Report 792 – Secret sissy

Getting Real
This pathetic and worthless sissy wishes to express her regrets for having to submit such a report as this. s'he knows that he'r fear is probably the reason s'he is a secret sissy, but s'he hides behind the excuse that he'r Wife refuses to allow he'r to appear in public as a sissy that she truely is. This shameful attitude is very disgusting and for this s'he appoligizes. Since enrolling with this wonderful House, sissy has worn her panties faithfully each and every day and night. s'he really feels much better and more complete when s'he dons them following he'r morning shower and body lotions. Of course s'he attends to regular body shaving whenever those pesky hairs appear. In addition to he'r panties, sissy occcasionally wears control top hose which s'he loves. If leaving the house, s'he dons sox over the hose as a precaution.
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bree ann

This sissy has been so happy since finding The House of Sissify, it was a pleasure to be able to be able to give back a little after receiving so much. Truly without all of the hard work and love… Read more “bree ann”