The Dream

Sleep comes and the dream returns.
I stand before Her Grace
Wrapped only in my skin
And beg to receive the caresses
Which give her so much pleasure.
“Please, Your Grace, touch my flesh;” I plead,
“Because I know you love this game.”
She laughs and says,
“And where shall my kisses be laid?”
“Kiss the spots which will give you
the most pleasure,” I reply.
“Good,” She smiles as She uncoils her whip,
“Now, turn around and bend over.
Then, spread your legs WIDE!”
Trembling with dread, I slowly comply
And await the pleasure
She will take from me,
As her ten foot whip
Caresses my flesh…

sissy fellatrix

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Once again I would like to say how honored i am to participate with the House. it is and remains the coolest, most smoothly moving and most together website I have ever encountered in my EXTENSIVE cruising on the www.

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