sissy kiss

“It should be my wishing that I might die kissing.”

What is a kiss ?

The dictionary calls a kiss is “a salute made by touching with the lips pressed closely together and suddenly parting them.” Sure honey, that explains the action… but it certainly doesn’t explain the kiss. There are as many ways to kiss as there are people who kiss. And more importantly, many ways to lose your girlish self in the appreciation for the intimacy of receiving. The relishing of that perfect, blissful moment given to you. To fall into that deep abandon akin to the steamiest romantic novel.

The lovers kiss has been called the balm of love; the seal of bliss; loves tribute; the melting sip; the nectar of Venus; the language of love. A kiss is all of these, and more because a kiss can never be absolutely defined. For each kiss is different from the last one or the next one. No two kisses are alike because it is people who give and receive kisses. Superiors and their princesses, pulsating with life and love and happiness.

Of course there are many kinds of kisses that can be easily defined. The Mothers kiss of a child, parting friends or meeting family that have been away. The kiss on the hand at a first meeting. Although these are called kisses, they are not what we are going to be discussing in this Assignment. Our kisses are going to be the only kind of kisses worth considering .The kiss of love. The kiss of abandonment. The kiss of passion. The kisses given to a sissy. We think even Robert Burns had you girls in mind when he wrote:

Honeyed seal of soft affections,
Tenderest pledge of future bliss,
Dearest tie of young connections,
Love’s first snowdrop, virgin kiss

Why would a Superior want to kiss a sissy?

Superiors and Dominants kiss because they are satisfying a hunger within them, a hunger that is as natural as the hunger for food, water or knowledge.

It is the hunger for sex that drives them for a kiss. This hunger is instinctive, that is we are born with it, all of us, and we cannot learn it or acquire it, in any way. We can choose our partners or our method of acquiring satisfaction, but the drive for sex is within us all. (Yes girls, that’s just one more reason to submit your Masturbation Application to keep those urges in line)

The only kiss that counts in this Assignment is the one exchanged between you and your Superior. This kiss is really the introduction to love and servitude. The kiss prepares the participants for the foundation or starting point for sexual love, and intimacy.

In Preparation

The sissy , as all girls should, must be very concerned with he.r personal hygiene. You certainly do not want your Superior to see dingy teeth or a foul smelling mouth, do you? See to it your teeth are well cared for, have them cleaned by a dentist if they are stained or darkened. Avoid coffees, teas and cigarettes. Brush multiple times a day. They should sparkle. Your breath must be sweet. Refrain from highly spiced foods or medicinal smelling mouthwashes the day you plan to be with your Superior.

John Secundus, in describing a kiss, said that his lover’s kiss was like:

..every aromatic breeze
That wafts from Africa’s spicy trees

I bet that she didn’t have garlic bagels and onions for lunch, either!

The start of a kiss for the sissy should be with her lips slightly parted as she awaits the lips of he.r Superior. The sissy’s cherry red lips serve as a charming frame for pearly white teeth, so that months, even years later in your Superior’s memory will be the picture of rows of pearls nestled in a frame of cherries. Now that doesn’t mean to put on your lipstick with a putty knife! (Refer to the Face Assignment for additional reading on this subject). In all things be subtle. I mean really, you don’t want your Superior to look like they just returned from a war zone!

The essential bubble bath, not a quick shower but a long steaming bath where your sissy body can absorb the subtle aroma of the oils is an excellent place to start your ritual. An opportunistic time as well to work on your Shaving Assignment!

The scent of a sissy’s hair can send shivers of joy coursing up and down a Superior’s spine. The scent of he.r body can be the catalyst for the throes of passion. Odors are as necessary to love as love, itself. That is why it is essential that a sissy mind her hygiene.

A girls hair should be immaculately clean with just a hint of fragrance. Maybe, just a tiny touch of perfume at the corners of the mouth. Just be sure your fragrances match and not clash with each other! A flower fragrance like Roses, Gardenia’s or Jasmine can be found in perfumes, bath oils, powders and lotions. Choose a fragrance that you like and one your Superior adores, use it in all your toiletry so the sweet odor waifs through the room as you walk and becomes connected completely with you in the mind of your Superior. So from that point on when your Superior’s nose picks up that fragrance the signal to the brain is “My sissy is here and I want her..”

The Basic Technique of Kissing

Approach, and touch the rim of your Superior’s ear with your lips in a sort of brushing motion. Breathe gently into the delicate shell and whisper sweet terms of endearment, such as “my life for you” into it. From the ear to the neck is but another few inches. Let your lips transverse this distance quickly and then dart to the nap of the neck and, with your lips well pursed, nip the skin there, using the same gentleness as would a cat lifting her precious kittens.

Then with a series of little nips, bring your lips around from the nape of the neck to the curving, swerve of the jaw, close to the ear. Gently kiss the lobe of the ear. From then on, the way should be clear to you to reach the corner of the lips. You will know when this happens because there will be a noticeable reaction, a stiffening of the body. The reason for this is the lips constitute one of the main erogenous zones of the body. The nerve ends in it are so sensitive that the slightest contact with them sends a pleasurable thrill immediately through the nervous system, through the medulla portion of the brain, back through the nervous system again, through branches which connect up with motor nerves, in this case…. the nerves that control the sphincter muscles of the mouth and lips, then wham! Straight to the sexual organs!

Lift your lips away slightly, center them so that when you make contact there will be a perfect union. And there you have the perfect sissy kiss.

At this point, it is necessary for us to discuss a few subjects which are germane to the art of kissing, particularly in so far as they apply to what has just been described. For instance, should the eyes be open or closed ? A sissies eyes should always be closed so they drift into the daze of pleasures to come. Superiors like to see the face of their beloved. To see the tiny wrinkles form at the corner of the eyes, wrinkles of joy. To see the fleeting spasms of bliss flit across the eyes, so your pleasure is for two senses, touch and sight. These two coupled with the perfume of the breath, all combine to make the kiss an exquisite, ineffable epitome of unequaled bliss.

Enjoy the thrills of kissing

But don’t be in a hurry ! As in all matters pertaining to serving your Superior, don’t hurry the process of kissing. A kiss is too rapturous a thing to be enjoyed for the moment and the moment only. Linger longer than you have ever lingered before. Forget time. Forget everything but the kiss in which you are in the midst of. “You can’t breathe”? Breathe? Who wants to breathe, who even wants to think of breathing in the middle of an impassioned kiss? Breathe through your nose if you have to breathe. But kiss, keep on kissing, as long as there is one ounce of breath within you.

An unknown poet, but one who certainly knew whereof he spoke, wrote the following poem, which deserves to be quoted in its entirety.

Oh what a joy so soon should waste,
Or so sweet a bliss as a kiss
Might not forever last!
So sugared, so melting, so delicious.
The dew that lies on the roses,
When the morn herself discloses,
Is not so precious.
Oh rather than I would smother
Were I to taste each other.
It should be my wishing
That I might die kissing.

At this point, it should be explained that the lips are not the only part of the mouth ,which should be joined in kissing. Every Superior is a glutton for attention. Just ask one if She can be served. It is of Our core nature. So girlies….get close and make as much body contact as possible! Snuggle up closely, feel the warmth of each other’s bodies. Be so close that the rise and fall of each other’s bosoms is felt by the other. Get next to each other. And this same applies to the mouth in kissing. Don’t be afraid to kiss with more than your lips. After your lips have been glues together for some time, open them slightly. Then put the tip of your tongue out so that you can feel the teeth of your kissee. This will be a signal for your Superior to do the same. If you have been sensual and erotic to your Superior, then their lips will part as well and the tip of their tongue will touch yours… Heaven will be in that union!

Lava will run through your veins instead of blood. Your breath will come in short gasps. There will rise up in you an overpowering, overwhelming surge of emotion such as you have never before experienced. A shudder will go through you. You will moan in the delicious transports of love. And in all probabilities, you will grow faint because the blood in your veins will be rushing furiously into your entire system and away from your head. (And you wonder why We require Our girls to be Tucked at all times) Thus, you will be unable to think any longer. You will only be able to feel, to feel the most exquisite of pleasures that has been your lot to feel.

Whew. Now that you have learned about some basics of the Kiss, lets look at some variety.

Put variety in your kisses!

Let us assume that you have reveled in a sweet, long kiss. Suddenly you see your Superiors eyes close as though in a moment of weariness. Gently detach your lips and raise them up to the closed eye lids. Drop a kisslet first on one eyelid and then on the other. Feel the rolling orb quiver under your lips. When you have done this, run your lips down along the line of the nose, stopping at odd times to purse them into a tiny kiss. When you reach the wrinkle of the nostrils, bury your lips deeply into the curve and kiss little niblets into first one then the other. But always return to the lips.

Never forget this important injunction, “Return to the lips”, for they can never become satiated with love’s ardent sissy kisses. The little kisses you have planted on the eyes and nose serve only to vary the menue of love. They are but spice to the main course of loves banquet which should always include kisses to the lips.

The French Kiss

But don’t stop at this, surely there is more to your tongues than merely its tip. Probe further. Go deeper. Gently caress each other’s tongues. For, in doing this, you are merging your souls. That is why this kiss was called the ” Soul” kiss by the French who were said to be the first people to have perfected it.

The French have always been a liberal minded people and because of that they have been able to perfect the art of love making and the art of kissing. Learn from the French. Learn also from the Romans, especially Catullus who’s love poems to Lesbia have lived through the ages because of the sincerity of his passions and the genius of his ability to express his emotions in the form of beautiful poetry.

The “Vacuum” Kiss

For this kiss you start by indicating to your Superior by brushing the tip of your tongue over their teeth that you wish the same in return. The moment you feel a response, instead of caressing their mouth, suck inward as though you were trying to draw out the innards of an orange.

Your partner should return the vacuum and withdraw the air from your mouth. In this fashion, in a very short while, the air will be completely drawn out of your mouths. Your lips will adhere so tightly that there will be almost pain, instead of pleasure. But it will be the sort of pain that is highly pleasurable. It may sound odd, but never the less, it is a fact you will grow to love. Pain can become so excruciating as to become pleasure. Just ask many of the girls here at the House. This subject will be gone into very shortly in regard to what is known as the “bite kiss”. But at present, let us continue with the “vacuum kiss”.

This kiss must, of necessity, last a comparatively short time. There is too much strain on the delicate mouth tissues and the muscles tire very easily. It is for that reason that this kiss should be of short duration. However, there is a special technique to be used to terminate it. When you decide you have had enough of it, don’t suddenly tear your mouth away. At least don’t do it if there are other people in the house. For they will become quite startled by the sound of a loud report which will result if you act suddenly. Any vacuum when suddenly opened to air gives off a loud popping noise. The procedure is to simply open the corner of your mouth. You will hear a faint hissing sound when this is done. Immediately, you will find the pressure in your mouth lessen. The muscles will relax and a delicious sense of torpor will creep over your entire body, giving it a lassitude that is almost beatific.

The “Painful” Kiss

In the last paragraph we spoke of the “pain or bite kiss”. It is with this seemingly paradoxical pleasure that we shall deal with now. First of all it is necessary to explain that, although an act can be painful, it still can be pleasurable. Some of you girls already know this well. The explanation is merely another indication of the variability of sissy nature. To begin with there are some girls who derive an extreme pleasure out of being whipped or beaten. There is no rational explanation for this strange delight. The fact remains that they react pleasurably to pain. But then we all do to a lesser extent. Love and hate, pain and pleasure it is all just a matter of degree. But to most of us the “nip kiss” is as close as we are going to get to a painful kiss. Horace the Roman, whose kissing proclivities have come down through the ages because of his love poems, also wrote something about the “nip kiss’ when he said:

Or on thy lips, the fierce, fond boy
Marks with his teeth the furious joy.

The “Nip” Kiss

Naturally, in “the nip-kiss” the Superior does not usually open His/Her mouth like the maw of a lion and sink fangs into the sissy. Ridiculous ! The procedure is the same as the ordinary kiss except that, instead of the closing of their lips with the kiss, they leave them slightly open and, as though they were going to nibble on a delicious tidbit, take a playful nip into either the nape of your neck, cheek or lips. Just a nip is enough. And the resultant pleasure, We assure you, will more than compensate for the slight inconvenience of your pain.

Now, dear sissy’s, some of you are bound to be wondering why such kissing subterfuges and substitutes are necessary. It is only that humans are a questing animal. They are never satisfied with the ordinary and commonplace because the commonplace, after a time, becomes very boring. Not that I mean to infer the usual “lip-kiss” is commonplace. Absolutely not. The “lip-kiss”, as I have mentioned before, is the piece de resistance, the main course in the banquet of love. But imagine a meal that had seven courses of lobster or seven courses of dessert. You would be sick and tired of the delicacies after the third course, wouldn’t you? And after the second lobster you wouldn’t be able to look one in the eye. So you see why it is that if the lip-kiss were indulged in exclusively, you would reach a point where it would lose all of it’s rapturous savor.

Variation and Additional Education

Variations of all of these kissing techniques can be performed very nicely and should be practiced extensively. For instance, instead of pressing the lips together at one spot, start at the corner of the mouth and brush your closed lips across the entire mouth. A variation of this, in turn is to part your lips slightly and with the tip of your tongue in the groove that separates the two lips, brush your lips from side to side. Naturally additional variations to this last variation suggest themselves immediately to the aware practitioner of the kiss. In fact, to such a girl, there should come hundreds of subtle variations to titillate the senses. Don’t be afraid to experiment, let your imagination run wild .Set your mood, imagine yourself and your Superior on the grass in a beautiful garden by a waterfall. Or in a beautiful canopy bed covered with fine linens on a cool summers night…..

Then contemplate the wild abandonment of giving yourself away.

Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!


I just wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful service. I have been looking for years to find someone to help me make this transformation. Again, let me say thank you.


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terrina is pleased to read all of the wonderful sensations a kiss can give, most of these have been applied by terrina in the past, some have not, no less terrina never thought about kissing so much since s.he was about 14 and was in a car with four other cute girls, after kissing one girl She bragged what an excellent kisser terrina was. that night terrina was in a kissing frenzy with all four girla in that car. Sadly it didn’t lead to sex probably because sissy had a premature ejaculation and was embarrassed. sissies most memorable kiss was… Read more »


OOhhh Yes !!! Ohh How I LOVE to kiss…. and kiss…. and…… and at the pinnacle….. a deep sweet succulent snowball kiss……. deep and soo Often…… Oohh Yes !! a hint of cum… Makes it soooo supremely delicious… and sooo addictive….. more more..!!!!!!!


This sissy’s spirit is filled with quivering anticipation at the thought of being allowed to
explore these lessons in the intimate company of a Desiring, Willful, Superior Mistress…
…mmmmm….ooohhh! Let these kisses be a prelude to happy servitude forever, donnie


Thanks to the Staff for a very intersting information. This sissy falls down Nirvana when she’s being taken in the position lying on the bed with her feet on the partner’s shoulders and in one moment to have sissygasm she by eye contact asks her partner to kiss her by french kiss. And in the moment their tongues catches ech other in her mouth, she has got with final push deep into her sissy pussy a real female orgasm.


Oh wow, this sissy was familair with the joys of kissing her Mistress, but now learns that she can give so much more to Her mistress!


And when these thoughts, techniques and passion is applied ot a real man’s cock, is this the definition of cock worship too?

Sounds so yummy.


elvi slives

So beautifully written and so delicate in description.This sissy is dreaming blissfully, remembering he.r first kiss.Many thanks,bisous, elvi.


The love and passion described in these kisses fill this sissy with delight and awe. she loves to kiss in cute, playful ways, traveling up the neck and kissing the earlobe. So gentle and so delicate these kisses are described that this sissy could picture her Mistress and herself deeply in love and lost in time through our kisses.


This sissy didn’t know there was so much to know about a perfect sissy kiss. This sissy has so much to learn.


Kissing two perfectly made lips with bright read lipstick is a wonderful experience and should be gentle and after the first brushing together should be long lasting.
A well laid kiss is very sexy and should lead to the most exciting conclusions. I love being kissed sensually every evening and then going to bed with my partner for the night. Always remember to reapply your lipstick with great care to keep your beautiful complexion. Thank you for your guidance Much love and long kisses from Prisicilliar.