Time for your shot?

Is it time for your shot?

Time for your shot?Welcome boys and girls to the super sexy, silky, and complex world of hormone replacement therapy. Always a continual question topic to the House Staff, we have spent a great deal of effort to locate and compile this information for you. There’s a lot of stuff here girls, and we’re here to talk about any questions you may have.

The internet has seen many sites come and go, often huge storehouses of really important information – instantly go offline. By sharing this information widely and freely, we’ll keep making it accessible for the girl on her journey.

Before starting on a hormonal regime, read everything you possibly can very carefully. It is much more favorable that you do so under the skilled care of a medical profession. However if you choose to go it alone; do so with knowledge.

This section on hormones is posted for educational and entertainment purposes only. We in no way condone or condemn monitored or unmonitored hormonal use. Do so at your own risk. Void where prohibited.

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