Submit to the Staff!

So you did your Assignment to your best ability....and you are now ready to send your report to the House. Good girl.

Just one more way to lessen your "thought load", and keep you girls in-line, the Staff has created this Submission Form for you. And we know how bad you really want to tell Us about your Assignment, right?

Points to Ponder

  • We want to know that you grasped the intention of the Assignment. Report accordingly.
  • A poorly done Report is much less forgiving than a late one. Take your time. 
  • Be clear and concise! The Staff does not enjoy rambling sissy reports.
  • A good report will earn you Princess Points, an honorary Badge and move you up in your Ranking!
  • Proper Correspondence Etiquette applies here too. Read it. Learn it. Live by it.
  • Spelling counts in large amounts.
  • You may cut and paste your report into the form... but be aware of the size limitations of our Electriks. If you think it may be too big, it undoubtedly is.
  • Your Report will be a representation of the Teachings of the House. Other girls will read it. Set a good example for your sisters!

Tell us about it

Write your report in your favorite word processor. Paste it into the form provided. Double check your submission for accuracy, spelling and Correspondence Etiquette. Submit your photographic documentation and relish in an Assignment well done!

Only Inside girls can view this form!
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The House has helped rikki in such a short time. It’s given a safe refuge with safe, caring sisters. It’s helped free h.erself and giving the tools to serve a Mistress, in order to fulfill desire… Read more “rikki”

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