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Despite the blouse being discarded for decades on the fashion scrapheap many of you sissies still regarded it as in.

We can understand why, what with their long sleeves, pretty prints and pussy-bows, any sissy can look so feminine in such a slinky garment so we are delighted to report that the old-fashioned blouse is back on the front row.

This does mean all you blouse loving sissies who shopped for those feminine bargains in the charity shops or sale bins may find their price rising as more and more bargain hunters snap them up.

Feel no shame regarding your fashion sense, or lack of it and dig out these polka-dot, nude and blush toned silken delights. Just remember that to keep a blouse looking fresh and youthful, wear it with teeny-tiny shorts or slightly cropped trews.

If sending us a photo try leaving a few buttons undone so we and your girlfriends can see that you are actually wearing a bra and for goodness sake try and smile and show your Superior that you enjoy being a sissy gurl.

Despite this latter failing, the delightfully pretty lady in our picture does get a bonus mark for adopting the lowley floor position – which as every superior knows is perfect for a cock sucking sissy whore.

Who said the house never gives fashion advice. A pretty blouse can make you look rich, cool and sexy all at the same time. Go buy!

It’s been claimed that school Latin is enjoying a revival thanks to the tattoos of celebrities. So isn’t it about time you got one.

Singer Madonna and actress Angelina Jolie both have theirs so why shouldn’t an attention seeking sissy slut like you have one too? Just imagine strutting your stuff with a visible declaration to the world of your sissy status permanently etched on your fair skin.

If opting for some Latin scripture like Joli be careful to choose your wording carefully. Avoid at all costs, spelling your Superiors name wrong or choosing a typically macho tat when yours should ultimately scream femininity.

Stuck for some sissy Latin suggestions how about…

  • ego cultus meus era, which means, I worship my Mistress
  • Meus sissy butt est in pardus, which means, My sissy butt is in panties
  • ego combibo gallo, which means, I suck cock
  • EGO belong ut domus of sissify, which means, I belong to the house of sissify.


If you spent too much time with your sissy girlfriends rather than studying languages at school your Latin won’t be as good as your feminine studies. If so check out this English to Latin translator before committing your chosen words forever to indelible ink.

Send us a photo of your tattooed ass for our gallery or let us know of some suitably sissy suggestions.

Haud indulgeo iustus operor is

Looking for the perfect exercise to help you tone up your legs and plump up your rear? Take to the road on a bicycle, dress the part and watch your unwanted fat simply fall off.

We frequently extoll the virtues of regular exercise as part of your strict feminization activities but many of you sissies seem strangely reluctant to don a pink leotard and hose to work out at your local gym. Besides you want to tone up not bulk up. If this is you we have the perfect solution.

Push me please!

Buy yourself a delightful old fashioned ladies step through bicycle, ideally with a basket on the front for those last minute groceries and get set.

The great benefit of sissy cycling this summer is that you can dress for the occasion since you are moving at at least 3mph and no one will get a good glimpse to recognise your true identity. Capiche!

Apply some sense when choosing your skirt or dress like the pretty girl in our photo since you don’t want to wear anything too short and revealing which might cause a traffic jam. Whether you stop for a latte on route that’s your choice.

And before you pop a sizeable plug in your pretty butt remember where you will be sitting as long journeys can make you rather sore… but then again!

Dress up, mount up and cycle off!

When you’ve got to practice safe sex with your Mistress or domineering Superior and a condom is a must, learn to be a proper sissy cocksucker and slip it on with your mouth.

If you do it right, they’ll demand you do it this way every time as nothing is more humbling and  submissive than ‘rolling your own’ so for those girls who’ve wondered how it’s done… here’s a quick ‘Sissify’ guide.

Purse those lips sissies!

Step 1
Unwrap the condom and pop it in your sweet mouth, behind your pearly white teeth, with the reservoir tip pointing down your throat.

Press your tongue against the tip.

Step 2
Lubricate your Superiors cock or Mistresses strap-on and guide it into your mouth, or if lying down, lower your head over their appendage.



Step 3
Using your sissy tongue, press against the head of their cock, so that the condom covers it. Then while you keep the condom in place with your tongue, pull your teeth back, letting the ring fall out of your mouth. Then with your freshly painted pink lips, roll the condom up their shaft, keeping the teeth apart.

And of course the job can be finished by hand or the mouth again if necessary.

As with all our in depth behaviour modification assignments, designed to make you the girl of your dreams this procedure does require patience and practice. So don’t despair if, at first you don’t succeed. Practice, practice, practice and if your Mistress or Superior can’t afford the time, try using a nice firm banana. Which incidentally makes an interesting and humiliating theatrical show or party trick in-front of work colleagues or friends, especially if your wear something really slutty like a tight leather skirt, boob tube, fishnets and 5”heels just like a real porn star.

For more information explore our huge library of sissy information in the house or for some immediate variety – Drop hints as to what flavours you love and if you’ve been a very good sissy they may just buy you your flavoured condom of choice so you can enjoy a tasty treat before they get stuck in to YOU as the main course.

If you want to greet someone and it warrants more than a handshake or hug? A sissy air kiss is a good display of social decorum and gives away your hidden yearning beautifully. The standard kiss involves a kiss directly on the cheek whereas a sissy air kiss is when you barely brush cheeks, purse your lips together and kiss the air near the right cheek. Above all, the kiss must be carried out in an exaggerated manner to attract attention. If people are watching or they missed it the first time, it may be appropriate to switch sides and repeat on the opposite cheek. It’s also important not to remain silent when kissing and should be accompanied by a loud ‘mwah’ sound as if to exaggerate the pretence of genuine kissing. Optionally you can add to your sissy status by making some feminine remark about the recipient such as, “love the dress,” or “your hair is gorgeous darling!” Dainty air kissing is considered insincere and very popular with female showbiz types and definitely not expected from a normal butch guy, so should match your demeanour perfectly. So there you have it. Practice your sissy kissing today perhaps on a suitably inflated balloon but on no account must you do this on your Superior (for the above insincerity reason) and if in full sissy regalia it’s also a perfectly normal form of greeting. Plus at these moments it gives you a great opportunity to sniff your recipients feminine perfume and decide if its more expensive or sweeter smelling than your own.

Of course there is more inside that we dont dare show out here!

Submit your application sissy!

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