Shaved sissy

Smooth shaved sissy legs are highly erotic and feminine!

sissysarah7 | 02.13.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

Greetings, Superiors of the House of Sissify. sissysarah would like to report that she has successfully completed the sissy shaving assignment.

sissy first started out with a hot bath with lots of bubbles. she soaked in the bath for over 10 minutes as directed then began to apply the shaving cream to her gross hairy legs. sissy knew she must get all of the hair off if she truly wanted to be a sissy. The amount of time and effort that sissy spent removing every single hair below her neck was a very long but very rewarding experience for sissy. It was a highly erotic and feminine experience removing the hair and slowly feeling her legs becoming more smooth as she progressed. After all the hair was removed sissy then used an exfoliating bath wash to make her legs and body even smoother. she also used a feminine shampoo and face wash.

When sissy was finally done and out of the tub she dried off completely and applied a rich lotion to her whole body to avoid any razor rash. The simple act of applying the lotion to sissy’s newly smooth shaved legs and body was very exhilarating as sissy loved how smooth her legs were. sissy thoroughly enjoyed her experience and wishes to make it a part of her ritual and keep her body smooth at all times now. sissy would also like to add that it was quite the exercise bending, twisting and contorting to get every hair from the harder parts to shave (back thighs, butt, etc).

Once sissy got out of the bathroom and into her bed she slipped on some sexy panties and booty shorts and relaxed. she felt amazing, she has never felt like this in her life. It was a very surreal experience for sissy.

sissy hopes the Superiors of the House approve of her pictures and report.

Sincerely, sissysarah.




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