Womens Studies

Women’s Studies

We know you want to become a girl. Emulating instead of lusting is the first key, but there is so much more to study. Learning the ways of the Woman are an integral and important part of actually becoming one.

This Women's Studies report section includes submitted reports from our girls on topics that will help get you there.



sissy tinkle time

This sissy evelyn always sits to pee when s.he is at home but until a week ago s.he is embarrassed
katie in the spring

Spring into Womanhood

It’s Springtime! That means we can finally take off our winter coats and long sweatshirts and start wearing our short
Aunt Flo is in Town!

Hello Aunt Flow

This sissy was little-aware of the nature of feminine biology that would intrude on her lifestyle. Then rumors of a
Aunt Flo is in Town!

Full woman time

This sissy embraces the full woman time every 28 days, she uses a calendar programme to tell her when to
I shop. Therefore I am.

Sissies Shop till they drop!

It is my understanding, and the understanding of many of my sisters that shopping as a sissy can be very
dream lounge

Ladies Room

Thank you for providing this very useful material for the House sissies, it is very useful in helping sissies in

Sissy’s Flirtatious adventure

Sissy finally decided to get on with he.r life since the divorce. S.he has always been outgoing but was a

Time in the Lounge

As your sissy enter the bathroom, your sissy took a seat on the toilet bowl. Your sissy unzipped her black
Woman studies helped me become the girl i am today and always wanted to be.

Time to let the real girl out

So this sissy has been wondering all her life....whats it like to be a Woman. At the age of 12,
panty shopping

Going panty shopping

Sissy maryanne loves panties, and has so many panties (never enough) in all shapes and colors. When sissy maryanne has
flash those nails

Saturday night Shopping!

Sissy britney chose to go shopping for heels as part of her first assignment. Unfortunately, s.he didn't wear makeup because
My bathroom routine

My bathroom routine

as i enter the bathroom, i take a seat on the toilet bowl. i unzipped my black pencil skirt and

Getting ready

So its time to take the next step...candy must be revealed to the world out there but she requires a
andrea went shopping!

A shopping trip with surprises

This sissy is submitting a report on her last shopping trip. This sissy went to the store where she had
womens room

the women’s room

For this sissy sitting to pee has always been a thrilling thing. Ever since she was little she wanted to

Feminine Washroom Habits

In keeping with trying to emulate feminine behavior in all things personal, this sissy has tucked and worn restrictive panties
Aunt Flo meets Betty Crocker

Sissys 2nd period

Following the sissys message that her 2nd visit from Aunt flo was due - this sissy went shopping once again
Aunt Flo Loves you

Aunt flo is a regular thing!

It all started years back when this sissy found the House! This sissy was afraid to use the path but

My very own SissyLounge

How cool would it be if every single person that was born, ultimately ended up getting to design their very
I shop. Therefore I am.

The Joys of Shopping

This sissy loves to shop! s.he loves planning a new outfit around a pair of shoes or a special item

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