Serve your Superior!

First Assignment

sine-2 | 09.18.2017 | Assignments - Place and Worship

This sissy is grateful for the opportunity to learn from he.r superiors and has started with The Zen of Servitude. One of the things this sissy recognizes in he.r behaviour is that he.r girlishness waxes and wanes, primarily based on arousal levels. As an older sissy, it is shameful to have to admit that this lesson has gone unlearned for so long, but this sissy will do he.r best to absorb and apply all that s.he is taught.

In terms of applying this lesson, the Quality Replacement section really strikes home. While this sissy is often emotional, self-effacing and giving, too many other qualities are from the grey side rather than the pink. This must change if this sissy is ever going to advance beyond fetishistic behaviour, and it is highly desirable that this change is permanent. This sissy genuinely wishes to live a more feminine life and the only way to achieve that goal is to take these qualities and live them.

One saving grace for this sissy concerns those wonderfully pretty panties. This sissy wears them almost every day, a track record that, while can still be one improved upon, is an encouraging sign for the future. Beyond that, walking, sitting and women studies are three areas that can be immediately improved upon. Next week, a junior female engineer will be working with this sissy and this is a perfect opportunity to start living up to these ideals, yet in a respectful and professional manner. It is also the ideal time to start exchanging changing grey qualities for their pink equivalents.

Finally, this sissy must comment on redemption. These are three questions that this sissy will immediately start asking he.rself each day and has transcribed them in a prominent place as a daily reminder.


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