Womens Studies

Women’s Studies

We know you want to become a girl. Emulating instead of lusting is the first key, but there is so much more to study. Learning the ways of the Woman are an integral and important part of actually becoming one.

This Women's Studies report section includes submitted reports from our girls on topics that will help get you there.



When a sissy has to go!

chrissy has forever changed the way she thinks when she needs to relieve herself. she is careful about her actions

Flirting ~ Two Roads Diverged

janielle feels there are two basic purposes for flirting. The first is just for the fun of being girly, Wardrobe

Using the Restroom: Proper Etiquette for sissys

This is a most helpful lesson regarding proper sissy etiquette using the restroom because bunny has moments when she doesn’t.
Beautiful shoes for sissy nicky

Beautiful shoes for sissy nicky

I hope the House Staff will allow this but this is based on something nicky did before joining this wonderful
First time shopping in public

First time shopping in public

my beloved Madame, Superiors and Staff chrissy finally took the plunge, gathered up her courage and decided she needed to
future is female

Purpose In The FemDom Relationship

The assignment on FemDom relationships caught janielle’s attention right away with the use of the word “relationship”. The Mother and
vanessa in pink

The Importance of sissy’s Monthly Discipline

Sissy vanessa just realized that, while religiously following House requirements for Auntie Flo for many years (linked to Mistress' schedule),
kindra bunny

Fuzzy Pink Bunny shopping report!

kindra is delighted to report that she finally completed the sissy shopping assignment properly. This sissy recently traveled to a

Fire Aunt Flo… Now, please!

With all due respect, alhambra cannot believe that the sisters really know what Aunt Flo does when s.he visits sissies.
shopping with lamb

Shop until Superior tells sissy to Drop

While this sissy has shopped in person many times before, receiving the direct message from Madame Stewart of “Next -
Easter Bonnet

Easter Bonnets

This sissy’s Mistress would never wear an Easter bonnet as was done in the 1950’s. Mistress believes this is a
Aunt Flo Loves you

sissies first period

This sissy has used pads for its own pathetic fun in the past but has now been blessed by being
bra and panty set

pinky’s bra and panty set shopping

This sissy loves wearing panties and has many panties in all kinds and colors. When sissy pinky has the chance
Aunt Flo

Monthly Visits That Are Welcomed but Dreaded

Thank You to the House for the wonderful training assignment especially Women Studies. Aunt Flo has come to visit and

sissy’s first shopping trip

To Madame Stewart, Superiors and House Staff: sissy jenn took h.er first shopping trip trip to Southern Maine, sissy jenn

The Ladies Lounge – A Woman’s Oasis

sissy enjoyed this assignment quite a lot firstly because she was reminded of going into the old style Ladies Lounges

Shopping for color!

This sissy received instructions from her Wife that s.he was to add some color to her wardrobe! So, on Saturday

Spending a hundred bucks and feeling like a million!

nikki went back to lane bryant as s.he said s.he would for yoga pants and a top. nikki ended up
Floral Lingerie

nikki’s first shopping trip

nikki took a personal day from work in order to complete her Shopping Assignment while there would be people in
Aunt Flo

The visit

When this sissy received h.er first notification of the upcoming visit from Aunt flow h.er masculine side promptly said at

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