sissymika | 04.07.2018 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Curtsy. Mistresses…this morning this sissy practiced her very first sissy walk. Wearing a pair of simple bikini style, pink panties and wearing the only shoes this sissy could fit into ( sandals with 2″ heels) i placed a medium size book upon this sissy’s head and began to slowly but confidently walk around the house. Along the way, this sissy would stop and look in the mirror and marvel at her sissiness. Her pink panties in contrast to her pale white skin was a beautiful contrast. As this sissy writes her report she is still in her pink panties feeling so gurlish. Wishing she had infinite time to lounge and continue to immerse herself into her true sissy self and allowing her sissy essence truly emerge. This sissy is still a slave to societal norms and is very afraid to be caught but she is determined in her time and path to delve into her deepest sissy desires. Taking her time to read and digest the meaning of being a truesissy and reading other sissy reports and information.

love sissymika

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openminded sasha
2 years ago

Wow- your report is amazingly touching. Thank you so much for sharing!

2 years ago

As we all know dearest sister, we need to learn to crawl before we walk. The cool thing is that you WALKED!! So awesome, and something you should be proud of. It must have felt great. So many options now….shoes, boots, heels… How exhilarating!! Quite the accomplishment and this sister is sooo happy for you!!