Is it time for your girl juice?

pink girly nurseWelcome boys and girls to the super sexy, silky, and complex world of hormone replacement therapy. Always a continual question topic to the House Staff, we have spent a great deal of effort to locate and compile this information for you. There’s a lot of stuff here girls, and we’re here to talk about any questions you may have.

The internet has seen many sites come and go, often huge storehouses of really important information – instantly go offline. By sharing this information widely and freely, we’ll keep making it accessible for the girl on her journey.

Before starting on a hormonal regime, read everything you possibly can very carefully. It is much more favorable that you do so under the skilled care of a medical profession. However if you choose to go it alone; do so with knowledge.

This section on hormones is posted for educational and entertainment purposes only. We in no way condone or condemn monitored or unmonitored hormonal use. Do so at your own risk. Void where prohibited.

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2 months ago

Dear Mistresses didi understands how hormones can regulate the distribution of fat while that fat is being produced, but wishes to know how fat redistribution is affected by attempting general weight loss by controlled diet. if she continues to loose weight, will the existing fat be redistributed? will it be lost more proportionately from the stomach area than breast area, face, hips, and thighs? Or in the proportions that it was gained as a male? The desire to loose weight is for improved general health, but the hormones are for improving to be a better human being. thank you Love… Read more »

Madame Stewart
Reply to  didi
2 months ago

What a great question didi! Weight distribution is changed by placement of new fat – not relocation of old. While muscle mass, skin softness, etc can be changed with estrogen – fat distribution is best done by putting it on after some serious weight loss. Juice fasting, etc to minimize your BMI, then having a cheeseburger can be a good thing when on hormones (for instance shots) as the cholesterol is needed for proper hormone affect.

princess kaori
Reply to  Madame Stewart
2 months ago

Oh kaori never saw this on this perceptive, so it event more important to have a diet before getting on hormones.

annette cd
7 months ago

On my own, I have taken natural hormone supplements and ordered natural breast growth creams online that I have been using over a few years now. One of the products I used for my physical breast and butt growth is the natural product grown in Thailand is purifica murifaca that can be ordered from Lucille Soriello’s feminization website for sissies and crossdressers. The product can also be ordered on eBay too. My breasts and both have grown to a beautiful size, to develop my feminine curves. I noticed the big physical change when I wore a silky nylon full slip… Read more »

sissy brianna
7 months ago

This sissy is wondering if anyone here has ever used the nature day products. this sissy did A LOT of reading and research and while most of the stuff out there is just snake oil, it seems like there might be something to the natureday products just based on the sheer volume of reviews from both men and women. Curious to hear from you all with real truth experiences. Here is their web link:

victoria nicole
7 months ago

how do i get my Female girly juice to star my transformation in to a real woman

9 months ago

Hi my name is Emilyforever, can I
Get help with female hormones how can I get them?

10 months ago

This slut has been on hormone therapy for 6 years. She has very soft skin now and real feminine curves. The sluts breasts were growing nicely but decided to get implants to be more slutty.

She does hope her Superiors are OK that she started on her own. It excites this slut very much to be taking hormones at the behest of her Superior.

sissy pammie
2 years ago

While surfing the web for information on feminization diets pammie has run across many articles from doctors warning about certain foods to be avoided when taking hormones. That reinforced pammie’s belief that a doctors consultation is very important before embarking on any hormone therapy, even herbal.
pammie plans to continue eating healthy estrogen rich foods, loosing weight, and slimming he.r waistline. Then s.he will try herbal supplements to put fat where it belongs, on he.r tits and ass.

vain carolin
2 years ago

Dear The Staff

this sissy thinks this is an important step for the sissy.

The health of the sissy must be taken into account. It’s not just about being a good sissy but a useful sissy.

This sissy is very interested and what is feasible for the sissy…?


Madame Stewart
Reply to  vain carolin
2 years ago

Start reading sweetie. Then write Us with questions.

2 years ago

You can buy OTC phytoestrogen/herbal hormone replacement products (HRT?) in healthy food stores and some drugstores. These products are designed to help older women supplement their hormones through menopause. Depending on your body chemistry (Individual results will vary) these OTC products may, I repeat may, have some minor observable feminizing effect on male bodies. I am in my sixties, so that has a bearing on the impact of these products as well. I am robust for my age, but I’m not a 20 year old stud muffin I am not endorsing anything here. I am only recounting my own experiences… Read more »

3 years ago

I think this sissy would also like to earn princess points by going on hormones. Can a Mistress advise a sissy what to do from here?
Thank You.

Madame Stewart
Reply to  bethbailey
3 years ago

Start reading this section of the House, and write Us with your questions honey.

Reply to  Madame Stewart
3 years ago

This sissy had the same question. Thank you Mistress