shannon-spencer | 05.26.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

sissy has been shaving for some time now but still remember’s h*er first time – not of shaving only certain areas – but shaving all over and it was such a sensual experience for this sissy hence s*he still remembers h*er first time, almost vividly.

The smell of the shaving cream was and still is to this day, intoxicating. Starting out with a hot bubble bath where this sissy soaked h*er body to get it ready, s*he was dozing off from the relaxing time, h*er hair up with the help of a hair clip reading thru the latest issue of Cosmopolitan.

After a 10 or so minute nirvana of relaxing this sissy drained the tub down some and began h*er job. Just this sissy’s legs took what seemed forever but once this sissy had finished h*er feet, ankles and calves and ran h*er hand over them, it was all over! No, this sissy did not wank h*er clit nor climax but the feeling of the smooth skin addicted this sissy to shaving.

Continuing onto the rest of h*er legs she then turned h*er attention to her rear to make sure that was becoming super smooth – after all, stuble and a bikini do not match! There were some nicks as this was h*er first time shaving, and to be honest, there are still occasional nicks now, a few years later but that is afterall something that might occur during those “girl maintenance” times 😉

Then it was onto this sissy’s chests and a fear of cutting h*er nipples but after some great timidness, this sissy found a way and was again in *love* with the results.

sissy then tried to get h*er back and s*he got a bit but down the road, ultimately found it was nearly impossible and better left to wax. The waxing has helped this sissy’s feminine persona, especially when the Koren woman pulls this sissy’s panties down a bit to get any errant hairs on h*er lower waistline…. having to strip off h*er top and leave h*er bra unclaspased as hot wax is painted on with a stick and then ripped from this sissy’s body with a cloth strip knowing what other girls have had similar procedures really puts this sissy into that “sissy space”.

Once completed, sissy exited the tub and patted h*er freshly shaven body dry and applied some very sweet smelling lotion to help prevent razor burn as well as smell even more like the sissy that s*he is 🙂

Cleaning the tub of all that hair was a chore in itself, but sissy took it as more of a cleansing of that male hair than anything so s*he got through it without mach ado.

This sissy usually has to shave every couple of days and keeps h*er fully aware of that s*he is more girl than guy!

At first, shaving was a chore and it was hard, now it is a sensual & relaxing time and this sissy looks forward to it, all the convorting of h*er body s*he has to do in order to get those hard spaces like behind the legs.


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