natalie | 11.25.2007 | Reports - Womens Studies

Today sissy slut natalie went on her first public shopping trip. sissy’s tiny clitty was standing fully erect as she anticipated the day in Pisa.

sissy walked into a store that sells slutty lingerie and sex toys. sissy felt her little heart race at the thought of being caught, but she went into the store anyway. as sissy walked in, she felt as if all eyes were on her.

sissy began by walking to the vibrator aisle (did sissy mention she is a slut?) she picked up a large vibrator, but felt it would be to big for her little sissy pussy, so she browsed at her leisure. as slut natalie was shopping, a Real Man walked by the aisle and laughed as He realized what sissy was buying. there seemed to be no doubt in His mind what this whore was going to do with the vibrator. after look,ing through the selection, sissy chose a 7 inch vibrator, and her little clitty stood up as she thought of the good times she was going to have with this contraption. sissy had to wait five minutes in the aisle until she could get her tiny little clitty under control.