Your Training Program!

Proper Training is Essential!

You have come to the heart & jewel of the House. These sissy Training Assignments are just the thing to develop your very own quintessential submissive sissy maid – unparalled at service, duty, sexual assistance and most of all, subservience.

The Staff here at Sissify strive to attain the highest knowledge and practical use of the feminization process. In fact, two Members of our Staff are in actuality Post Operative Transsexuals.

These Behaviour Modification Lessons are complete with instruction and support for sissies as well as their Superiors. Emphasis has been given to demeanor, with attitude adjustment opportunities given at all levels of sissification.

Review these sissy Training Assignments. Think about how they can fit in your life. Do they require alone time? Are they something that needs to be scheduled? If you show up with a face full of makeup at work tomorrow, will you lose your job? These are the questions to ask yourself. But be tough. Don’t chicken out. Push that envelope until its ready to burst and stay there! Keep expanding your training! Expand yourself!

We recommend starting with the Servitude Assignment ….. unless other arrangements have been made with a Staff Member or your Superior.

Upon completion of your Assignments; write and submit a full and detailed Report (include photographic documentation whenever possible) to the Staff.  Special attention should be made to your feelings as completing the Assignment and your interpretation of the Staff’s intent of the exercise.

Your sissy training curriculum

Women’s studies

It's imperitive to embrace the realities of sissification by immersing yourself in actual experiences of feminization. Take a trip to the ladies lounge to meet your Aunt Flo. Shop ‘til you drop in high style. It's time to fulfill your dream! ...


Whether you want to be on your knees providing pleasure or anal-yzing the latest positions for submission, the House demands perfection. Do it right, girl! Guidance for sensual sissy sex, flawless fellatio, correct cunnilingus, and adept anal submission ...

Respect and Worship

You enter the House of Sissify to pay homage to your Superiors and to learn how to perfect your submission. As you worship at the altar of femininity, you must show reverence appropriately. Enhance that natural urge to curtsey by showing true respect ...

Girlish Essence

Girlish Essence
It’s back to the basics for sissies! In this section of our Assignments, your Staff present guidelines for many of the basic skills that all sissies should practice. Remove fuzz and phalluses. Step confidently and speak pleasantly. Use your feminine charm to bewitch and beguile. Let's show those genetic girls how to be girly! ...

Getting Real

Our debutants must present themselves appropriately to make the House proud to claim them as OUR sissies. We know you want to put your best high-heeled foot forward when you walk into the room. Heads will turn. What will they see? ...

Domestic Duties

Domestic Duties
Service oriented sissies are in demand! What Superior wouldn’t want a sissy maid to make life more pleasant? Daunting though they may seem, managing these tasks can make or break a sissy. The House presents practical guidelines for the domestic domain ...

Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets
Your Staff offer you wise counsel on looking like the girl you are inside. From head to toe you will find assignments in this section that will help you transform yourself into your girlish dream - face, figure, fashion, and finesse! ...
There is so much more inside!




  1. Stacy

    Thank you for letting me into The house of sissify i like wearing capri leggings and yoga pants and skirts,sweater dresses and ugg boots and thongs, i have kept it a secret for years and would like to belong to someone whom would teach me the proper way to act and dress and would reward me for being good,because i have to keep it quiet here for now thanks Stacy.

  2. Violette

    Hello!! I have come to Sissify for several reasons. First, and foremost, I am a woman at heart and dedparately need to learn my lessons. Second, I truly want to be more attentive to and better for my Bride. Thrdly, I LOVE going out en femme and MUST learn more about it. Finally, I must learn patience.

    Thank you for accepting me into this.

  3. sammiegirl

    I have since the age of 5 even younger had desires to be treated and dressed as a girl, I am searching for a long term Mommie Domme

    any help and contact would be greatly appreciated

    thank you

  4. Louisa

    I am a sissy, looking for a mistress/master, i dont really mind, i am a slut and need training. im sitting here in my panties and high knee socks hoping for a someone to help me out.xx

  5. kay

    Why dont some understand that being a sissy is glorification of submissivness and submission to men. Men want to be empowered over others. How extreme and wonderfully exciting it is for one to allow another man to exploit the submission of the weak and sexy sissy! Oh I just love when that happens to me! Kisses of submission Oh tell me what to do for you babe!
    Luv OXOXO Kay

  6. Nicole

    Hi everyone. I have since I was around 15, felt that I would rather be a woman. But so is life. I love to go shopping for nickers that are just the right color and shape. But due to my life ( family and so on) I can`t dress as I want to. I would love to have find a woman who would treat me like one. And I would do anything to please her. I live in Norway. I wouldlove to be a housewife. Have to admit that some of my fantasies involves men. Maybe there is one out there who would let me live like one and love me. Have never tried men, but I do dream. I wish I could get some help one day, because sometimes I just want to give up. To all of you out there who feel the same as me( and off course others to), have a nice day.

  7. chrissymarie

    I am marreid and am terrified my wife will find out about my sissy side.

    I have been listening to a feminizations hypnosis with some results, breast growth of 2-inches and a significant change in my attitude. If I could I would throw out all my men’s clothes and buy women’s stuff to replace it all. My marriage keeps me from doing it.

    I have replaced all my men’s briefs with skimpy nylon bikinis which feel just like panties. My wife hasn’t noticed anything or asked why. I am goign to buy some satin panties that I can keep hidden and wear during the day, I have a home office and set my own hours.

    I am amazed how much breast growth I have had, it ismore than a handful for me to hold, but not so much as to be noticed by my wife. They are someplae between and A and a B cup, not quite a B.

    Please help me Mistress. Do you offer a scholarship to your program? i am starting up a company and business is difficult.

    Chrissy Marie

  8. sissy jenny

    i am married but am fearing exposing my sissy side to my wife.

    I like to tightly tie my waist to become slim (and have undeed successful to some extest), love to wear panties, wear clothes from high waist and all sorts of girly things.

    i just imagine getting dressed up as girl and get charged all the time.

    Please help me.

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