kirtsiann | 11.29.2018 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

This sissy has been furthering her feminine development by taking a nail tech course!

And not a moment too soon…

Like many of her sissy sisters, kirsti ann is thoroughly addicted to her acrylic nails. That tap-tap sound as she glides across a keyboard, the glistening glamour of the designs, the sensuality added to each caress… a proper set of inch long acrylics is not only a girlish essential but an exhilarating experience!

While often reserved for a special treat (who doesn’t love a spa day, girlies??) they can still prove awfully cost-ineffective when work commitments only allow them for a week at a time. The logical solution: make like any self determined lady and learn for oneself!

Sissy kirsti has subsequently been building her skills over the last few weeks. The fundamentals are now progressing smoothly: Nail surface/cuticle preparation, layering and curing the acrylic, basic top coats… she just needs to “polish” up her design skills! (pun deliciously intended!)

This sissy hopes you approve of her first proper attempt (several practice runs excluded teehee!) and she looks forward to your feedback!

Hugs, kisses & curtsies,

sissy kirsti ann


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