figure training

Figure Training

jennifer-14 | 04.26.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Beauty Secrets

Dear Mistresses,

This sissy had purchased a corset from Orchard corset and only recently has been putting forth the effort to create a more feminine figure. what this sissy has learned is the 426 is to hippy , but the 345 is suited for smaller hips. oh my goodness this sissy is beginning to sound like Goldilocks, this one is too hippy this on is just right. anyway, this sissy has now been corseted for 4 hours, the effects are very interesting, first this sissy wants to have a smaller waist immediately, but knows that waist training does not occur in one day, it takes months/years to see lasting results. this sissy’s corseted measurements are 44c/d bust, 34 inches waist closed, 44 hips. being in a corset has a submissive effect, what this sissy means is that being in a corset is so gurly and feminine. what other piece of clothing that a sissy can wear that changes ones figure without all the padding, just imagine taking off a corset and seeing a nipped in waist, OMG this can actually happen. this sissy plans on training as much as it can, sleeping in a corset, YES! commitment, YES! this sissy can change and will change both mentally and physically


    1. jennifer

      Dear Ms. Stewart,
      thank you so much for the kind words, this sissy cannot begin to describe how much it appreciates the interest someone of your stature has shown in it’s progress. this sissy has taken your input to heart and is implementing your suggestions to improve it’s outlook on life and future life. thank you for being there, Love jennifer

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