sissy Sexuality

sissy sexuality

"I swear ive never had this urge before 'Mam.  For doing anything like that. What is happening to me?"

Sounds like you've been training at the House of Sissify!


princess audrey maid

Report 416 – Wanking 101

Today i was thrilled to find that i had finally been assigned ñspecialî days. Just in time too. For i have been a good lil sissy in holding off from any play with my sissy clit. i wanted to start ...
princess audrey maid

Report 402 – Wanking 101

First let maidsara Thank You for the wanking privileges, maidsara will work at being the best sissy she can be. After checking my email and reading the fantasy and wanking 101 i log off and changed into my new yoga ...
princess audrey maid

Report 401 – Anal Submission

Today Mistress' little girl had the pleasure of recieving her first strapon fucking by Mistress. For a while now Mistress' little girl jasmine has been a good girl and wearing her anal plug 24/7 for Mistress. Mistress Loves the way ...
princess audrey maid

Report 395 – Anal Submission

After he.r sissy maid's duties done, this sissy must resume he.r anal training. S.he wears a butt plug during he.r maid activities as part of he.r submission training so he.r sissy pussy is then ready for bigger toys. S.he first ...
princess audrey maid

Report 391 – Anal Submission

my Mistress has been training me to enjoy having my vagina as she calls it penetrated by her male friend. Every night i must wear my anal beads which are increasing in size as i sleep with my silk pj's ...
princess audrey maid

Report 383 – Anal Submission

my anal submission report starts with my training from my Mistress. She has taught me to worship her femininity thru her lovely backside. My Mistress allows me to cleanse her with my tongue each and everyday paying particular attention to ...
princess audrey maid

Report 376 – Anal Submission

Here are some pics of this sissy. S.he has initiated sissy pussy training since a while now. S.he is getting hole used to plugs and to big toys to please a caring Mistress when it will be needed ...
princess audrey maid

Report 374 – Wanking 101

This sissy has hopefully been a very good girl for her Superiors. This sissy slut is reporting on her wanking. First may this sissy thank the Superiors for giving her a schedule. This sissy has stuck to the schedule and ...
princess audrey maid

Report 371 – Cocksucking

Now that i'm an inside sissy i wanted to start on my assignments and cocksucking sounded like a good place to start. My friend and i have talked before about sucking shemale cock and he seemed open to the idea ...
princess audrey maid

Report 370 – Cunnilingus

Speaking of cunnilingus, sissy shirley (i love you, shir...!) wrote a few days ago: "Girls are God". Oh my goodness, couldn't this sissy agree more with shir...! But not just "Girls...", shirley: This sissy would add that each and every ...
princess audrey maid

Report 369 – Wanking 101

Having read the assignment, this sissy is in complete agreement with the Mistresses of the house that playing with one's clitty should be done with the intent of furthering one's sissification. This sissy has reached a point in her life ...
princess audrey maid

Report 365 – Wanking 101

This sissy's first masturbation day arrived 2 weeks ago. She had been looking forward to it for almost 2 weeks while the House Superiors reviewed her pathetic application. It was with great relief and excitement that this sissy found out ...
princess audrey maid

Report 367 – Anal Submission

Well i went out and bought my first dildo today. It is beautiful, 8" and red gel. With a suction cup for all things good. Was so scared, but figured while i was there i would get a new pair ...
princess audrey maid

Report 364 – Cocksucking

This little sissy has been preacticing and practicing her cocksucking, on a 7 or 8 inch dildo . The dildo is attached to phillip who is this little sissie"s substitute no natural master until the real thing comes along.Phillip is ...
princess audrey maid

Report 351 – Wanking 101

sissy alison wishes to thank you for showing her the true way to sissy bliss. sissy first would like to tell what she wears to achieve so much pleasure , her french cut lacy panties ensure that her clit is ...
princess audrey maid

Report 347 – Cocksucking

All packed with a few special items just in case, am off to the mountains for a late summer vacation. Am leasing a small cabin on the lake for just myself. After an exhausting drive I decide to start a ...
princess audrey maid

Report 340 – Wanking 101

This sissy submissively submits to You a description of the way she seeks her orgasms to (hopefully) have Your Blessing and Approval. This sissy begins by dressing herself with her prettiest feminine lingerie. She has previously introduced a 5 inch ...
princess audrey maid

Report 338 – Wanking 101

This was a very informative lesson, as are all the lessons at Before i started i expected the lesson would be a bit gross and unenjoyable. i was very pleasantly surprised to find that instead it focused on sissy ...
princess audrey maid

Report 330 – Wanking 101

Using only thumb and forefinger feels very dainty and feminine, but sissy's clitty would not get erect enough for a productive outcome. (it does get erect occasionaly but rarely when wanted!). sissy's decended ovaries tended to get in the way, ...
princess audrey maid

Report 328 – Anal Submission

Last evening was a rare evening date with Miss L. It had been scheduled well in advance, and included a visit to a public dungeon. ñPublicî in the sense that there is no membership requirement, and admission is open to ...

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It was really great to know this site. i have obviously missed a lot not getting onto this site before. your suggestions will definitely make this slut a better maid and keep her Mistress happy and satisfied forever. this whore’s… Read more “diana”

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