Womens Studies

Women’s Studies

We know you want to become a girl. Emulating instead of lusting is the first key, but there is so much more to study. Learning the ways of the Woman are an integral and important part of actually becoming one.

This Women's Studies report section includes submitted reports from our girls on topics that will help get you there.


Report 255 - Let's go Shopping!

Report 255 – Let’s go Shopping!

This lowly sissy is reporting her latest shopping trips--two separate occasions in the last two days--to shop for spring fashions.On
Report 407 - A Visit From Aunt Flo

Report 407 – A Visit From Aunt Flo

Your humble panty slave shaved everything tonight Mistress. She is also here typing this as Flo begins her periodic work:
Report 409 - A Visit From Aunt Flo

Report 409 – A Visit From Aunt Flo

Today i began my "monthly" regiment. i followed all the instruction that i could from the "Visit from Aunt Flo"

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