The Punishment of Anns maid

The punishment of annsmaid

A true story by annsmaid

Several years when this sissy’s late Mistress, Ann, and this sissy first got together sissy was a lazy, poorly groomed bitch, for lack of a more appropriate term. From the very start Ann laid out Her expectations for Her new servant. kendra, being the arrogant air head that s.he was, thought that s.he could do as she pleased with no consequences, s.he was very, very wrong. Ann was not mean, but She was strict. When She said She wanted things done a certain way and at a certain time, She expected those wishes to be carried out with no additional conversation. For a period of time, a few months actually, Ann tried to act as an instructor, teaching her charge the how, when, what, where, and who of Her new sissy’s responsibilities. This sissy proved to be a poor student so Ann developed a new tact for turning Her air headed sissy into the obedient, submissive, efficient, servant She wished to be. Before Ann and Kendra became involved for life Ann had made it clear who was head of the household and who was not, so there should have been no question about who was in charge.

After the few months of trying to be a gentle guiding hand, Ann got serious and set out to make Her sissy understand just how serious situation was.

Ann came home from the office one afternoon and found kendra sitting watching TV. She looked around and was not happy with the condition of the house or of her servant’s appearance. She told kendra that She had a present for and handed a box about the size of a blouse box. Little bimbo kendra opened the box and took out the paddle that was nicely wrapped inside. The look of confusion on face must have been precious. Her sissy asked what the gift was all about. Ann told to turn the paddle over. When s.he did confused look turned into a look of terror and panic. On the face of the paddle were the words “kendra’s attitude adjustment device” The words were engraved somewhat so that when the paddle made contact with a soft surface the imprint of the words would be stamped there.

Ann said “from now on little girl, when I find something I am displeased with I am going to blister your chubby ass until you get it into your silly little head that I am not playing and that this is not going to be fun for you. You are my servant, not my houseguest. Do you understand?”

The frightened little sissy was already nearly in tears just from being chided, but soon she would be sobbing and learning her place and her role. Ann said “I am sorry that it has come to this but you have forced my hand. From now on You will be punished for your laziness, your poor work habits, your lack of attention to your duties and for any other reason I decide. Just for the aggravation of wasting my time on correcting your behavior, we will always start with five whacks, then you will receive the number of whacks your bad habits have earned you.

Little sissy had read about spankings and everything s.he had read indicated that it was a fun, play thing. Kendra could tell that Mistress had no intention of making punishment fun or play for Her errant airhead.

She told Her sissy to bare bottom and when sissy hesitated Ann just grabbed her and did it for Ann was superior to Her sissy in every way including physical strength so there was no chance that kendra would prevail in trying to escape. Ann began slamming the paddle into Her servants soft, bare ass with a vengeance, She was angry that things had become so bad that She was forced to take this action. It only took a few smacks before sissy was crying and only a few more until s.he was sobbing and begging Mistress to stop. Ann was deaf to her noise. That day sissy learned that this life was not a game, that it was serious and was life and that s.he had better get on the ball.

Ann deposited at least twenty swats of the now very red ass of Her lazy housefrau. When She finished She made Her sobbing sissy stand before Her and explain the reason s.he had been punished and what s.he was going to differently in the immediate and long term future. When She was satisfied that kendra got the message and was going to change, She sent her off to work, it was no problem for sissy to keep moving and busy, s.he certainly could not sit down.

That, my sister sissies is what punishment is all about. It should never be about games, it should be a tool used to move poor performing sissies toward perfection. It was not the las time this sissy was punished but as time went by, s.he became more adept at role and understood place in the world.

Over time Mistress developed a “punishment Guide”, a computer program that sissy would push a button and the computer would determine punishment based on infraction and the level of seriousness of that infraction.

I hope you all have the experience of having a Superior that will mold you into what you were always meant to be and always wished you were.

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The House is there like a beacon in the darkness.  You have done, and are doing, so much for the community and this sissy is very grateful.

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