Sissify Deep Dish

A man recently claimed in his defence that he changed from a normal guy into a sex-obsessed transvestite fraudster after the nurse prescribed him a drug to ease his symptoms.

Open Wide & Swallow!

According to him, while taking the drug he transformed into a limp-wristed sissy and developed a cross-dressing tendency as he splashed out on womens’ lingerie, stilettos, dresses, skirts and nights out with the boys…. A likely story… we think!

Unfortunately his wild lifestyle caught up with him when he ran up over $800,000 debts on expensive cars, clothes and holidays.

Needless to say he has since stopped taking the drug and reputedly returned to his normal self though his attorney ruled that his actions could not be blamed on the side effects of the drug. Doh!

Of course, had he been a member of the House, all his sissy needs would have been catered for without having to break the law … with our huge photo gallery, feminization assignments, sister support and wealth of glorious sissy information.

Plus should to take his feminization further she could have learnt more about the hormone replacement therapies available in ‘Girljuice’.

We can but hope, after she gets out of jail, that she finds herself a suitably strong Mistress or another nurse (as per our photo) that keeps her on a sufficiently taught tether to keep her spending and feminization in check.

There comes a time when every sissy should become accustomed to cocksucking. In the past you may have had your own sucked but now as a sissy the tables are turned and its you who has to open wide.

It is a privilege that a man is trusting enough to let you suck his cock so it is therefore imperative that you lovingly embrace his meat and lavish the attention that it so richly deserves.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Look at him submissively, use you tongue, avoid your teeth and salivate greedily over his member and if you follow our guidelines in the Behaviour Modification assignment ‘cocksucking’ to the letter he will will soon be cumming for you.

Simply ask permission to swallow his gift and he will either a) grant you your wish and eject his hot seed into the back of your throat or, as loved by many a man, b) partly withdraw and spray your pretty face with his thick sticky cream.

Either way your actions will confirm your sissy status and you lick up every last last drop.

Who knows you may soon have a load of men knocking on your door expecting you to dress to impress, fall at their feet and suck for all your worth.

Alternatively you may be blessed with a Mistress who believes in sharing and may invite some of her friends to sample your cocksucking skills.

Whatever you do… make sure you document it all in glorious detail in an assignment for grading.

Now that you have embarked on being a gorgeous feminine sissy it is essential you have the right pretty under garments to complete your look.

Not only should you trash all those ghastly male under things and buy yourself a draw of gorgeous sissy panties… you should also make your own a special pair.

Have I Forgotten Or am I A Brazen Slut?

Here in the house we have always thought a pretty pair of sissy panties should not be hidden from view especially if made by your own fair hands. Just think, it would seem a shame to hide such items of femininity under a long dress or heavens forbid pants (Thats trousers to some of you) when the whole wide world should really see your handiwork and sissy demeanour.

What’s the alternative? Well first things first get your sewing basket out (We know you have one) and get pinning lace and ruffles to  your favourite pair of panties.

For more details see the assignment “Just For Frills’ found in our Behaviour Modification Assignments, Domestic Duties sections.

Once you have completed your assignment like a good sissy you can either wear a skimpy short skirt so your slightest movement will display some flesh and your new sissy panties or like our girl in the photo walk with them round your ankles as if an air-headed sissy bimbo.

Whatever you do… don’t forget to send us a photo of your handiwork preferably tightly in place on your smooth butt.

Of course there is more inside that we dont dare show out here!


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