Foot Worship For Sissies

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Shoes of Worship

When was the last time you stooped so low to care for your Goddesses’ feet?

Being a Dominant Woman in the workplace – many of Us wear Our best power pumps as We click Our heels down the halls, keeping an eye on Our pathetic interns. Many miles are put in Our heels, and by the end of the day – Our feet need love. Your love!

Be honest with yourself and if not within the last seven days, hitch your skirt high. get on your nylon covered knees, bow low – and show your Superior how much you really care.

Serve at My Feet Sissy Fool

Looking after your Superiors feet is not as straightforward as you may imagine and to do a job deserving of any praise you must master the art of foot massage, pedicure and foot worship like a pro.

Only then, when at your Mistresses feet will you be able to view the infinite height of Femininity which you hope to ever reach.

So come on girls – stop dreaming and get to work. This type of work is right up your alley.

Start by completing the three-fold Foot Worship assignment in our ‘Place & Worship’ area under ‘Behaviour Modification Assignments’ then set to work.

When adequately prepared wear your best panties and a suitably short sissy maids dress and grovel low at Her feet. Then devote yourself mind, body, and spirit to your servitude and she might, if you do an exemplary job, befitting your lowly status, allow you to lick her lovely toes.

Study hard girls, write those reports and submit some glorious photographic evidence of your compliance! And prepare to be graded! We are watching you!

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  1. Until you find yourself on the giving end of a pedicure it is hard to appreciate the skill that it requires. I can tell you first hand that it can be quite difficult and requires hours of practice to perfect. And even then the results seldom rival those you recieve at a salon.

    Yes, a spa pedicure received from a professional at a quality salon is too die for. Only problem is that the cost incurred keeping your nails up can kill the budget too. I will never forget my first spa pedicure one saturday with a friend of mine from the office. We were close and shared everything and many evenings as we caught up on our favorite television serials we had recorded our DVR’s she would spend hours giving me pedicures. Sadly at the time I never appreciated her efforts or offered to return the favor instead selfishly I took her efforts for granted.

    That saturday at the salon as we sat next to each other getting pedicures rocked my life and little did I know would lead to my love for giving pedicures. Every thing that afternoon from the massage to the Opi wine colored nail polish was magical. I loved the way my feet felt and the way my polish looked so two weeks later one saturday afternoon as we were sitting out on her deck sipping wine and she offered to redo my polish I was more then willing. And when she had finished and asked me to reciprocate by redoing hers how could I refuse. I know I must have seemed inept to her as I bungled the job over and over until i finally got it rasonably right but she just smiled and laughed it off as we chatted.

    Over the next few months as we would do each others nails she patiently walked me through the entire process until I could give a resonably good manicure and pedicure. And when eventually we decedided to treat each other to anothter spa pedicure at our salon and we sat there chatting it was as if I could anticipate each next step.

    Hundreds of pedicures later I am still not sure if I would measure up to the skills required here by the superiors what I am sure is that a pedicure can be a loving luxurious experience. And if you appreciate what your wife, girlfriend or superior is sacrificing physically and mentally in an effort to help to make you into the woman of your dreams then learning to give her a great pedicure is a small way that you can start to repay her.

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