Medication For Sissies!

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A man recently claimed in his defence that he changed from a normal guy into a sex-obsessed transvestite fraudster after the nurse prescribed him a drug to ease his symptoms.

Open Wide & Swallow!

According to him, while taking the drug he transformed into a limp-wristed sissy and developed a cross-dressing tendency as he splashed out on womens’ lingerie, stilettos, dresses, skirts and nights out with the boys…. A likely story… we think!

Unfortunately his wild lifestyle caught up with him when he ran up over $800,000 debts on expensive cars, clothes and holidays.

Needless to say he has since stopped taking the drug and reputedly returned to his normal self though his attorney ruled that his actions could not be blamed on the side effects of the drug. Doh!

Of course, had he been a member of the House, all his sissy needs would have been catered for without having to break the law … with our huge photo gallery, feminization assignments, sister support and wealth of glorious sissy information.

Plus should to take his feminization further she could have learnt more about the hormone replacement therapies available in ‘Girljuice’.

We can but hope, after she gets out of jail, that she finds herself a suitably strong Mistress or another nurse (as per our photo) that keeps her on a sufficiently taught tether to keep her spending and feminization in check.

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  1. actually, it would be fact. That is to say, dopamine receptor agonists (such as his drug, capergoline) that are used to treat parkinson’s have been known to cause a high increase in impulsive behavior. These drugs are under heavy watch in the US after several people have gambled away their house and life savings under the use of this drug.

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