what you meant by 'not exactly,' when I asked if your intention was to have me go there."

It was then that Wonder Woman explained her plan. "I told you that the Purple Healing Ray here has had some special modifications added to it," she said. "It will switch our personalities. I will become Superman, and you will become Wonder Woman."

Superman was shocked. "You mean you want me to switch bodies with you?" he exclaimed. "I suppose it's possible, with your advanced amazonian technology, to build such a contraption, but I still don't see how it could work on me. After all, I am invulnerable."

"Well," replied Wonder Woman, "the details are of course secret. Let me assure you that it will work. Let us just say it involves some Amazon magic. You are vulnerable to magic, you know."

Superman knew Wonder Woman was right. Wonder Woman's magic lasso affected him, so it was quite possible that the Purple Healing Ray could incorporate some of that sorcery to work. "But I still don't see what good us switching bodies would do," he said. "Whether I went to Paradise Island as me, or if you went as me, the results would be the same. Your sisters would lose their power, and that would be all. End of story."

"Not exactly," replied Wonder Woman. "You know all those 'secrets' I've been telling you about that you weren't allowed to learn? Well, as an Amazon, I know them, and I'll need them in order to accomplish my mission. I'll go there, finish my business, come back here, and switch us back."

"I see," said Superman, although he really didn't. "But why me? Why not Batman or Flash or one of the other Justice League members? Heck, why not your boyfriend Steve Trevor, if all you need is the body of a man for a few days? After all, he's been on Paradise Island before, and probably knows his way around."

"Because no one else has the powers that you have," replied Wonder Woman. "As for Steve, he was blindfolded the whole time. I need YOU, Superman. Some of the weapons available to the Amazons would make mincemeat out of any other man. With your power, I would be invulnerable to those weapons."

"What kind of weapons?" asked Superman, but before Wonder Woman could reply, he continued: "I know: It's a secret of the Amazons no man must ever know. Right?"
Wonder Woman nodded.

"All right," agreed Superman. "I'll do it. What do we do first?"

"First, take off your costume," ordered Wonder Woman. In a flash, Superman stood naked. He hoped that Wonder Woman would not notice the obvious interest his member was showing.

"Now what?" asked Superman.

"Lie down on this table," replied Wonder Woman. I'll strap you in."

Superman obeyed, and Wonder Woman attached several straps and wires all about his body. She then stripped herself naked, laid down on an adjacent table, and attached similar items to herself.

"Is this going to hurt?" asked Superman. "I mean, I'm not so worried about myself, but the power levels that are no doubt necessary might cause something to happen to you."

"Don't worry," replied Wonder Woman. "This should work just fine."

"Should work...? That isn't very reassuring. How many times have you tested this process?" asked Superman, nervously thinking he already knew the answer.
"You're the first," replied Wonder Woman, giving Superman that answer of which he was afraid as she threw the switch.

Superman was still conscious of what was happening as the modified Purple Healing Ray quickly came to life. He could hear the surge of power as he felt it flow through his otherwise invulnerable body. Just before he passed out, he heard a gigantic explosion as the machine's sounds reached a crescendo. The Purple Ray had not taken very long. By the time of the machine's explosion, it had seemed that nothing had happened. Superman was relieved. It looked like he would not have to spend a few days as Wonder Woman. Then he started to get dizzy and his body went numb. Suddenly, he was yanked out of his body, and found himself floating in empty space, unable to see, hear, or feel. He guessed that he was a soul without a body, in transition between his mortal abode and Wonder Woman's. Then something seemed to be torn away from him. The pain was excruciating! He tried to cry out, but could not. Then, a foreign substance came slowly flowing into him, filling the hole. It eased his pain as it took the place of whatever he had lost. It was also soothing and calming, and made him feel different than he had ever felt before. The concern over the machine's function was replaced by a passive calmness. This process went on for a long time, and then abruptly he was forced back into a body.

The next thing Superman heard was the words: "Great Hera!" in his voice. But he wasn't making the sound. Someone else was.

Disoriented, he heard himself say: "What happened?" but it was in the unmistakable voice of Wonder Woman's. He looked down and, sure enough, saw a voluptuous female body. The breasts were huge. He had become Wonder Woman!

Chapter 2

Superman sat up and looked around, trying to get his bearings, and saw his own body looking back at him, now a "her." That is when she realized that she had been deposited in Wonder Woman's body. She looked down and, sure enough, saw a voluptuous female body. The breasts were huge. The weight pulled her upper body forward. She had to lean back to compensate. As she settled into the body during the next few seconds, compensating for the weight of her breasts became more natural. It was like she suddenly connected with the habits of the body, and discovered a different way of sitting. She commented on her experience to the new inhabitant of Superman's body. Wonder Woman, speaking in Superman's voice, explained that she was bonding with the body.

It was disorienting to hear herself speaking with Wonder Woman's lilting voice, and to hear Superman's manly voice being controlled by Wonder Woman's life essence. She even seemed to speak with feminine inflection, just as the person sitting next to her spoke with a masculine intonation. Just who was she now? Was she Wonder Woman or Superman? Was the person sitting next to her Superman or Wonder Woman?

She voiced her confusion, and Superman replied with a question: "Tell me what your real name is, the name you have used all your life."

In response came the words: "That's obvious. My real name is Princess Diana of Paradise Island, known in man's world as Wonder Woman. What did you think...?" The words stopped in confusion. "Superman" should have been the name uttered, but "Princess Diana" and "Wonder Woman" had come out, as if by force of habit.

Then came another question: "What is your real sex, the sex you have grown up with?"

Determined not to make the same mistake twice, the voice responded: "You know as well as I do that I am really a woman..." Then, in realization, the question came: "Will you please tell me what is happening? Why did I call myself Princess Diana instead of Superman? Why did I say I am really a woman?"

The response came: "Your life essence is now bonded with the body you inhabit. The Purple Healing Ray has locked you into Wonder Woman's body and brain, with all of its feminine mannerisms and habits. Those mannerisms and habits will be yours for as long as you inhabit that body. Your gestures, the way you talk, and most of your behavior will be consistent with Wonder Woman's personality and identity. So you will find yourself speaking with Wonder Woman's inflections, writing with Wonder Woman's handwriting, and using Wonder Woman's feminine mannerisms. On a deeper level, you will find yourself enjoying the things Wonder Woman likes now, rather than your old interests. You will refer to yourself as a woman by habit, and the names Princess Diana, Wonder Woman, or Diana Prince will be more natural for you to use. Even Wonder Woman's memories are available to you now. After all, they are stored in the brain you are inhabiting. You have access to Superman's memories as well, stored in your life essence. The same principles apply to me, by the way. I am now Superman and Clark Kent in all the ways that count."

The "new" Wonder Woman sat back in shock and tried to absorb all of this. She had gotten more than she had bargained for with this body swap! Finally she spoke, "You mean I have Wonder Woman's personality now as well as her body?"

"Exactly," was the "new" Superman's reply. "You are now Wonder Woman in every way. You are going to find out everything about life as a super heroine from the inside."

"So the procedure was successful?" asked Wonder Woman.

"Yes, only...," replied Superman.

"Only what?" asked Wonder Woman, with a new, unfamiliar fear coursing through her veins.

"Only... I must have miscalculated," replied Superman. "The Purple Healing Ray has been destroyed."

"Destroyed?" replied Wonder Woman, now nearing a panic. "You mean we're stuck in each others bodies? Forever?"

"Calm down!" ordered Superman, with uncharacteristic emphasis. "I can build a new one, only..."

"Only what?" cried Wonder Woman, now on the verge of tears.

"Only the necessary components are on Paradise Island," replied Superman.

"Well then," replied Wonder Woman. "You'd better get going! The sooner you complete your mission, the better, don't you think?"

"It's not that simple," replied Superman. "I... we need some time to adjust to our new bodies. I don't want to take any chances. I'm not used to Superman's powers. And you need some time to adjust, too. You've been through quite a lot."

Wonder Woman found Superman's words comforting, although not encouraging. "How much time?" she asked.
"A few days, a week, maybe," replied Superman. "Perhaps a month."

"A month!" exclaimed Wonder Woman. "Are you sure I'll be all right?"

"There, there," replied Superman, as he placed his arm around Wonder Woman's shoulder. "Everything will work out all right. Trust me."

Holding back the tears she remarkably did not feel uncomfortable in shedding, Wonder Woman sheepishly remarked: "All right. I trust you."

"Now, let's get dressed," said Superman. "You're in no condition to fly the invisible plane, so I'll carry you back under my own power."

Wonder Woman picked up her costume and began to get dressed. Then she thought of something. She still had not closely inspected the merchandise. A tiny thrill passed through her at the idea of looking her new body over. She got up, and headed for a full length mirror she found in the cave. She told Superman that this transformation was something she had to see.

Looking in the mirror was the most disorienting part of the whole thing. Instead of Superman, Wonder Woman stared back at herself out of the mirror. The reflection was all woman She had long, luxurious, black hair, and a voluptuous, shapely figure. Wonder Woman had distinct reactions to the reflection. The part of her that was still Superman was shocked by the radically changed appearance. But Wonder Woman's memories told her the reflection was familiar. Part of her felt lost in the foreign body, while another part felt perfectly at home. Then a powerful reaction surged up out of Wonder Woman's memories, overwhelming the feeling of unfamiliarity. That was her body in the mirror, and it was gorgeous. She could not help liking it-no, loving it.

As Wonder Woman started to put her costume back on, Superman joined her at the mirror, but Wonder Woman was too caught up in looking herself over to say anything. As she examined herself, it almost seemed that she was going into a trance. She could not take her eyes off the image in the mirror. The more Wonder Woman looked, the more she liked. "You are a sight to behold. You are so lucky to be such a beauty," she thought, thinking of herself as a member of the fair sex. She had suddenly found herself in the middle of the world of femininity and womanhood, and was perfectly happy with it. She liked being a woman.

Superman finally spoke. He too, had been looking over his new body with obvious admiration. He was enjoying his appearance, just as Wonder Woman had enjoyed living in that ruggedly handsome body. "I certainly do like this change. How do you like your new looks, Wonder Woman?"

"I love the way I look," replied Wonder Woman. "I never knew that being so attractive could feel so wonderful. This is the sort of thing I could get used to."

The two admired themselves in the mirror for almost a half hour. Then Superman said they had enough, and practically dragged Wonder Woman away from the mirror. She really did not want to stop admiring herself.

Then, Superman grasped Wonder Woman about her legs and waist. Wonder Woman draped her arms around Superman's neck, and they flew out of the cave.

"I see you've already gotten used to flying under your own power," said Wonder Woman. "It took me quite a while to master the art. Perhaps you'll be ready to go on your mission sooner than you thought."

"Oh, I don't know," replied Superman. "I mastered floating on air currents as a child on Paradise Island. Now that I'm Superman, I've noticed there's not a lot of difference. Flying is almost second nature to me."

"Well then," said Wonder Woman. "Perhaps I can fly, too."

"I wouldn't recommend it," said Superman. "You might not be able to do it quite so easily."

"Nonsense," replied Wonder Woman. "If you can learn so quickly, I can too. Let go!"

With that, Wonder Woman released her hands from around Superman's neck and fell from his grip. Immediately, she plummeted uncontrollably downward, toward the earth.

"AAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEE!" shrieked Wonder Woman as she fell. "HELP! Save me, Superman!"

Superman quickly spiraled down to reach the falling Amazon. As he caught her, she stopped screaming and wrapped her arms around his neck, tighter than before. "Now you know how Lois Lane feels," he said.

Back at Diana Prince's apartment, Superman quickly changed into Clark Kent. "You're not going to be Clark too, are you?" asked Wonder Woman.

"Of course," replied Clark. "We'll have to assume our secret identities until I'm ready to leave for Paradise Island. I'll go to the Daily Planet, and you'll go back to work as Diana Prince."

"I suppose you're right," agreed Wonder Woman. "Only, I don't think I can go back to Diana's, -I mean my- regular job just yet."

"Can you take a leave of absence?" asked Clark. "Can you tell them your mother is ill or something?"

"Yes, I'll do that," replied Wonder Woman. "But can you go ahead as Clark? I'm not sure you'll know what to do. You know how suspicious Lois Lane is. If you're not careful, she'll discover my -I mean- your secret identity."

"Don't worry," replied Clark. "I can handle Lois. Now, speaking of secret identities, shouldn't you be changing back into Diana Prince? No one should see Wonder Woman in her apartment. They might put two and two together."

"Yes of course, Clark," agreed Wonder Woman. "I'll put on some of Diana Prince's clothes right away."

Wonder Woman was about to go into Diana Prince's clothes closet, when Clark said: "You know, I just had a thought. Since you're not adapting quite as well to your Amazon super powers as I am to my Kryptonian super powers, perhaps you'd better not keep any evidence of your dual identity. Someone might break into your apartment and discover your secret."

"Don't worry," said Wonder Woman. "I'll continue to wear my costume all the time, underneath my clothes."

"That's not exactly what I had in mind," replied Clark. "I think you should give your costume to me. That way...,"

"If I'm attacked as Diana Prince, perhaps by some mugger or something, and they tear my clothes, they'll see nothing underneath," continued Wonder Woman.

"Yes," agreed Clark. "Nothing underneath."

"Oh Clark," said Wonder Woman. "You really care about me, don't you? All right, I'll give the costume to you for safekeeping. I don't feel comfortable wearing it anyway. I think a super heroine isn't what I should be right now."

Wonder Woman stripped herself naked and handed her costume to Clark. She then went into her bedroom and put on a blouse and a pair of slacks, but the slacks felt too tight and restrictive on her legs. She decided to change into something more comfortable. As she went through her closet in the bedroom, the few skirts hanging there caught her eye. Perhaps they would be more comfortable. She took off her slacks and slipped into a full khaki skirt. The skirt had cute buttons that ran down the front and a wide belt. Then she took a half-slip out of her dresser, and put it on under the skirt. She put on some heels, knowing that the added height would look good. The change of clothes felt wonderful. Her legs were free and unrestrained now. The soft fabric of the slip felt nice on her legs and she liked the way the full skirt swung as she walked. The high heels required her to walk in a more graceful manner, which she found herself enjoying. As she looked in the mirror, Diana Prince saw a pleasingly feminine reflection.

After getting dressed, Diana decided to do some cleaning around her apartment. But first, she needed to talk to Clark before he left. Clark immediately noticed the change of clothes and looked amused. "You have only been a woman for an hour and you are already in a dress and high heels," he commented.

Diana was taken aback. All she could do was smile sheepishly and reply, "Well, it seemed a lot more comfortable." The answer sounded kind of lame. Why had she been so quick to put on a skirt and high heels? What in the world was she doing? Diana looked down at her clothes with confusion.

"Don't be embarrassed," Clark said gently. He was perceptive, reading Diana like a book. "That skirt really flatters your figure, and it makes you look soft and inviting. I can see why you would want to try it on and leave it on. And I also see you decided not to wear the glasses Diana Prince normally wears as part of her disguise. You look a lot more appealing and feminine without them. You should experiment with your femininity while you have the chance."

After Clark left, Diana quickly retreated from the living room, feeling a little uncomfortable. She was enjoying her feminine attire a lot, maybe too much. This kind of a reaction was the last thing she had expected from herself. She put herself to work straightening up the apartment, knowing that it would take her mind off the situation. Now that she was firmly in place in Diana Prince's body, there was no sense worrying about it. She had agreed to spend a short time as a woman, and now there was no turning back.

Diana felt very disoriented. The Purple Ray had worked, and now she found herself in a woman's body. Wonder Woman's life essence was now living in Superman's body. The whole experience was unbelievable.

Things were so different. Diana felt strange walking around in a voluptuous Amazon body. It moved differently. The walk was graceful, supple, and ladylike. The voice sounded entirely different, too; In the upper octaves, in a lilting, musical voice.

Afterwards, Diana got ready for bed. Since leaving the cave, she had been anticipating this moment, when she would again see her entire body naked in the mirror. If anything would bring home her new identity, this was it. She slowly stripped down and carefully hung her clothes up. It was very different from changing between Clark Kent and Superman.

Diana's reflection in the mirror betrayed her anxiety. She looked scared. As she looked over her reflection, she seemed very delicate, still an Amazon, but definitely a member of the weaker sex. An uncomfortable sense of just how weak and powerless she was flowed through her. Not only did she not yet have any super powers, but nothing was there, hanging between her legs. She had expected this, but it was still a shock. Her soft love-mound stared back at her in the mirror, waiting and receptive. The sense of powerlessness grew stronger. Then a scary realization hit. She was now an inexperienced super heroine, living in a man's world! She had given up her manhood, and suddenly realized how foolish that had been. A sense of impotence settled inside her. She was glad that Clark had left. In spite of Wonder Woman's super powers eventually returning, it occurred to her that she would carry a feeling of vulnerability with her every minute of her time as Diana Prince.

This overwhelming sense of powerlessness was not something she had bargained for when she agreed to the body swap. It was so uncomfortable that she found herself yearning for her old strong and virile body. But as she looked herself over, she started to have another reaction. Her reflection was attractive. She liked the womanly body in the mirror. There was something soothing and calming about her new shape. Her curves looked so gentle, the body so soft. She felt herself being lulled into a state of quiet peacefulness, a kind of deep passivity, perhaps from a side effect of the Purple Ray. As she relaxed, she turned her attention to her breasts. They were huge, a "D" cup according to Wonder Woman's memories. The most striking thing about her new breasts was the appearance of the nipples. They were large and dark colored. She was quite amazed at how sensuous her breasts felt. In fact, they quivered with a sense of luscious pleasure. They dripped with sexual delight. She cupped them in her hands, and gently caressed them. Hera, that felt good! Her nipples got hard and erect, and the pleasurable sensation increased. She also noticed a wetness between her legs, and an erotic sensation there. It felt so good that she was not sure she could stop. She found herself looking over her entire body and getting turned on by her voluptuous, womanly shape. Her large breasts, narrow waist, wide hips, and sexy legs looked wonderful! Her shoulders were narrow, her neck delicate. And the way her long mane of black hair framed her face was precious!

Diana felt a drop of moisture running down her inner thigh. Suddenly, her legs got weak, and she nearly dropped to her knees. She let go of her breasts and backed away from the mirror. It was overwhelming! She knew what she wanted to do next, but did not know if she dared. Should she give in to the pleasures of sex in this body? The thought seemed so sensual!

Finally, she made up her mind. Searching through her dresser drawers, she found a vibrator. The original Diana mentioned that she had masturbated.

She played with it for a while and then slipped it in. Her body responded. It was a very passionate night.

Chapter 3

Her second day as Diana began routinely. She got up and had yogurt for breakfast; she didn't want to do anything to that body that wasn't healthful. She called in to her office, but instead of asking for a few days off, she applied for a month's emergency leave of absence.

That afternoon, Clark called and suggested Diana go shopping at the mall. He said that shopping for clothes was a feminine pleasure that she should not miss. She decided to follow his advice and got dressed to go out. She put on a cute, two-piece dress for her first trip out. The jacket top was periwinkle with large dots, short sleeves, and a sweetheart neckline. The flip skirt was the same color with smaller dots. It was short, not quite covering her knees.

By early afternoon Diana was at a local mall. She started out window shopping at the many dress shops. She wanted to look around extensively before buying anything. The clothes were all so attractive that she was afraid she would run up a huge credit card bill. But she kept charging things, if only to prove what Superman had said about her handwriting. In spite of her best efforts to sign her name as "Clark Kent," "Diana Prince" was written instead, and it was always in the neat cursive characteristic of a woman.

After Diana had been at the mall for an hour, she started to notice men looking appreciatively at her. She was dressed very nicely and had spent a lot of time brushing her hair in order to look attractive. But she had not expected to draw stares from men, and started to feel self-conscious. She could feel herself blushing furiously, and she felt both vulnerable and exposed. It was as if her sexy dress had put her on display. She had never known that women have to tolerate being on show like this. But now that she was at the mall, there was nothing she could do about it but try to ignore it.

Then the attention started to affect Diana strangely. All of those male eyes on her made her feel incredibly feminine. A wave of femininity came over her, washing her away in its womanly wake. She felt more ladylike and delicate than she would have thought possible. The attention of the men had underscored her femininity and somehow magnified it a hundredfold. Her own attention was drawn to her body against her will. She enjoyed the feel of her silky hair on her shoulders, and the feel of her skirt on her legs. Her legs felt long and coltish in the short, suggestive skirt. Her breasts jiggled slightly as she walked. Even the sound of her high heels clicking on the marble floor was a pleasure. Walking had suddenly become a sensuous art. Her steps were small and dainty, her hips swung gently, and her dress swayed back and forth as she moved. She seemed to be losing control of her behavior. She knew that she should restrain her sexy walk and try to be discreet. It would get the attention off her and help her regain control. But she couldn't! Instead, she was embellishing her sexy walk, letting her hips sing more and sticking her large breasts out for all to observe. She enjoyed walking like that! More men started to notice her, and soon she was trapped in a vicious cycle. The more that men noticed her, the sexier she acted. The sexier she acted, the more she was noticed. Soon she was looking enticingly into the eyes of the passersby, licking her lips seductively, and running her fingers through her hair. And she could not stop! At one point, she cooingly asked a man what time it was. After he told her, she gasped a sexy thank you and sashayed away. She knew that his eyes were following her receding figure intently, and she was thrilled by it.

At this point, Diana was about ready to panic. She was completely out of control, unable to rein in her new feminine instincts. She had become a voluptuous woman who loved flaunting herself, a totally sexy creature with no self-control. No matter how hard she fought it, she could not restrain herself! Her trip to the mall was becoming a disaster. Where would this end? What would happen next?

Then something distracted Diana's attention. She noticed a beauty salon as she strolled past. The activity inside fascinated her. She could barely take her eyes off the women getting their hair done. The final results looked so pretty! Suddenly, she had an overwhelming urge to go in and get her hair done! She just wanted to look more beautiful and feminine! The thought of her amazonian mane in curls was so tempting! She stood there knowing that she should resist the temptation of sinking even deeper into femininity. Besides, what would the real Diana think when she got her body back? Perhaps she might like the idea of a new hairdo, perhaps not.

Diana could feel herself falling further into comfortable femininity. She took a few uncertain steps toward the beauty shop. Then she surrendered, and hurried in. She just could not control the overwhelming desire to get her hair done! She wanted to be as feminine as possible! At least this took her away from her out-of-control sexual gyrations.

Hours passed as Diana's hair was rolled and treated with chemicals. As she sat under the dryer, she enjoyed reading Cosmopolitan magazine. During the lengthy wait, she found herself admiring the long, painted fingernails of the beautician. That overwhelming desire to be feminine came over her again, and she found herself asking about manicures. After the permanent, she sat down with the manicurist who gave her long, luxurious, red fingernails. Diana absolutely loved her painted nails! She bought some of the nail polish, so she could keep up her fingernails and paint her toenails as well!

At the end of the process, Diana admired the beauticians' handiwork in a mirror. Her full head of hair looked gorgeous! They gave her instructions on rolling her hair each morning to maintain the look. She was very excited with her new appearance. It was wonderful. As she examined herself, a thought occurred to her. The original Diana had never worn makeup, preferring a natural look. This Diana preferred something more dramatic and sexy. The next logical step would be a makeover.

When Diana left the beauty shop, she went directly to the makeup counter in one of the large department stores. She was mesmerized at the thought of a complete makeover. It was as if a magnet was drawing her to the makeup section, and she could not stop herself. She asked the saleswoman for a full makeover, and explained that she was seeking a sexy, exciting, yet feminine look. The saleswoman proceeded to apply foundation, blush, powder, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, and bright red lipstick. She even lined her lips. Each step of the way, she showed her what to do. The finished product was amazing. She had gone from being beautiful to being a total knockout! Her eyes looked larger. Long, feminine lashes swept down every time she blinked. Her high cheekbones looked wonderful with the blush. Her lips looked moist and red, and they matched her fingernails. She bought enough makeup to last a long time, and headed home. Her sexy walk kicked in more pronounced than ever as she passed through the mall, but she was able to stay on course. The mall was nearly closed at this time, which probably helped.

The next day, Clark again went to work at the Daily Planet while Diana stayed at her apartment. That powerful sense of femininity was still with her from the day before. She felt so ladylike and delicate! It seemed so nice for her to stay at home and take care of the apartment. But she was faced with one problem. She suddenly could not bear the thought of wearing a pair of slacks again. The old Diana had very few dresses, preferring slacks. Well, the new Diana needed to luxuriate in pure femininity, ranging from long, flowing dresses to short, sexy skirts. She had worn most of her dresses and skirts at this point, and desperately needed a few new ones.

After Diana cleaned up the house, she fixed herself up to go out again. She took a lot of time with her hair and makeup. Finally, she was ready, wrapped up in a shirt-dress. She went back to the mall, and tried her hand at shopping again. As soon as she was in the mall, her provocative walk started again. But this time she ignored it, and the looks she got. She just had to accept the fact that for some reason the former "Plain Jane" secret identity of Wonder Woman had become extremely sexy. But she made a point of keeping her mind on her task this time, rather than on sex.

Diana had a wonderful time shopping. She was unconcerned when she signed the credit card slips this time. She only thought about all the wonderful purchases she was making. At the end of the trip, she was pleased to know that she would not have to wear slacks again as long as she was Diana. Ten outfits would keep her immersed in femininity for the rest of her stay in a woman's body.
Once Diana got home, she hung up all her new clothes and tried to find something to do. She ended up watching Oprah and Sally and loving those shows. She had never liked them before, but now they seemed wonderful and sensitive.

Clark was coming over that evening, and Diana was determined to look her best. She put on one of her new dresses. It was a blue dress, with white and pink flowers. It had a scoop neck and long, full skirt. The skirt came halfway down her calves. The waist was shaped, and the dress tied in the back. She wore a triple strand of pearls around her neck, dangling pearl earrings, and a triple strand pearl bracelet. White, three-inch heels topped off the outfit. She inspected the final product in the mirror, and was pleased to see that she was utterly feminine. She was a vision of sweet femininity.

It had been two days since the swap, and Diana had not yet felt Wonder Woman's super powers returning. But she no longer concerned herself, for she did not need powers as long as Superman was around.

Diana met Clark at the door. He came in and sat on the couch. "How were things at the Daily Planet?" she asked.

"Oh, the usual," replied Clark, somehow not surprised that Diana was more concerned about his day at the office than the mission to Paradise Island.

"And Lois?" asked Diana. "Is she getting suspicious?"

"Lois is ALWAYS suspicious," replied Clark. "But I'm not worried. And soon I'll be ready to go to Paradise Island."

"Are you sure?" asked Diana. "It's all right with me if it takes a few more days." The thought of staying Diana for the rest of her life crossed her mind. It would be hard to top the joy that she was experiencing as a woman.

Some dim part of Diana's mind wondered what she looked like, in her long dress and high heels. That dim part seemed to cry out suddenly: "This is a trap! You are being turned into a woman! If you don't stop this now, you will spend the rest of your life this way! You will lose your position as the earth's greatest superhero and be trapped in this yielding, powerless female persona that has been created for you!"

Diana ignored that strange voice in her. How could she think such odd things, especially when she was enjoying herself so much? She looked up into Clark's eyes, and saw a strange look. Was it glee? He held all the cards now. By this point she was helpless, completely dependent on him for her future. She wondered if he realized how much control he had. But it did not really matter if he knew. All that mattered was that she would do whatever he wanted for as long as she was Diana.

"Clark?" asked Diana.

"Yes?" replied Clark.

"I was wondering," Diana continued, "I still haven't got my super powers back. And I've been doing the strangest things. For instance, at the mall today, I..."

"Never mind the mall," interrupted Clark. "I'm sure your powers will return in a few days. Maybe I'd better wait on that trip to Paradise Island after all. I should keep a close eye on you until you're able to take care of yourself. Now, I'd better be going. I've got a date with Lois. I'll see you later."

Diana woke the next morning feeling wonderful. She felt rested and content. Her long, silky white gown was luxurious on her body. She put on the matching robe and went into the bathroom to brush her hair.

As she brushed her long, dark hair, Diana realized that the feeling of anxiety she had felt the previous night was still with her. She felt small and insignificant, and took great pleasure at the thought of depending on Superman. It felt wonderful to know that no matter what happened, he would be there as long as she was Diana. And she enjoyed the reflection in the mirror of the soft, demure woman brushing her hair.

The day went routinely. Diana stayed in her gown and enjoyed its comfort as she cleaned a little and rustled up a small lunch. During the afternoon, she spent most of her time reading a romance novel that she had bought at the mall the day before. She was through with reading the dull news of the Daily Planet, now that she was Diana. Late in the afternoon, she started getting ready for a cocktail party being held by Clark's office that night. It was a celebration of an award for the news department of the Daily Planet. Diana's mind turned to the joys of dressing for the occasion.

That night when Clark came to pick Diana up, she was waiting in a lovely, short, red cocktail chemise. It had a scooped neckline, open back, and it hugged her ample curves lusciously. It also showed a lot of leg. Her jewelry consisted of a gold choker, gold hoop earrings, and a wide gold bracelet. For shoes, she wore three inch red spike heels. Clark helped her into her red, three-quarter length swing coat, and they were on their way. Clark opened the car door for Diana like a gentleman. She felt like such a lady.

The party, her first social event as Diana, turned out to be disquieting. She quickly discovered that her new female personality was unusually timid and fearful. Her former colleagues now looked big and intimidating. It did not help that her cocktail dress displayed so much leg and her ample cleavage. She felt exposed and quite vulnerable. Her onetime associates were now leering at her voluptuous body, and some of their wives even gave her envious looks. She found herself staying close to Clark for protection. When he left her, she felt more anxious and vulnerable. When she was by his side, she felt safe and comfortable. She realized, although not unpleasantly, that she had become totally dependent on his strength. Seeing Clark and her former colleagues brought home just how much she had lost with the body swap. As Diana, she was a powerless, weak-kneed woman.

Diana asked Clark: "Why did you bring me here? And where's Lois?"

"Lois couldn't make it tonight," replied Clark. "And I didn't want to leave you alone, after what you told me last night."

"How sweet," replied Diana.

Midway through the party, Diana's sexy feminine instincts went into overdrive again, awakened by the growing attention from her former colleagues and the wine she was drinking. She tried to control herself, but she could not stop. Soon she was exuding voluptuous, seductive charm. When she walked, she led with her breasts and her hips swung suggestively. She offered alluring looks to the men she met. Her tongue occasionally darted out of her mouth, offering sweet temptation. Twice she deliberately dropped her purse so she could bend over and offer a look at her shapely amazonian buns. She flaunted her body shamelessly, and it created quite a stir in the crowd. When Clark talked to her, she found herself giggling and cooing coquettishly. Every time she tried to talk to a man, she found herself flirting. It was frustrating to sound like such an airhead, because she had always prided herself on her intellect. No matter how hard she tried, she sounded like a brainless female. But the men found her enchanting, despite her silly chatter.

It eventually occurred to Diana that her seductive charm and airhead act was more than just a reaction to the men. It was also an act to cover up for her fearfulness. But no matter how hard she tried to stop, she could not. She had lost all control over her behavior. This new personality was just too powerful for her. As long as she was Diana, she was doomed to be seductive.

Toward the end of the evening, Diana overheard a most unusual conversation. She was in the lady's room, in one of the stalls. Two women came in, and started talking about her. They began gossiping, as women often do. They wondered how a woman like Diana could be a such a "bubblehead." And they wondered why she seemed like such a "sexpot." They also noticed that she deferred to Clark and " . . .followed him around like a puppy dog." Diana thought long and hard on what the women said after they left the lady's room. She had supposedly gained most of Diana's personality when she bonded with her body. But in reality, she was much more feminine, sexy, and submissive than the original Diana had ever been! The original Diana had not been overcome with the joys of wearing dresses, jewelry, and having her hair done. The original Diana was merely a disguise to hide the identity of the world's greatest super heroine.

An explanation began to form in Diana's mind. What if Wonder Woman, the original Wonder Woman, had wanted to take over Superman's body? What if she had maneuvered him into Wonder Woman's female body in order to take his male body as her own? The Purple Healing Ray could have intentionally given Diana this ultra-feminine persona, as well. That would explain why she was obsessed with femininity. The end result would be a new Diana who was all woman and exactly the kind of woman that most men would want.

A chill ran through Diana. If this was true, she was in deep trouble. She might never get her own body back. Without her super powers, she was much too weak to physically force Superman to return her body. And immersed in this feminine persona, she could never stand up to him. And he had her Wonder Woman costume, complete with the magic lasso. She might find herself doing whatever he wanted, and probably serving him sexually as well. He definitely held all the cards. Girlish tears rolled down her face. She had never cried when she was Superman, but it was all she could do to avoid breaking into a fit of sobbing. She would have to talk to Clark and find out if any of this was true. Maybe she could devise a way out of this situation.

She carefully redid her make-up and then went out to join Clark. For the rest of the evening she pondered her situation. She realized that she would have to confront Clark when they got back to her apartment, but she would have to be careful not to make him angry. It would do no good to make him mad. If she could just get back into her old body, even for a few seconds, she would be all right. Once in her rightful body, she would never leave again.

As soon as they got back to her apartment, Diana brought up the subject. Clark had barely finished hanging up her coat, when she asked to talk to him.

"Something has gone wrong with our body swap," Diana began. "You said that I would have Diana's personality while I was in this body. But my new personality is not like the original Diana's at all. The original Diana was strong, but I am weak. I am obsessed with soft, feminine clothes to the point that I just can't get enough of wearing dresses and jewelry. I seem to love ruffles and skirts. The original Diana didn't care for skirts and ruffles at all. And I turn into a seductive, alluring creature whenever I am around men. The first Diana was never like that. Something has really gone haywire with the body swap. I have become too feminine. It is like I am turning into the most feminine woman who ever lived. I have to put a stop to this somewhere, and I think now is the time. I think we should switch back to our old bodies right away. We'll find some other way of dealing with the problem on Paradise Island." There. She had said it. And Clark did not seem at all upset.

"You know," Clark replied, "I have noticed the same thing about your behavior. It is odd how feminine you have become. You are right when you say that you are much more womanly than I was. I have a theory about that, though. If my theory is right, then the effect is harmless."

That intrigued Diana. It would be a relief to her to discover that all her worries were over nothing. "What is your theory?" she asked.

"My theory is that most men experience nothing of what it is like to be a woman," started Clark. "Most men know nothing of femininity. The culture of man's world does not permit men to indulge their feminine side, but women are often encouraged to develop their masculine side in their career. You suddenly found yourself immersed in femininity for the first time in your life when we completed this body swap. In fact, you abruptly found yourself living in a feminine body and with a feminine personality. It was just too overwhelming for you. You had no clue about how to deal with femininity, and it overpowered you. I believe that you will find yourself back to normal once you are returned to your own body."

Diana was relieved by Clark's explanation. It made perfect sense, and there was no hint of a plan to keep her trapped. She told Clark that he was probably right, but nonetheless, she wanted to switch back to their original bodies the next day. He agreed with no hesitation, but first, he had to fly to Paradise Island to get the necessary parts to rebuild the Purple Healing Ray, and agreed they would find some way of dealing with the rebellion later. He assured Diana that he could go to Paradise Island and back with his super speed, and his presence could not be detected. From Wonder Woman's memories, he knew the secrets of Paradise Island well enough to avoid being noticed.

After Clark left, Diana retired, and slept a peaceful, sound sleep. If all went well, she would soon be Superman again.

Chapter 4

Diana woke up the next morning planning to do the body swap again. She would soon be her old self. Clark stayed home from the Daily Planet for the morning in order to complete the switch. He had worked all night rebuilding the Purple Healing Ray, and assured Diana it was ready. He set up the apparatus in Diana's apartment, to avoid, as he told Diana, the environment of the cave which might have had something to do with the Ray's earlier destruction. He also gave Diana her Wonder Woman costume to put on, mentioning that the original Diana would appreciate it more than a skirt.

It took Superman a while to review the necessary calculations and settings of the Ray. While he was doing that, Diana, now dressed as Wonder Woman, enjoyed a last round of housekeeping. She realized that she would miss this life. Soon, she was feeling wistful and sentimental about her brief tenure as a woman. Femininity certainly did have its advantages.

Finally, Superman was ready. "I have one last thing to show you before we change back," he told Wonder Woman. "It's a surprise that I was planning to give you. You won't get to use it now, but you should at least look at it." He took Wonder Woman's hand and led her into the bedroom. From the back of the closet, he produced a devastatingly beautiful black velvet dress on a hanger. As soon as she saw it, Wonder Woman went weak in the knees. It looked so soft and pretty! She thought how a woman would feel like a beauty queen in a dress like that. Despite her better judgment, she wanted to put the dress on.

Superman could tell Wonder Woman liked it, and suggested she try it on. She could be beautiful one last time, he said. She simply could not resist. As she took off her red boots, he got out some black pumps for her to wear. She quickly removed her costume's bustier, as the dress required the wearer to go bra-less. "Would you please zip me up?" she asked, as she prepared to put on the dress.

"I don't think you're quite ready to put it on yet," replied Superman.

"Why?" asked Wonder Woman. "What's the matter?"

"Well I don't think you'll want to wear it over your costume's star-spangled blue briefs," said Superman. "The magic lasso on your hip will create an unsightly bulge. Here. Put these on instead."

From behind his back, Superman produced a pair of black silk panties. Immediately, Wonder Woman gasped: "Oh, they're exquisite!" Without hesitation, she removed her costume's shorts and stepped into the luxurious underwear while Superman held them out for her.

Then, Superman helped Diana slip on the dress. The soft black velvet was gilded with braided gold along its off-shoulder neckline. The neckline actually stood away from her shoulders, leaving them completely bare and exposed. The fitted bodice was tight on her waist, and the full, flared skirt fell below her knees. Superman added sexy, dangling earrings. Diana brushed her hair carefully, and Superman held her hand as she stepped into her high heels. Superman led her to the full-length mirror, still holding her hand, and she looked herself over.

The vision of feminine beauty that stared back at Diana made her melt. The dress was all feminine softness and sexy vulnerability. She could not take her eyes off the reflection. Once again, she was slipping, and feeling more womanish by the second. In the mirror she saw a delicious and delicate lady. The costume she wore as a super heroine would be wasted on the feminine beauty in the mirror.

"You sure make an incredible woman, Diana," Superman said. "You are more of a woman than I ever was. It almost seems like you were meant to be a girl, you have taken to it so well. I have to admit, I am going to miss you."

Diana still could not take her eyes off the mirror. Her reflection was enchanting. She found that she was frozen in place, unable to move. She was rapidly becoming a slave to the image in the mirror. At this point her eyes were glazed and half closed. Her mouth was parted gently, and her face had relaxed. Her whole body was limp. She could not help but yield to the pull of the lovely, feminine dress. In this dress she was a milky, tender weakling, and she loved it. The velvet material rubbed gently on her silky skin, bringing out every bit of the woman in her. She realized with conviction that she was not ready to go back to being Superman yet. She was enjoying being Diana far too much to turn back now. It was impossible to turn back just now.

Superman interrupted Diana's reverie: "Diana, are you all right? Is something wrong?"

"No," gasped Diana in a breathy voice. "I just can't get over this dress. And my reflection. I don't think I am ready to go back to being Superman yet. I really want to remain Diana for awhile. For maybe a couple of weeks. Would you mind?" She found herself looking at Superman with desperate eyes. She would be shattered if she had to go back to being Superman now. She batted her long eyelashes for effect. Then she averted her eyes submissively.

"Of course you can remain Diana for a few more weeks," said Superman. "The only reason we were going to switch back today was because you wanted to. You should continue to enjoy being a member of the fair sex. And I was not kidding when I said that you were meant to be a girl."

Diana smiled demurely, and batted her eyes again. She was meant to be a girl? What a pleasant thought! It certainly seemed that way. "Will you take me out to dinner tonight and show me off in my new dress?" she cooed gently.

"Certainly," replied Superman. "I'll be back after I take this equipment and your Wonder Woman costume to a place of safekeeping. I can't very well leave those things in your apartment."

"Yes," agreed Diana. "Of course."

After Superman left with the items, Diana luxuriated in her new dress the rest of the day. Then she and Clark had a wonderful dinner out, and she took great pleasure in showing herself off. Her resistance to her voluptuous, feminine wiles was gone. She loved being on display. She flaunted her scented, powdered, silk-pantied and well-wrapped body joyfully. What a night!

The next morning, Diana got ready for the day. She fixed her hair and makeup, then put on a full, red gingham dress with scoop neckline and platter collar. Her appearance was most pleasing. She was in the middle of her daily cleaning when it happened. As she was dusting the living room, she felt an overwhelming sense of vertigo and confusion. Then Diana's memories, which had continued to be so prominent lately, flooded over her. It was overwhelming! So far, she had been able to access Diana's memories only when she needed them. She had been in control. Now they were filling her awareness all at once, and she could not stop them. And, strangely enough, they seemed to be her only memories. It seemed that she was drowning in Diana's memories. She lost all awareness of herself and her surroundings. After that, she was conscious only of the flood of memories. This went on for almost an hour before it finally stopped.

When Diana came to, she was lying on the living room floor. She got up, stumbled on her pumps, and almost fell down again. She walked cautiously to the bathroom and looked herself over in the mirror. Her reflection was pale and wan. She felt extremely different, but at first she did not know why. Then she understood. Diana's memories had fully become hers. They were clear and easy to access. Too easy to access. When she thought of her mother, Wonder Woman's mother came to mind. When she thought of fighting and bringing to justice super villains and criminals, she could only remember Wonder Woman's foes. She also thought how unladylike and unfeminine it was for her, as Wonder Woman, to be such an arrogant super heroine. Superman's memories were gone altogether. She knew that she had once been Superman, but could remember nothing about being Superman. The specifics of Superman's life were gone, except for what Wonder Woman knew about him from the "outside."

Staying bonded with this body for so long had robbed Wonder Woman of Superman's memories and made Wonder Woman's memories hers! She tried hard to reconnect with Superman's memories, with absolutely no success. His memories were completely lost. Confusion reigned as she struggled unsuccessfully to reject her feminine memories and find Superman's missing memories.

In the middle of this struggle, Diana became aware of a powerful inner conviction that she was Wonder Woman. She felt like she was Wonder Woman, like she had always been Wonder Woman. Superman was someone else, someone alien from her. The memories she had tried to retrieve were actually the rightful property of someone else! She had made the complete transition from Superman to Wonder Woman! She was Wonder Woman now! She had somehow been locked into Wonder Woman's memories and her very identity, but without her super powers!

She stood there stunned. She had Wonder Woman's body, her memories, and now she knew at her core that she was Wonder Woman. There was nothing of Superman left. She did not want to be Superman. She loved who she was. She liked being Wonder Woman, but adored even more being the new, ultra-feminine Diana Prince. It was wonderful being softly feminine, and voluptuously sexy. The thought of becoming Superman again was suddenly horrifying. How could she give up wearing dresses and makeup? How could she give up her long, black hair and her luxurious, red fingernails? How could she give up her feminine role in life and return to the aggressive cutthroat world of the Daily Planet or the responsibilities of being a superhero? There would be no one to lean on, no one to take care of her!

At that moment, she realized what she would have to do. Somehow, she would have to convince Superman to let her stay Wonder Woman forever, even if she had no super powers. She would have to convince him to remain Superman.

When Clark came to the apartment that night, Diana beckoned him to enter. She immediately asked: "Do you think we could make this body swap permanent? I would like to remain a woman forever."

"Of course you can stay in that body permanently," Clark quickly replied. "I am going to enjoy living as Superman. And I am going to enjoy watching you live out your life as a woman, particularly as the feminine creature that you are now. But I have some conditions for making the body swap permanent. You can only remain Diana if you agree to all my conditions. Do you want to hear them?"

"Yes!" answered Diana, eagerly.

"First, you will always obey me," began Clark. "Second, you must always look beautiful and feminine. Third, if you ever go back to work it must be a woman's job only. You could be a beautician, nurse, or secretary. Something like that. And finally, you must give up the idea of fighting crime as a super heroine, and you will wear your Wonder Woman costume only when I tell you to. Do you agree to my conditions?"

"Yes," said Diana breathlessly. His conditions excited her. They were just what she wanted out of life. It sounded perfect.

She became Diana permanently. She had the body, the memories, the personality, and the identity.

After their agreement, Clark made plans to have a party at Diana's apartment on the next Saturday night. He called about a dozen people, and then gave Diana instructions on preparation for the party, and how she would serve the guests. He was very mysterious about the whole thing.

Chapter 5

After the party, Diana learned a lot about what had happened to her during the past few weeks. It turned out that there was more going on than she knew. In a nutshell, it seems that she had been set up. One would think that Diana would have been angry over what had been done to her, but she was not.

Diana spent most of the day cleaning, cooking food, and preparing hors d'oeuvres. At one o'clock, she got a phone call from Clark. He told Diana that her attire for the night was hanging in her closet. He told her to put it on immediately, and explained that he would inspect her appearance when he arrived at the apartment. Diana went into the bedroom and opened the closet door, curious about what she would find. Hanging there was her Wonder Woman costume, complete with all the accessories. Diana's mouth dropped open. She flushed with embarrassment, as she took the costume from the closet and prepared herself.

Diana filled with concern as she donned the Wonder Woman costume. She hoped that Superman had not changed his mind about forbidding her from continuing her career as a super heroine. Maybe he adjusted the Purple Healing Ray to give her her super powers back, but she did not take pleasure from the idea of returning to the persona of an arrogant crime fighting Amazon. Wearing the costume instead of a skirt was uncomfortable, but she had to obey his instructions. But why the party? Who was she cooking for?

Wonder Woman continued cleaning and cooking for the rest of the afternoon. Before Clark arrived, she touched up her makeup so she would look just right. She wanted to be the perfect image of a super heroine.

When Clark arrived, he was obviously pleased with Wonder Woman's appearance and her preparations for his party. The guests started arriving at seven o'clock, but she was banished to the kitchen before anyone showed up. As she finished her food preparation, she could vaguely hear the voices of their guests arriving in the living room. Strangely enough, she only heard the voices of women. She heard no men except for Clark.

At seven thirty, Clark, having changed into Superman, came into the kitchen and told Wonder Woman to start serving wine and hors d'oeuvres. She carried a tray of wine glasses out of the kitchen, toward the living room. As she emerged into the living room, she saw Superman and several costumed women seated there. All eyes were on Wonder Woman. They widened in amazement when they saw her. There was a feminine murmur around the room, and she heard a few of the women say: "Oh my god!" And: "Can you believe it?" She recognized the women in the room, and her head started spinning at the implications. Somehow, she managed to maintain her composure as she offered drinks to the ladies. Then she fled the room, anxious to escape with the excuse of getting more wine.

Back in the kitchen, Wonder Woman sat down and tried hard not to faint. Those women were super heroines from all over the world, including Bat Girl, Mary Marvel, and Black Canary!

Since the super heroines had come at the request of Superman, that meant that they probably knew all about the body swap. They probably knew that Wonder Woman had been Superman and that Superman had been Wonder Woman. They must have come to learn what their sister super heroine had done. And, more than likely, Superman was showing Wonder Woman off to them.

Wonder Woman flushed with embarrassment. She was totally exposed to this group of women. The last thing that she wanted to do was return to the living room, but she did not dare defy Superman. Picking up another tray of wine glasses, she went back to the living room. The women were talking quietly with Superman, but they watched every move Wonder Woman made. She was unable to stop blushing, and she was shaking as well. There was nothing she could do. She offered her tray of wine glasses to the women who still needed wine, and returned to the kitchen for the food.

Wonder Woman spent the evening handing out hors d'oeuvres and refilling wine glasses. She was too embarrassed to look anyone in the eye. Repeatedly, she found herself blushing. Because she was so self-conscious, she tried to rein in her feminine mannerisms. She did not want these super heroines to know just how feminine and womanly she had become. But her attempts to control herself failed desperately. The more she tried to restrain her femininity, the more girlish she became. Her walk turned into a mince. Her hips swung freely with each step as her breasts jiggled rhythmically behind her costume's bustier. Her voice seemed to go up in pitch even more. She was completely unable to hide her feminine nature.

After Wonder Woman had served the party for well over an hour, Superman began a meeting of the super heroines. Wonder Woman was instructed to stand in the middle of the room, where all the women could continue to look her over. She flushed red with shame, but did as she was told.

Superman called the meeting to order, then began a lengthy speech, "This is an historic meeting of super heroines. I have accomplished something astonishing with my Amazon technology. Soon, you will each have the opportunity to work the same magic that I have worked. I will help each and every one of you obtain the kind of power that I now have. Then together we will change the world."

"I am going to start with a brief summary of this little miracle," continued Superman. "A few of you already know all the details, but most of you know only the basics. This story will fill in the gaps for you. Even Wonder Woman is going to learn a few new things.

"As you know, the woman standing in front of you used to be Superman, and you all knew him. She occupied the body that I now own. I was Wonder Woman. Not long ago, I discovered a way, using the Amazon Purple Healing Ray, to switch bodies with a member of the opposite sex. The idea fascinated me, and I could immediately see the opportunity it offered. Using the subterfuge of a contrived emergency at Paradise Island, home of the Amazons, I was able to convince Superman to let me use the Ray to temporarily swap our bodies. At first, he was wary of the idea, but he finally agreed to live in Wonder Woman's body for a few days while I spent the time in his body. He did not know that I intended for the body swap to be permanent. He had no idea that he was being set up."

"You see," he continued, "The Ray did more than just swap our bodies. As Superman left his body, his life essence was stripped of all its masculinity. Every bit of maleness was taken from his helpless spirit and given to me. At the same time, my femininity was transferred to him. The Ray then bound us each to our new bodies, so that the body swap would be almost impossible to reverse. Once the exposure to the ray was over, Superman had been completely transformed into Wonder Woman. 'He' was now a 'she' named Princess Diana. I, of course, was now Superman in all ways. I then convinced the new Wonder Woman that she had only temporarily acquired Wonder Woman's female personality. She believed that her femininity was merely due to the feminine memories stored in Wonder Woman's mind."

"Only later did Wonder Woman realize that she was far more feminine than the original Wonder Woman. By then I think it was too late for her to escape the effects of the Ray, if escape was ever possible. You see, I have created a unique creature with this new Wonder Woman. Up until now, all men and women have contained a mixture of masculine and feminine elements. In men, masculinity predominates, but there are feminine elements. In women, femininity predominates, but some masculine characteristics are present. Well, the new Wonder Woman is pure femininity. She has no masculine qualities left, thanks to the Ray. She carries all the femininity that the original Wonder Woman had, plus the feminine elements of the original Superman. Likewise, I now carry all of the masculine qualities that both Superman and Wonder Woman had. We are the first of a new breed of men and women.

"It quickly became apparent that the Ray had succeeded completely. The new Wonder Woman was overcome with the joys of femininity. She reveled in femininity. She even surrendered her most precious possession, her costume, to me without hesitation because she felt uncomfortable wearing it. This concerned me at first; Perhaps, I thought, she still had enough of Superman's persona and masculinity to not care to wear the costume of a super heroine. But as it turned out, wearing the costume was inconsistent with her total femininity. The Wonder Woman costume with its bracelets and magic lasso accessories of bondage is a symbol of a dominating woman, not a submissive one.

"Before I knew it, she had permed her hair and obtained a complete makeover. She absolutely loved wearing dresses, and started complaining about wearing slacks. She could not restrain her female sexuality. The longer she stayed in her body, the more feminine she acted. The final step of the process gave her Wonder Woman's memories and her total identity, except for Wonder Woman's knowledge of the Purple Ray and other Amazon technological secrets, as well as the details of my plan. I have kept that knowledge to myself for obvious reasons. But she has become Wonder Woman so completely that she would fight switching back to Superman. Even what I have just told you, in her presence, will not change her desire to remain Wonder Woman."
He turned to Wonder Woman and asked: "Aren't I right, Princess Diana?"

Wonder Woman's head was spinning. This had been a trap all along! She burned with humiliation, but was not angry. As embarrassing as this situation was, she could not get mad. She knew that Superman was right. She did not want to go back to being Superman, despite what she now knew. "Yes," she said. "I want to remain Wonder Woman."

"And why do you want to remain Wonder Woman?" he asked.

"Because I am a woman," answered Wonder Woman, shyly. Even though she was telling the truth, she wanted to crawl into a corner and hide. Revealing this was humiliating. The group of women murmured in amazement.

"You see?", Superman said. "I have her right where I want her. How many of you would like to command the kind of power I now have?"

The group replied with a chorus of assents. Wonder Woman realized that she was the first in what might become a long line of turnabout women.

"We will be a new breed of men," asserted Superman. "We are willing to take the masculine power we want and make it ours. We will be incredibly strong because of our super powers and our total command of masculinity. No one will be able to stand against us. And we will create a new breed of women who have been stripped their masculine strength and then trapped in a life of total femininity!" A cheer erupted from the room. The super heroines loved it!

One of the women stood enthusiastically, and approached the place where Wonder Woman was standing in the middle of the room. Wonder Woman recognized her. It was Lois Lane. She circled Wonder Woman and hungrily eyed her body. Lois' lusty attention stirred Wonder Woman's own sexual instincts, and she struck a more alluring pose.

"Hello, Wonder Woman," greeted Lois. "You know, I had been trying for a long time to get Superman to make love to me, but he just wasn't interested. Then, I had -shall we say- an 'encounter' with the 'old' Wonder Woman. She showed me some real loving. But I still wanted Superman. Then she came up with the idea of this little switcheroo, and now I can have you both!"

"You mean you knew about this from the beginning?" asked Wonder Woman.

"Since the phone call you, that is, Superman, in his secret identity as Clark Kent, received a few weeks ago," answered Lois. "Remember how you, er, he agreed with my suggestion that I was sexy? It was all part of our plan."

"I don't remember you making that suggestion," replied Wonder Woman. "But I remember calling Clark. It's all so... confusing..."

Then Lois turned to Superman and said: "This is one fine woman you have created here. She really turns me on. I can't remember the last time I have wanted anyone so much. Will you loan her to me tomorrow night, big guy? I could ride her all night long!"

"Sure you can. I believe in sharing with my friends!" Superman replied generously. "But don't expect her to respond as before. Her total loss of masculinity means that her previous desire for women is also gone. You will have to be the dominant one this time, Lois. She might resist your advances, but you can use her magic lasso to take care of that."

Wonder Woman swallowed visibly. Now that she was Superman's property, he could share her with anyone! And tomorrow night he was going to share her with Lois! Her discomfort at the thought of having sex with another woman was offset by a sense of excitement. Being taken by Lois would be a turn-on. Lois wanted her for her soft, shapely body, and her hot love-mound. She would make Wonder Woman hers for the night, and Wonder Woman would yield to her.

One of the other super heroines turned toward Superman and went on with excitement: "I want to be one of the first ones to get a new body. Then I can go out and pick up all the babes I can find. The only problem is going to be finding a man with which to switch."

"Don't you worry about that," said Superman. "We will trap the entire Justice League, and before you know it, you will be a superhero, too." Superman and the super heroines all laughed. "As for picking up babes, I can lead an attack on Paradise Island, where we can have our choice of voluptuous women. Once I set foot on the island, they will be helpless."

"One more thing, before we get back to the festivities," continued Superman. "I want to make sure that no one doubts my total control over Wonder Woman, even though she still has her super powers."

"What?" screeched one of the heroines. "What do you mean, 'she still has her super powers'? You mean you didn't use the Ray to strip her of them?"

"Of course not," replied Superman. "Up to now, she didn't even realize she still had them, because being super-powered conflicted with her overwhelming femininity. I discovered she couldn't float on air currents almost immediately following the procedure; not because the Ray stripped her of her powers, but because she didn't want to use them. And she didn't want to because her feminine instincts told her to be entirely dependent on Superman, right from the beginning. I let her keep her super powers, because stripped of them, she's of no use to me. For instance, she can use her super strength around the house to lift heavy furniture while she's dusting!"

The women laughed. "A Wonder Maid!" exclaimed one of the super heroines. "Do you think I can have her over to clean my place?"

"Sure," replied Superman. Then he turned to Wonder Woman and said: "Now, Wonder Woman dear, undress for us. I want you to be naked tonight as you serve us. That way, all of us can admire your body. And Lois can get very, very horny."

Wonder Woman blanched white, but immediately started removing her costume. She was glad to be stripped of it, but she also knew that she had no choice.

The End

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