Sissy Training AssignmentsYou enter the House of Sissify to pay homage to your Superiors and to learn how to perfect your submission. As you worship at the altar of femininity, you must show reverence appropriately. Enhance that natural urge to curtsey by learning true respect and worship.

Punishment for the Errant sissy

How often do We hear you sissies yearn for punishment? You seem to desire to be reprimanded, scolded, and spanked.

Foot Worship

Foot Worship
Your hopeful, yet pathetic attempts at gratifying your Superiors has led us to assign you this lowly but lovely task

posture and obedience

Postures and Obedience
It is now time for you to be called upon to learn a higher level of protocol of obedience as

The Zen of Servitude

Servitude begins in the inner state of a sissy’s mind. You can practice this essential part of being a sissy
Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!


This sissy just wanted You to know that although s.he has never been involved in an educational experience so personal, this is exactly what s.he needs. You and your Staff must be geniuses. When s.he stumbled into the Sissify site… Read more “robyn”


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this servent . is a eunich want to be and loves to suport and protect wile serving the house

girly legz

Dearest Mistress and owner of me
My fishnet body stocking arrived today, it’s crotchless. I will be wearing it with my leather miniskirt heels and wig of course with makeup and jewelry. This Sissy wanted crotchless so my Mistress could bend me over for easy penetrating at her will.
My workload is heavy today with laundry and cleaning.
My sweet Mistress this pathetic slut is so grateful for your attention. My mind thinks every day how to please you. Exhausted yet happy to be your property. This girl smooth and fragrant is yours


I would love to be trained as a sissiy but I have a lot wrong with myself my intelligace and my shyness about meeting other people and having being to talk to them especially a women or even a man and I’m always scared and nervous and don’t if I will ever get over it sincerely your servant sissiy raymon


i still have much too learn..


I have a Madame whom I serve regularly , helping with work or DIY tasks and of course pleasing her sexual needs when she wishes, but I can be cheeky and a little naughty , for which I do get punished, sometimes I get punished for no reason, which I accept as that what Madame wants, I try to ignore my submissive sissy side but its so hard to and I lose to the pink side so many times, but it feels so good when dressed and encased in lace and stockings


I kneel before Ms Stewart and beg her forgiveness for my rude behavior . I curtsy then kneel.