jack2play | 09.25.2008 | Reports - Womens Studies

The day has finally arrived, the day of the neighborhood block party. Games for the kids, drinks for the adults and hamburgers, hot dogs, salads for everyone. What a great day for everyone to get together and have a good time. i got out my best bright red panties for the day. Although, i am the only one that knows that i am wearing them. What a thrill to be out with all of my neighbors wearing my hottest panties. But alas, all good things must come to an end, sooner then expected.

Here it is, why of all days did it arrive today. Some spotting appeared in my panties. it could only mean one thing; Aunt Flo was making her rounds. it was time to make a trip to the drugstore. i went around to my neighborhood drugstore and picked up a package of tampons, napkins and ñLite daysî pads.