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Good girls submit their Reports after working diligently on their sissy Training Assignments! With this important section of the House, We can see, discuss and participate in your sisters discoveries into their girlish selves. Have questions about your Asssignments? Excuses as to why you haven't completed them yet? Meet Us in the Assignments Group to discuss!

House Grading Curve

You did just the bare minimum hoping for praise. Non enthusiastic. Poorly written.
Understood the intent. Well written. Possibly missing photo essay.
It's all there. Intent. Writing. Photo Essay. Enthusiasm. Our accolades.

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Reframe this sissy’s mind

Even though this report is relatively short, sissy has been rolling this content over and over in he.r little sissy ...
Computer Etiquette

Etiquette for donna

Curtsy and thanks to the House Staff for this lesson. This girl must learn proper communication skills and the tips ...
Proper Correspondence Etiquette

ava’s Notes for “Proper Correspondence Etiquette”

ava has made herself some notes on "Proper Correspondence Etiquette" and she will continue to study them everyday until it ...
Computer Etiquette

the joy of etiquette

rachel has humbly accepted that he.r role is a sissy and as such should always correspond properly with he.r Superiors ...
Computer Etiquette

Etiquette and the sissy alanna wants to be

The House is alanna's refuge. A place s.he can be h.erself and explore this beautiful world that has been opened ...

sissy brittany is Ready to Report

This girl feels happy and bubbly inside every-time she refers to herself in lowercase ...
One sissy’s journey to proper correspondence etiquette

One sissy’s journey to proper correspondence etiquette

tami hopes that this assignment will help her to become a better sissy by becoming more aware of the humility ...

The Path to Transformation: Etiquette

The journey of embracing humility and proper correspondence etiquette in the House of Sissify is a transformative experience for every ...

Happiness is good etiquette

rachel darlene loves the spirit of the sisterhood in this home The House of Sissify! ...
The language of submissive femininity

The language of submissive femininity

This sissy has learned that language shapes he.r feminine submission to he.r Superiors. The words this sissy uses, the structure ...

taylors understanding of Etiquette

taylor will make sure she follows Proper Correspondence Etiquette, as she hopes to keep improving as a sissy ...

Internalization of Proper Correspondence Etiquette.

The submissive little slut that i am, have read through the Proper Correspondence Etiquette and has internalized the contents completely ...
sissies are small

sissies are small

Being a man is associated with being bigger, being a sissy is associated with being smaller. Men have bigger muscles, ...
Ready for the Big One

Lost the sisginity

It is so much better as a girl. All the emotions running through a sissy. Instead of just the physical ...
smooth sissy

Silky Smooth sissy!

The joys of slipping on my hose over my freshly shaved legs is exquisite and Ma'am loves to run Her ...

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Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets

Paint primp preen couffe dress and glow! Oh, the magic of glamour!
Girlish Essence

Girlish Essence Reports

The sugar and spice and everything nice part of the sissy that makes up you. Let’s cultivate that girlishness!
Getting Real

Getting Real Reports

A silly little sissy must have all the tools she needs in her purse in the big bad world.
Place and Worship

Place and Worship

Walk three steps behind the Mistress, serve the tea, kneel - head down - hands in lap. Be where you are expected to be, and do as the Goddess commands.
sissy sexuality

sissy Sexuality

One of the most important training programs at the House, sissy sexuality will teach you to  prepare, to serve and to enjoy.
domestic dutties

Domestic Duties

Nothing pleases a Mistress more than an immaculate house, and nothing pleases the House more than a properly completed and well submitted Domestics Report!
Womens Studies

Women’s Studies

We know you want to become a girl. Emulating instead of lusting is the first key, but there is so much more to study. Learning the ways of the Woman are an integral and important part of actually becoming one.

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sissy jimmie wishes to humbly say thank You for This site has become sissy’s refuge. sissy can be free here. sissy can find sisters here. sissy loves he.r sissify site. sissy visits the House every day. the house… Read more “jimmie”

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