Wet Your Gusset!

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Wet That Gusset

What with the lovely sunny weather I guess you’ve all be gasping to strip off and slip into that tiny bikini or alluring swimsuit.

Whether you prefer a sissy bikini or figure hugging costume, a well chosen suit makes all the difference when it comes to looking like a glamourous beach belle or saucy slut.

Just look at the pretty young sissy in our pool-side photo to see how it should be done.

Well done that girl in a gorgeous costume with clever panelling that would flatten any figure.

While the sun is still out pay particular attention to our behaviour modification assignment – swimsuits for sluts, determine your body shape, discover what flower you represent and with our guidance buying that perfect costume will be a breeze.

Just remember no sissy likes to get their pretty hair wet or get water in those beautiful sparkling eyes.

Ready to start your training?

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sissy erica

It’s helped me open up and chat with friends and talk with people that feel the same way I do

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