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Extra-Sizing with the New Year

ashleyanne | 02.11.2018 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

As the new year begins, along with the improved diets and exercising, this sissy found herself naked except for panties holding a tight tuck and a bra with forms. In this sissy’s hand was a pink cloth measuring tape and an iPad on which to record her measurements.

This sissy’s bust measurement is 40 inches with a band measurement of 37 inches, which confirms her prior bra sizing at Soma of 38C.

This sissy’s waist is 36.5 inches with her hips being 39.5 inches. One of this sissy’s goals is to trim down that waist number through exercise and waist training. Oh, and the distance from her hips to her waist was about 8 inches.

This sissy has a neckline of 8 inches, an arm length of 23 inches.

This sissy prefers a skirt length of 24 inches and a dress length of 48 inches. Her outside leg measurement was 39.5 inches and her inside leg measurement was 29 inches.

This sissy will continue shopping for size 14 skirts and dresses. As for blouses, she usually opts for XL or size 14-16. Her feet are size 11.5 or 12, depending upon the shoe manufacturer.

Incidentally, this sissy’s choker measurement is 15 inches, her wrist measures 7.5 inches and her ankles measure 11.5 inches, so that she can better shop for accessories.

gladiolaThis sissy has decided that, with her fairly equal hips and shoulders (shoulders are slightly wider), she is probably more of a Gladiola but could be a small Lily. This sissy loves pencil skirts (Lily) and she loves princess seams (Gladiola) and will shop with an eye for finding appropriate styles. xox



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