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Tick TockHas princess already lost site of her New Year’s resolutions? What happened? Your weak sissy resolve has evaporated? You just got toooooo busy? You would fail anyway – so what’s the use of trying? Well We Superiors won’t believe any of that. We think that once again, you need some guidance to reconstitute that sissy resolve, find the time, succeed or at least continue to try so that you will be a better sissy.

First you need to assess what it is that you have resolved to accomplish. Is it in line with what your Superiors would want for you?

Don’t Try Everything at Once but Start Somewhere.

What are you trying to do? Make some notes. This is also known as wishing, dreaming, or aspiring. What are the stumbling blocks at this point? Seeing the light but making excuses about why the goal can’t be achieved, being too afraid to take the risks necessary to make change possible. Decide which changes you are presently ready to commit to. Example: “I currently am not feminized at all – I want to be extremely submissive and girlish but if I’m honest with myself – I will not be able to pull that off in six months.” There’s a temptation, with the New Year, to run off a list of everything we’ve ever wanted to change. Don’t fall for it! You’ll have better luck fulfilling one or two goals than you will with a list of fifty. You can always add new resolutions to your list later.

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If you girls have not seen this Christmas advert for Nina l’Exlixir perfume you really must. It’s an enchanting fairy-tale starring a beautiful blonde in a pink sissy dress.

We guess you limp-wristed effeminates and lovers of silk and ruffles will go weak at the knees and wish you could wear something similar this holiday…

Be The Fairest of Them All?

What are you thinking my sissy friends there is nothing stopping you dedicated ‘House’ girls.

Look as pretty as the blonde in the commercial or any Christmas fairy – by simply following our strict behaviour modification guidelines as laid down in our assignments and you too will be prancing like an enchanted sissy not in some make believe woodland but in your very own home.

Too good to be true… we think not!

Come on girls step into those sissy panties, pink high heels and glorious white fishnets… and who knows which Mistress you’ll snare this holiday.

And remember to send us your sissy holiday photos to include in our glorious gallery.

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A man recently claimed in his defence that he changed from a normal guy into a sex-obsessed transvestite fraudster after the nurse prescribed him a drug to ease his symptoms.

Open Wide & Swallow!

According to him, while taking the drug he transformed into a limp-wristed sissy and developed a cross-dressing tendency as he splashed out on womens’ lingerie, stilettos, dresses, skirts and nights out with the boys…. A likely story… we think!

Unfortunately his wild lifestyle caught up with him when he ran up over $800,000 debts on expensive cars, clothes and holidays.

Needless to say he has since stopped taking the drug and reputedly returned to his normal self though his attorney ruled that his actions could not be blamed on the side effects of the drug. Doh!

Of course, had he been a member of the House, all his sissy needs would have been catered for without having to break the law … with our huge photo gallery, feminization assignments, sister support and wealth of glorious sissy information.

Plus should to take his feminization further she could have learnt more about the hormone replacement therapies available in ‘Girljuice’.

We can but hope, after she gets out of jail, that she finds herself a suitably strong Mistress or another nurse (as per our photo) that keeps her on a sufficiently taught tether to keep her spending and feminization in check.

Of course there is more inside that we dont dare show out here!


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