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redrose | 10.05.2018 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

That slut rosey really loves shaving h.erself smooth all over, s.he feels particularly gurly when rubbing lotion or oil on h.er skin afterwards. The first time rosey shaved was in late 2016 and was just from the waist down. S.he maintained shaving that area for a few months then shaved only h.er boxer short area. Due to medical appointments and such the slut had to be discrete about it since s.he’s not out. s.he had some extended family cum to live with h.er last summer (2017) which also made it difficult to shave but s.he has recently found a way to shave fully.

The act:
rosey  had some experience shaving but s.he still learned much from the Superiors and Madame Stewart’s lesson. s.he had never used a good quality women’s razor until instructed to do so by Madame Stewart. That hoe, rosey, said the Venus razor s.he used was superb and far better than any other s.he’d ever tried. s.he began after 10 minutes of soaking and followed Madame Stewarts instruction closely but s.he did have to waiver just a bit and use a Female shave cream on the back of h.er thighs, h.er private parts and h.er chest, in between those slutty looking little tits of h.ers, to be exact. s.he was amazed at how easy the Venus went through tough stubble on h.er chest and left a nice smooth surface behind. s.he made two or more passes on these difficult areas to make sure they were smooth but that took nothing away from feeling the handle of the Venus flytrap as it slid into h.er hole, woops, s.he meant, as it so gracefully parted those hard throbbing chest hairs that first time. (1st time++) s.he is grateful for The Superiors guidance on not cutting off those little titty’s, as it came through load and clear when shaving under h.er arms, “ops, that was close”, said the little tramp. red slut rose can hardly wait until s.he needs those little titty’s for further training, s.he has pulled on them now and again but has yet to feel much but knows that Someone else’s hand could make all the difference in the world.

Q & A:
The slut does have a few observations and/or questions to share; what do other sissy gurls do about their backs, shoulders and special gurly areas? Slut rosey has used Veet on her private sissy parts and where s.he could rub it onto h.er back and shoulders but cannot reach it all, what’s a sissy gurl to do?

red rosey the slut showered when s.he was finished shaving and made sure there were no hairs or shaving cream spots anywhere on the tub or the floor, especially since this particular shaving escapade was at h.er office and s.he didn’t need h.er business partner to get suspicious! All clear for now. red rose believes the Superiors and Madame Stewart want us sissy wannabees to understand that if we don’t stay on top of our hygiene, including our shaving, then we’ll never pass sissy training much less find a Mistress or Master to serve. The Superiors and Madame Stewart are looking out for us sissy gurls and want nothing more than to train us properly! (and to not cut off our tittys) red rose, slutty tramp

Dear Superiors and Madame Stewart, curtsy, please excuse red rose’s slip of the fingers on this report, s.he’s been very horny and has not had a special day yet. Thank You All, curtsy.
red rose


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