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The Kind and Benevolent Staff of Sissify.Com has reviewed you submission(s) to the House. After careful and exhaustive examination of your photos, attitude and submission,we have found you worthy of Our highest honor (?). Nothing to take lightly, becoming a House princess requires that extra effort, that extra bit of girlish behaviour to strike Our eye. It’s an important responsibility as well, for you now represent the House, and set an example to all the new girls that need that “sissified sister” they will find in you.

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princess amanda lorrie
princess amanda lorrie

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princess aline
amanda rose
princess amanda rose
princess aline
The little tart, ready to serve!
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carol Hip!Pretty. Poised. Polite… and Perky!
amber nicole
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  • your Vital Statistics
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    depicting your sissification and feminization
  • A short description, as to why you have been a good sissy, slut, slave or pantywimp for your Mistress
ravishing rachel
jennifer slut
lisa lipps

and so many more past princesses spanning 17 years of publication!

  1. ludovica5
    11:06 am on April 23rd, 2010

    i was also in the house 20 years ago y ime verry
    to try to be a good sissi

  2. I’m just so proud of Our girls!

  3. reena
    5:56 pm on June 22nd, 2011

    Dearest Staff of Sissify,

    You cannot believe the surprise, joy and excitement (not to mention wet panties) that overcame this humble sissy upon discovering that You have designated her as a House princess.

    my gratitude knows no bounds and You have inspired me to work even harder to become a better sissy, a better slut and better submissive that any Mistress/Master would be proud of.

    i feel so giggly and happy inside and i can’t wipe the smile off my face.

    i am reminded of the first time i spent the overnight with a local Domme that i visit. Her overnight first-timers are either chained or caged; but my first night She said, “you’re such a sweet delicate princess, you get to spend the night in a bed. No chains.”

    Being designated on this site is one of the best things a sissy could ask for.

    Sincere thanks to all the Staff.


  4. Billy
    7:43 am on August 6th, 2011

    I need a long discipline session on my bare naughty buttocks by one of you ladies that like to dish it out.

  5. rappie
    7:47 am on November 8th, 2011

    nice pics!

  6. Josaphen
    1:18 pm on December 18th, 2011

    Good morning al & thank you for allowing me to become a member of the HOUES of sissys it is a grat privlig.
    I am in Sydney Australia & I am looking for a misstres to sreve as here litel sissy slut sex slave to do what she what’s with when she what’s .
    I what to become a true sissy to serve as she what’s when she what’s to do as she wnats all agents my will as I baleve a sissy girl has no will at all & is her to serve all the time.
    I what to know what it is like when a man fucks me as a girl & when his big cook slieds in Sid me fucking me like a slut & making me fill like a girl.
    So please can I serve some one ASAP .
    Thank you

  7. i would be the perfect slave i have 20 girls 24/7 feminizing me i work at a strip club all the guys love me they think im a real woman.other times the girls plug me up with a 12 inch and make me clean cook serve

  8. I want to be a sissyslut please trun me onto a sissyslutslave I want to suck cock and eat hot cum I want my face coverd in cumi want to be a cumdumster

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