Beauty Secrets

blackboardBeauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

Your Staff offer you beauty secrets to look like the girl you are inside! From head to toe you will find training assignments in this section that will  transform yourself into your girlish dream – face, figure, fashion, and finesse!

sexy sissy doll

a pretty face

Even if your Superior does not wish for you to wear makeup, it is always possible that if you learn
sissy Nails

sissy Nails

Part of curing you little sissies of being men (and inferior ones at that) is to learn a proper manicure
sissy size it!

sissy Size it!

What's a girl to wear? If she doesn’t know what size she is and what clothing flatters her figure, does
Lipsticks for Cocksucking

Cock Friendly Lipsticks For Every sissy

The House knows how much you love to put your best face forward & nothing screams "Amateur!" like a face
Perfect Portraits

Perfect Portraits

Have you ever wondered how you can create better portraits and photos for your Gallery? Learn how!
Swimsuits for sluts!

swimsuits for sluts

A girl can feel positively driven to get a little wet in the steamy, sticky, and sultry summer. If you’re
Figure Training

Figure Training

The House asks you to change the very shape of your femininity and to be tied even tighter in submission.
Ready to start your training?

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You have an excellent site. It is the most professional adult site I have visited. Most sites come off sort of sleazy (pardon the pun) because they promise something they don’t really deliver. Your whole system seems honest and straight… Read more “maggie”

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luscious laura
8 months ago

I need help with the make up to go out any tips to help and how do I act to be around other woman I am so rusty

3 years ago

This sissy went to serve a Mistress for the first time last week and Mistress gave sissy a makeover before dressing her as a maid and setting her to work. Mistress stated that non waterproof is best for swift and easy removal. Does anyone have a view on this and would any product be better that others? Also would just soap and Warm water be enough to wash it all off? Thank you, love vicky xxx

4 years ago

went shopping this morning…stopped by the estee lauder counter in the mall….the Superior Women helping me was so friendly….picked up modern muse perfume along with some eye shadow, blush and 2 new colors of lipstick….this is my first report I hope i’ve written it correctly ….and that Ms Stewert’s day is nice. alyssa.

4 years ago

I really like using a sponge to do my liquid and powder foundations. I always put too much liquid foundation on with a brush and look caked. I love a sponge:)

4 years ago

I went shopping for make-up it was so hard to choose from but I did finally found the what I needed.