Caught You!
You poor thing. We know it’s hard knowing the world doesn’t respect your sissy nature, but to be humiliated by a Superior?

True Love

True Love

"You've been unfaithful to me? With other men?" i said it, and immediately could have bitten off my tongue. But i was baffled! "Why?"
wifes early return

Wife’s Early Return

The poor sissy took too many nights wearing her Wife's lingerie, hoping she wouldn't find out!
The Fairy Princess

The Fairy Princess

Phyllis stepped forward and lifted my chin with one long-nailed finger. "I asked you a question," she said evenly. "What would you call yourself?" I gulped. "I guess I think of myself as more of a, a sissy," I said meekly.
Mind Control Stories

Queer Halloween

I suppose it was wicked of me, what I did to him. But he did so deserve it. It was such fun setting him up, and I was so furious that I didn't care!
The Spidanatrix

The Spidanatrix

The Spidanatrix had an inner beauty that shined so bright, that it blinded men into making errors in judgment.
enslaved by my panties

Enslaved by My panties

What a sight! My hubby was standing in front of the mirror wearing one of my silk summer dresses. Now I could take revenge on him with my panties!
nancy fancy pants!

Nancy Fancy Pants

"I am a sissy, and I want to be a girl"
caught in the panty drawer

Caught in the Panty Drawer!

Robert was alone, and he happened to notice a pair of his wifes stockings lying over the edge of her open panty drawer. He felt an urge to try them on.

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It helps me to gather information to further educate me as sissy

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just read “Happening”, what a great story! Being trapped in an increasingly female body by a vindictive wife and Her accomplice neighbor. Connie found this very erotically arousing.

princess sissy

forced to reveal – such wonderful stories of humiliation. sissy loves humiliation as part of Wife’s ways of treating sissy and sissy trying to always minding sissy’s place. One recent real life example was Wife having Girlfriend over for dinner and the evening. sissy served then snacks and wine through the evening and They finished 3 bottles. during all this time sissy was off and on the topic of their discussions. sissy knows because sissy was kneeling to the back of the Wife’s suite. toward the end of he evening, Wife decided to show Girlfriend sissy’s tiny clitty. so sissy… Read more »


The humiliation of my Aunts friends it made me cry. I was told by her to sit on the floor. All the women in the room were laughing at me. I was in the panties and bra she gave me. then i was told to open my mouth as her friends stood over me all of them 5 women in the most exiting skirts lifted them pulled their panties down . one by one they started to pee all over me . i had to do what i was meant to do drink as much as i could one lady… Read more »

kazzi minx

Oh to be forced to earn money as a sissy whore for my Mistress would be the ultimate dream come true. I


It would be fantastic to be a sissy whore. It would not be difficult at all . The hardest part is giving in to the needs.

girly legz

And let me say she still does love taking orders from her superiors. Past, Present and future. I am your property (cont’d)

girly legz

This pathetic sissy slut always loved taking orders from her superiors. She dreams of being the errant secretary wearing her mini skirt, high heels and fishnets with her low cut blouse. She hopes Mistress Boss at any moment will call her for dictation, take her over her knee for some intense office training.


Hi. I want to be dominated and have forced feminization and Willing to buy clothes here and makes up
Please reply

Jennifer Gee

totally with u. i’d luv to be a whore and bring my money home to Him! Jenn


I am looking for a superior to take control of my sissification. I love wearing bras and panties etc.


sissyboi bella read the story backdoor and wishes that was me that was caught in the middle