Womens Studies

Women’s Studies

We know you want to become a girl. Emulating instead of lusting is the first key, but there is so much more to study. Learning the ways of the Woman are an integral and important part of actually becoming one.

This Women's Studies report section includes submitted reports from our girls on topics that will help get you there.


Aunt Flo

Sissys first period

The sissy knew that her first period was due when she began to get sore nipples and stomach cramps in

Spring is a good time to please

Women celebrating the changing of seasons by displaying their success in being feminine is a wonderful thing! If a sissy
Aunt Flo is in Town!

Riders Of The Red River

“It’s not all stockings & nail polish, sweetie – being a woman is hard work.” said tara's Superior, and it

Lock down shoppers

This sissy no longer fears makeup lines full of feminine products. When this sissy looks back at how scary it

sissy lanna’s First Shopping Trip

This girl wishes to submit her assignment for appraisal by the House Staff and Superiors. sissy lanna is grateful for
Let's Go Shopping, Online!

Let’s Go Shopping, Online!

Looking for a dress and heels that would look great with he.r figure., sissy ellie went looking through windows of

Sissy’s First Shopping Trip Purchasing Girly Clothing

jessie is an average married gurl who loves h.er wife, and has a young adult child. jessie's wife does not

Hats! Hats! Hats!

This sissy loves the idea of big hats. This Assignment briefly talked about the loss of hats for fashion as
The Pink Hat

accessories for a sissy

This sissy has read the Assignment "Spring From Head to Toe", from the section "Women's Studies", and sissy sakura has
It hurts and I'm dying

Back to my period

Although this sissy had been expecting Aunt Flo, when she came on a Sunday morning sissy was slightly unprepared. This
Hello beautiful!

tini’s pause place

Dear, Superiors Today this sissy learned the bathroom is not just a place to make tinkles it is also an
Lingerie, beautiful lingerie...

Lingerie, beautiful lingerie…

At the moment this sissy is on holiday alone. This gives her the freedom to places where she normally would
Shopping with angelica

Shopping with angelica

Sissy angelica applied hair remover all over he.r body and closely shaved he.r sissy face before showering. So silky smooth.
Aunt Flo Visit

Compassion, To “Suffer With”

Aunt Flo’s arrival was abrupt, On sissy’s Special Day! Stranger than fiction, nature has its way even with sissies. Sissy
Aunt Flo is in Town!

ashley’s First Visit from Aunt Flo

ashley signed up for Aunt Flo notifications on Saturday and while s.he was expecting a visit fairly soon, ashley was

Sissy goes shopping again

( not as intimidating as the earlier trips but still some surprises) This sissy decided that for a new years
queenie goes shopping!

This sissy goes shopping!

My Mistress set this sissy an Obedience Test, one designed both to let me report on the Sissy Training Assignment
Aunt Flo

a celebration of Womanhood

This sissy has just completed her first period. This sissy followed all the protocols laid forth in this assignment including
Victorias Secret

Finding out about Victoria’s Secret

sissy needed to get he.r vision checked and get a new pair of glasses. As s.he pulled up to the

Brassieres and mammaries

This sissy has been fascinated by brassieres and the mammaries they support as long as s.he can remember. Breasts were

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