Submission is your mission.

Good girls submit their Reports after working diligently on their sissy Training Assignments! With this important section of the House, We can see, discuss and participate in your sisters discoveries into their girlish selves. Have questions about your Asssignments? Excuses as to why you haven't completed them yet? Meet Us in the Assignments Group to discuss!

House Grading Curve

You did just the bare minimum hoping for praise. Non enthusiastic. Poorly written.
Understood the intent. Well written. Possibly missing photo essay.
It's all there. Intent. Writing. Photo Essay. Enthusiasm. Our accolades.

The Latest Submissions

Girlish Essence

Report 332 – Shaving

sissy alison has combined two methods of hair removal due to her figure appearing somewhat pregnant. She first followed the ...
Girlish Essence

Report 331 – Shaving

This sissy has finally completed her shaving assignment. I wanted to so please the Masters and MistressÍs of this wonderful ...
princess audrey maid

Report 330 – Wanking 101

Using only thumb and forefinger feels very dainty and feminine, but sissy's clitty would not get erect enough for a ...
Beauty Secrets

Report 329 – sissyNails

When starting here this one read this assignment. Since she didnÍt at the time have any nails it was pasted ...
princess audrey maid

Report 328 – Anal Submission

Last evening was a rare evening date with Miss L. It had been scheduled well in advance, and included a ...
Report 327 - Let's go Shopping!

Report 327 – Let’s go Shopping!

I drove by the store with some trepidation,but immediatly doubled back and entered the all sexes "cool gear" store. the ...
Girlish Essence

Report 326 – sissyFlirt!

This week i went into a chat room as diana, and we had a 45 minute sex-chat fantasy going. It ...
princess audrey maid

Report 324 – Cunnilingus

It's my favourite! When my Mistress comes home after a hard day she drops onto the sofa; and i know ...
princess audrey maid

Report 322 – Cunnilingus

Oh, had i known back then what i know now! Sissy training, as the Staff so well knows, is not ...
Report 321 - Servitude

Report 321 – Servitude

i have only just started my training (two weeks) and this is my first report so i hope You will ...
Report 320 - Servitude

Report 320 – Servitude

As i read the assignment for this month, there was a sudden, very uncomfortable sensation in my heart. Thinking about ...
Report 318 - Servitude

Report 318 – Servitude

My wife/Mistress has begun reading books and magazines on taking more control and feminizing little sissys like me. My Mistress ...
Report 317 - Servitude

Report 317 – Servitude

Being a fairly dominant person at my job, and everyday life, this lesson was probably the hardest for me to ...
Report 316 - Servitude

Report 316 – Servitude

To the Superiors of The House of Sissify -- <curtsy>This is my first assignment report. my Mistress has been monitoring ...
Report 315 - Servitude

Report 315 – Servitude

This sissy has found this assignment to be most difficult to report on. The first question this sissy thinks of ...

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Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets

Paint primp preen couffe dress and glow! Oh, the magic of glamour!
Girlish Essence

Girlish Essence Reports

The sugar and spice and everything nice part of the sissy that makes up you. Let’s cultivate that girlishness!
Getting Real

Getting Real Reports

A silly little sissy must have all the tools she needs in her purse in the big bad world.
Place and Worship

Place and Worship

Walk three steps behind the Mistress, serve the tea, kneel - head down - hands in lap. Be where you are expected to be, and do as the Goddess commands.
sissy sexuality

sissy Sexuality

One of the most important training programs at the House, sissy sexuality will teach you to  prepare, to serve and to enjoy.
domestic dutties

Domestic Duties

Nothing pleases a Mistress more than an immaculate house, and nothing pleases the House more than a properly completed and well submitted Domestics Report!
Womens Studies

Women’s Studies

We know you want to become a girl. Emulating instead of lusting is the first key, but there is so much more to study. Learning the ways of the Woman are an integral and important part of actually becoming one.

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Thank you to the Staff at Sissify and all of the girls here, especially those who are my friends.
Every morning i spend two hours dressed fully fem and looking for chat with respected friends on Sissify chat, before… Read more “joanne”

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