Aunt Flo meets Betty Crocker

My first period

carolynms | 02.24.2016 | Reports - Womens Studies

It began on Sunday last. It had arrived my first period my first tiny step towards being a Woman.

I wasn’t prepared i had to beg my Wife for a pantie liner. Unfortunately She doesn’t use them she prefers to use a tampon.

As it was my first She gave me a light one then spanked me for not being able to tell when it was starting. After getting used to the feeling of the tampon i headed out to purchase my own pantie liners and a mixed box of tampons. This alone made me feel like i was coming of age. Purchasing products only Women need. I also purchased everyday panties as i was told i shouldn’t wear my good knickers during this time.

I drank at least 2 pints of warm water before every meal and used clip on earrings on my nipples under a bra a size to small.

I did feel bloated and my nipples were uncomfortable. I changed my pad and tampon every three hours on average. At times it wasn’t a nice feeling especially during the night.

Bloated, sore nipples, generally uncomfortable feeling made me a little more tired than normal i was told this is just the beginning.

I hope i have provided enough information as to how i felt and what i did.
Thank you for allowing me to experience this.

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